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Children's Services Show Up for Mel Hearing

7/15/2010 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... a rep from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services just showed up at the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva hearing.

Oksana claims Mel hit her while she was holding their baby.

In addition to the Children's Services rep, we've learned a sergeant from the Sheriff's Department, Special Victims Bureau, has also arrived.


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That poor baby needs a stable home, I don't believe either one of the parents can offer that.

1558 days ago


Whoa, Mel Gibson is dating Octomom? How weird!!

1558 days ago


Gee, ask the CREWS he works with regularly on LETHAL for one .. Has anyone asked his X about this? ..

1558 days ago


I am really shocked by how many Mel Gibson fans and supporters who don't know more about Mel Gibson and his faith/religion and his views on such things as birth control and abortion.

Mel has been very vocal about these issues in the past and yet, a lot of you are so quick to blame Oskana here.

First, Mel Gibson DOES NOT believe in birth control.

Second, Mel Gibson DOES NOT believe in abortion.

Why do you think he has so many children? Please, before judging anyone here, read up on your beloved actor and his faith before blaming a woman for getting "pregnant" in this case! It sickens me that you (and you know who you are) are so quick to blame her when it's HIM!!! Actually, I'm wrong, it's BOTH!!! It's NOT HER FAULT ALONE FOR GETTING PREGNANT AND IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR BELOVED MEL, YOU WOULD KNOW THIS!!!

1558 days ago


Dani, for real? If she wanted to be on birth control and not have a child she didn't have to get involved with Gibson. Not like his views on that were a secret. And second she could get depo shots every three months and how would he know. How would he have known if she had an abortion (she didn't have to tell him she was pregnant) I'm sorry as a woman I am 100% responsible for my birth control choices. If I don't make them who will? This is not the 50's or the 1800's we women have a lot of power and options in the area of birth control. I do believe TMZ reported she told her dentist she wanted to get married and have a child before meeting Gibson. I doubt Gibson twisted her arm on birth control or Dalton for that matter.

1558 days ago

gerard oliver    

TMZ seems to be representing iteresses of Jews, pursuing Mel Gibson. TMZ anti-Christian.

1558 days ago


Enough about Mel Gibson and what's her face.....!!!!!

1558 days ago

gerard oliver    

TMZ seems to be making edition of photographs of Mel Gibson with photoshop. They want shows it in the worse way.

1558 days ago


This is the guy who made "The Passion of the Christ." He should live as he preaches.

1557 days ago


#15 Robyn Gibson's sworn written testimony in court says that Mel never, ever once hit her or her children or abused her or them in any way. She even states that he was a fantastic father, something his own kids agreed to in an interview a very long time ago. The Judge used to work child abuse cases and has quite clearly stated you DON'T become a woman beater overnight, all women you're in a relationship with get treated the same way. He's not worried about Lucia being around Mel at all!!
Be interesting to see if he ends up feeling the same way about Octomum/Oskansa lol!!!

1557 days ago


When a friend's daughter came home from a visit with her father, she showed her mother belt marks on her backside. Her mother took her to the emergency room. Officers took a report and she was informed that had she not made a police report and pressed charges, Social Services would have taken the daughter away from her for her daughter's own safety.

Your child comes first!

If he hit the infant and she did not protect her child by making a police report, this baby needs to be away from both of them. If he did not hit the infant and she is lying to get more money, then she needs to be away from the child.

1555 days ago


are the tapes in any way real, who knows
besides the many different ways to alter recordings .... via; dubbing, voice tones and patterns .... lots of people sound and speak alike

as to the child; children are known to get small bumps and bruses
who's to say where they come from, if they are little and light they could be from normal activities .... how can anyone be sure what is real or fake, esp. in pictures

it might be best to 'look' before one leaps

1550 days ago

Nurse Ratchet    

I don't get why everyone is slamming Oksana, especially women. Mel has serious psychiatric problems and "needs medication" as she says. For a "religious" man he has a lot of hatred towards jews, gays, blacks, latinos and women to talk like that.
For those who say he's a good father and should be allowed to be with his daughter, would you let him watch your infant child?

1546 days ago
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