Lisa Lampanelli -- Returning to Roast The Hoff

7/15/2010 9:15 AM PDT

Lisa Lampanelli -- Returning to Roast The Hoff

TMZ has learned legendary humiliator Lisa Lampanelli will be returning from her "Roast"  hiatus to burn David Hasselhoff at the upcoming Comedy Central special.

Of course, the Queen of Mean was M.I.A. at last year's Joan Rivers roast because she claimed it was "not worth doing if I ain't roastmaster."

But now, sources close to the insult hurler tell us Lampanelli has worked out a pretty sweet deal with the network and will be taping promos for the show later today.

As for what influenced her decision -- we're told it all has to do with, "Great money, a great spot" and "other things that made it worth her while."