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Lindsay Lohan Checks Herself In

7/15/2010 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is apparently trying to blunt her 90-day jail sentence by moving in to a sober living house.

Lohan was spotted entering a facility in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Lohan's mother, sister and Sam Ronson were seen at the facility later that day.

As we first reported, attorney Robert Shapiro has been hired to help Lindsay either reduce or eliminate her jail sentence.

TMZ broke the story ... Shapiro is trying to push rehab immediately hoping it will satisfy Judge Marsha Revel.

Part of Lindsay's sentence was to check into rehab for 90 days after serving the jail time, but this appears to be an example of putting the cart before the horse.

UPDATE: Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "Why is that I had to cry from the mountain for Lindsay to listen to me, and now finally she is doing what I said?

I just pray they implement everything else I said, like getting Lindsay clean of all meds, picking all new friends and management, and that Dina put her motives aside and she go to counseling with Lindsay and me."


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Well Dina...what's the reason for Lindsay checking in to a drug free pent-house?

I thought you said she don't have a drug problem?

Or is it you're doing this to get her out of doing jail time?

You Lohan's are most likely the most hated family in America..and I can see why!!

This family is pathetic.

1570 days ago


Now that "Pickford Lofts" is in the media, can they possibly clean up their p*ss-poor website and lose the typos? I would like to have a job with them developing and maintaining their site. As it is, all I can do is start a drinking game with my friends this morning. We printed out the whole site and table of links - whenever we see a typo or bad grammer, everybody drinks. I will not be doing any driving this morning...

1570 days ago


Uhh, wait a minute, I thought she WAS sober - these dopes need to get their sh*t together - sober living house isn't rehab, maybe Shapiro is joining them in their apple martini, corn-holing festivals...

1570 days ago


Again... she's going against what the Judge ordered. Probably because she needs to get off all the drugs that weren't on the ok in jail list.

1570 days ago


WTF is in that drink of hers.?

Is that "Rotten Fire-Crouch" SO far out of touch with REALITY that she actually believes that "SHE" can alter a SITTING JUDGES RULING.?

If she is having a hallucination that the judge will decide
" Oh you know what, I change my mind, you don't have to go to jail, I take back that COURT ORDER".

Then I wold say to this idiot moron lohan this.....


Just what the hell is in the water out there in wacko California.?

If this had been in NY, She'd be in county already.!

1570 days ago


Lindsay's situation should be a lesson for all wealthy celebrities who like to drink and do coke. Hire a driver!

1570 days ago


what a scammer this one is! thinking that by doing good now, this will lower or eliminate the need for jail time.
im sure the judge will see thru this ploy!

1570 days ago


she needs to do her time just any other human being if she is so serious about her sobriety why didn't she do this instead of Canne? this enabling crap is why she is in the condition she is.

1570 days ago


Why should she serve any jail time? Is anyone really going to seriousy ask that question? She needs to do the jail time because she broke the law and blew off the judge and that is the panelty she needs to pay. It doesn't matter how sober she gets now, she still owes the penalty for what she did and for the things the judge ordered her to do that she didn't comply with.

1570 days ago


This girl is really going to try to do anything to get out of jail! She expects to be treated differently? Get a grip, you break the law, u pay the consequences!! She needs to learn one way or another!

1570 days ago


Since when is is it possible to bypass a jail sentence by checking into a posh rehab facility?She should notbe allowede to get special treatment.

The judge and the DA will not stand for this. Once again, Lohan is trying to give the judge the middle finger.

1570 days ago


The judge made a huge mistake in giving her two weeks to get her affairs in order. What affairs? It's not like she was sentanced to 5 years....or that she has a corporation to run.... or children to take care of. She should have gone in the same day.

She's an expert at manuvering around situtions. What a mess she's made or her life. She had it all...looks, resources available to her to help herself and others. What a waste.

1570 days ago


Oh great...hiding out again. I am not so sure with her past of doing that and leaving them that the judge will pass approval. My first husband did the same thing on mental hospitals, checking himself in(amnesia)he would leave the day before a judge was to court order him. He did that many times and never go the real help he needed because he played games.

1570 days ago


I agree 100% with #2!!

1570 days ago


As the late, great Johnny Cochran once said, "Green is the Color of Freedom!" Unfortunately, justice does not prevail for these folks. They have lawyers to manipulate the system and get around laws aimed at justice. This would be such a slap in the face for the judge whom Lindsay thumbed her nose at and wrote F-U on her fingers to send a sublime message to the judge. Oh well, can't wait for Lindsay to finally bite the dust. I will not feel sorry for her foolish so-called mother. This train-wreck & disrespect for the judicial system cannot end fast enough.

1570 days ago
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