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Lindsay Lohan -- Concerned About Viruses

7/15/2010 9:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is afraid that her upcoming jail stint will lead to an outbreak of viruses -- and now she's taking action to stop a potential epidemic ... that could infect your computer.


Turns out, cyber criminals are creating fake Lindsay Lohan-related web pages in an attempt to dupe unsuspecting web-surfers into clicking on "poisoned" links ... links that could contain viruses programmed to steal your personal info.

Now, Lindsay has teamed up with Norton AntiVirus to combat the issue -- releasing the following statement:

“I know I am very newsworthy, especially with everything going on and I’d hate to see my current situation cause frustration or damage to my fans.”

She adds, “If my friends and fans want to know what’s going on with me, they need to stick to reliable news media outlets and not click on just any link in a search result. Better yet, please follow my Twitter feed and get the news straight from me!”

Norton tells us that fans should be especially cautious of links promoting things like, "Pictures from inside the jail cell? Lindsay’s jailhouse diary?!"


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FANS???? i'm no FAN...i just wanna watch as she goes to Jail!

oh yes, i will be watching this on TMZ anyway!
can't wait!

1531 days ago



Norton sucks as a product, and sucks morally for trying to jump on this.

Go AVG/Avast/other free programs that actually prevent or get rid of viruses instead of taking over your computer a la Norton.

Lindsay, meh. How come so many guys come out of the woodwork to rant about Erin Andrews supposedly being a fame whore, and none of them notice that Michael Lohan is constantly trying to make up anything to get in the press?!

1530 days ago


LOL, She's getting ready to go to jail and yet she's warning us all about viruses. Only Lindsay could do this. At least it's a good warning.

1530 days ago

o rly    

She is a virus.

1530 days ago


What's with her and the rehab? 5 days before. So, her atty shows up at court on the 19th, and says..."Ah your honor,,,,Lindsay's already cozy in her nice warm rehab with her coloring books and no dope, her book about toxic friends that she showed the camera she was reading...let her stay there. She's already got all her pillows and clothes there...I'll take full responsibility...let her do 60 days in rehab jail" watch....He got O.J. off.

1530 days ago


Give her some credit for finding a way to make some money before heading into the slammer. She has to pay for Shapiro somehow. Now she is promoting the every-so-quickly failing Norton. It's a quick buck! I think the whole thing is pretty clever even though no one is going to fall for it.

1530 days ago


#23 - Laura, do you know the difference between Rehab and a Sober House? They are completely different programs. She is more than likely going through the sober house in preparation FOR jail so she can detox. It also doesn't hurt to show the judge she is making an "effort" to walk the straight path in hopes she can do this strict rehab program instead of just go to the slammer.

But seriously research things before you talk out your ass. Rehab and Sober Living and quite different.

1530 days ago


What a Saint!

How could this poor, giving soul spend a second in jail?

All she cares about is US miserable fools!

/scarcasm off

1530 days ago


Um, you have no fans. Nobody wants to hear your rambling tweets, unless it is to laugh at how delusional you are. Oh, delusions of grandeur are hilarious from this chick that nobody in the world admires. How great would that be to never hear her "news" and "updates." She wants to vent about how everyone has wronged her and out to get her and tries to pass it off as what her adoring public wants to hear. Dear lord, can't anyone make her understand that her wretched attitude makes her beyond unlikeable for now and always? I guess she's too far gone and would label anyone being honest as "jealous". Of what, I have no clue.

1530 days ago



well done, LiLo

but come on... she doesn't really care about viruses, she cares about false info that can damage her image.
which is perfectly understandable , but don't "mask" it as the "I care about my fans" BS.

that said I'll say it again: she's a talented professional and she doesn't deserve all the bad things we read about her.

1424 days ago


I don't have trust on Norton. Immunet antivirus, Avg, Avast are more better and reliable antivirus than Norton.

1036 days ago
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