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Lindsay Lohan Checks Herself In

7/15/2010 11:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is apparently trying to blunt her 90-day jail sentence by moving in to a sober living house.

Lohan was spotted entering a facility in West Hollywood yesterday afternoon. Lohan's mother, sister and Sam Ronson were seen at the facility later that day.

As we first reported, attorney Robert Shapiro has been hired to help Lindsay either reduce or eliminate her jail sentence.

TMZ broke the story ... Shapiro is trying to push rehab immediately hoping it will satisfy Judge Marsha Revel.

Part of Lindsay's sentence was to check into rehab for 90 days after serving the jail time, but this appears to be an example of putting the cart before the horse.

UPDATE: Michael Lohan tells TMZ, "Why is that I had to cry from the mountain for Lindsay to listen to me, and now finally she is doing what I said?

I just pray they implement everything else I said, like getting Lindsay clean of all meds, picking all new friends and management, and that Dina put her motives aside and she go to counseling with Lindsay and me."


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to #107
Lindsey, We cant put our selfs in your shoes, Well, reason being, most of us that veiw tmz, are pretty poor when compared to you.. so we would never be able to say we "lost" our passport.. im not trying to dog you, i feel sorry for you. I do feel they are over doing it one how many days in jail, that is true, the avg joe wouldnt get that many.. but the avg joe would have done been tossed in the slamer 3 years ago, i pray for you and pray for the best, and hope to see your return to the screen. but honey, you do need help, im glad you are starting to see that (or act like it) you wont get out of jail, but hopefuly you wont spend 90 pays, a few days really is all you should get. The whole world isnt out to get you. even if it seems like it... and even if i agree you should serve some time.. i still stand be hind you and hope nothing but the best, this will make you strong and a better person... there is no reason for all the hate filled comments.. you dont deserve that. just hold your head up and make the best of it.. this is how the world works hon... good luck to you!

1526 days ago


Check out the website for this "sober house".... good God, another upscale pamper-the-residents type of place. Flat screens, internet, granite kitchen, etc. Jokejokejoke. How 'bout four walls, a bed, institutional food served at predesignated times, NO SMOKING, no visitors, no phone. Meetings day and night, NO leaving the facility for any reason other than Court.

For whatever reason that she's decided to hang out here for awhile, she still can't seem to get past the notion that she needs every available luxury to sustain life. Rehab and/or sober living should be about learning to be introspective and NOT about 4-star accomodations.

And in case it hasn't been mentioned yet.... WAY too close to Robertson Blvd. She'll likely come and go as she pleases, so it really isn't the type of facility conducive to round-the-clock help. Maybe if she found a place in Iowa, she could skip her next Court date and claim that she tried to make it on time, but there was a cow-crossing on Hicksville Rd, and her stretch-limo couldn't get through, so she Tweeted in.

1526 days ago

the sea    

"I don't think Shapiro can get money out of Lindsay, but he sure can get free publicity for his law firm and rehab facility,"

He knows she can get money. As soon as this is all over, she will make a ton of it on interviews.

1526 days ago


If I was the judge I would be very upset that they did not consult with me first. This place does not seem to have any security and people just walk in at will.
I hope that on Tuesday the judge does not alter the sentence and puts her in jail for the 23 days. After that I don't care because I think rehab is a waste of time and money for her.
The SCRAM anddrug tests worked so why not continue them for about a year.

1526 days ago


This place does not seem to have any security at all! people just open the door nd walk on in.

Will she show up in court Tuesday or will the lawyer try to convince the judge to set side her jail time because she is in a sober living house.

If I were the judge I would jail her Tuesday and if I had to send the sheriff to get her I would double the sentence and forbid her early release for overcrowding! They did not even show the judge the respect of consulting with her before they took this step.

1526 days ago


I am actually surprised she did it so soon. I would have bet on her doing it July 19th.... or taken off to another country to help "children" in need and "lose her passport" or working .. or or or....

1526 days ago


And another terrible legal move by an idiot who doesn't have a clue about what she's doing. First of all, sober living homes are for those who who have gone through detox, who have leanred the 12 steps of sobriety and are committed to remaining sober; the problem is the homes have no guards, no curfews, no searching of guests, etc. BLOWhan is NOT committed to remaining sober, as she's stated over & over that she doesn't need to go to rehab; she can't even commit to acknowledging that she has a problem. And, the judge is not going to suspend or adjust her sentence just because she pulls this last second desperation move.

The saddest thing is, the more BS she pulls to try to get out of jail & evade her sentence, the more it's revealed how serious her problems are & how desperately she needs punishment & rehabilitation. This just confirms to the judge that her sentencing was correct. Enjoy your stay in the grey bar hotel, BLOWhan; I'm looking forward to the picture of the police dragging you off in handcuffs with you crying like a sissy...

1526 days ago


Let the addict put on a show. The judge is not that stupid. Can't wait to see the tears as she heads to jail. She has laughed in the face of the judicial system and thinks she can do what ever the little addict pleases. Never mind the harm she has done to the people to get her in this situation to begin with. She just spits in their faces.

1526 days ago


OMG I will be so mad if she's allowed to basically avoid her jail sentence all together. She is only doing this as a way of avoiding jail. Ugh. I am so sick of her getting special treatment and pulling stunts like this. I will lose so much respect for the judge, and the judicial system if she's allowed to completely avoid jail or only has to serve like 2 or 3 days or something minimal like that. This is such crap.

1526 days ago


OMG---who is that lovely guarding the door to her home?

1526 days ago


Just another attempt to manipulate the system. Any judge that allows a lawyer's client to stay at the lawyer's rehab facility deserves to be a laughingstock, because that's got "conflict of interest" written all over it. The judge should add some time to the sentence for contempt of court.

As for Michael Lohan, I just wish he could let a day go by where he's not pontificating to the press about how he's right about everything - he's just as much a part of the problem as Dina and Linday - they're all a bunch of white trash losers.

1526 days ago


What's this, her fourth attempt at rehab? And it's not in-patient? Judge is going to blow her stack. My fervent hope is that Lilo doesn't show up on Tuesday, and then she'll be in really big trouble.

Lilo used to be a talented and promising actress, it's truly heartbreaking to see her this low, and I hate to say this, but she's going to sink lower still if she doesn't clean up and get sober. Dumping the entire Lohan clan and all of her friends is the only way she's going to stay sober.

1526 days ago


If she is allowed to escape her jail time by doing this, then where do you draw the line ? Every crackhead on the street will have a valid argument: Go to a sober living house (which isn't even rehab), and you won't have to go to jail.
She needs to stop being such a whiny little b1tch and do her freakin' 90 (which will turn into 20+) days in jail... I really dislike her, and the example she sets for her young, teenage fans...

1526 days ago


The reason she is in a sober house is because she has definetly been sober since May 24 when the scram was fitted. She should be given a chance to get help for issues. Jail won't help her and is unecessary she actually finished the program.
Obviously she is going to show up on Tuesday she is still on bail.

1526 days ago


lindsay lawyer is going to walk all over that the time he is finsihed with her she will be offereing to do lindsays sentence herself,

1526 days ago
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