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Sheriff's Department Child Abuse Detective in Court

7/15/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the detectives who just showed up at the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva hearing just said he's there for one purpose -- investigating alleged child abuse.


Detective Dan Scott, who works for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department Special Victims Bureau, just told a TMZ producer in the courtroom hallway, "We investigate child abuse."  

Detective Scott is in the hallway with 2 other detectives, waiting to enter the courtroom.


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I would agree with Kate. Mel's behavior [which he has openly shown on more than one occasion] does seem to fit the profile of a sociopathic narcissist. For information check Dr. Robert Hare's psychopathic [sociopathic] behavior checklist widely used by many health professionals to help diagnose psychopathic personality disorder.

1563 days ago

If Mel goes to jail, i worry about the other prisoners.

1563 days ago


Just a thought. What if Oksana did report this to the authorities back 6 months ago, and what if they and her attorney had her tape Mel Gibson, and create a Log of incidents (it's called Do***enting)because the more evidence they have the stronger the case. There may be more here then meets the eye folks. We are fed snippets of info, but there may be a lot behind the scenes that we know nothing about. Often when an abusive partner is stalking, or harassing a victim, the police ask you to keep a log, or do***ent each incident, but they also advise to get a restraining order, which Oksana did not do, until 6 months later. But that could be for other reasons. I'm just playing Devils Advocate here. They may have been building a case againts Mel all this time, the LASD, LAPD, and DA's office.

1563 days ago


#18, Gene:

You mean the Conspiracy Theory? haha

1563 days ago


The woman shook her infant daughter like a rag doll. Oksana also threw herself down on the ground. The child was not examined in a hospital to determine if there was an injury or abuse. Along with child abuse that is also a form of neglect on Oksana's part. Oksana is not the credible informant here.

1563 days ago


@meemee2 who wrote : I agree that she did not protect her children, but she should not have had to. She had to wait to tape his rage to prove that she had something to fear. Nobody would believe her against him. He has the money and the power. He is a holier than thou lunatic and will now put himself into rehab to purge his filthy personality disorder.

Mel is obvious. BUT "She should not have had to " ? seriously? If she knew what he was doing 6 months ago and didn't go to the police then OR LEAVE?- her first priority at that point would be to protect her children. She most likely provoked the incidents knowing his fuse was short...just to get them on tape. SHE therefore did not protect her children. SHe continued to subject both children to prove something? SHE knew what was going on so it wasn't some abusive disorder syndrome with her. She is calculating and should not have kept those kids in that situation.

1563 days ago


I love this shizzzz!!!!

1563 days ago


She is a star f*cker. Nothing more. Total trash. But honestly, shame on him for leaving his wife for such a low life who trapped him with a child. Mel, don't you know these Russian immigrants are like gypsies? Come on, Mel! She isn't even pretty! Uuughghgh - - ick - with those duck fake lips and that weird face, she sure got what she wanted. Even his wife who is much older is more attractive than this bimbo.

1563 days ago


Not justifying Mel but there really is NO excuse in this day and age to get pregnant. The girl saw $. There was also NO excuse for her to keep her mouth shut while they both sat there with mediators when they hashed out the original child agreement while all this was supposedly going on. She wants Money and that's all there is to it. There was one thing he called her that was right - Gold Digger.

1563 days ago


Mel is not a sociopath narcissis, believe me I know I have a family that is one. He's just pissed that this woman ruined his marriage and the relationship with his kids. He gave a lot to his wife during the divorce settlement. He realized she trapped him and was out for his money. This woman tops it she is the most ruthless and evil gold digger I've seen. I kinda feel bad for him. This woman is souless

1563 days ago


Mel....What goes around come around....your poor family.

1563 days ago

Miss Cali    

Poor Mel Gibson. I believe this woman used him for his money. She fits the profile of a gold digger. Now she is trying the abuse angle because she can't win on the tapes. Problem is, she should be cited for child endangerment as she didn't call authorities when supposed abuse took place nor did she take infant to the hospital, where it would automatically be reported as required by law. So someone harms and hits? your child in the face causing a bruise and you let it go? For what motive? What is she after? So transparent she is.

1563 days ago


This reminds me of my friends brother whom had a relationship with a russian woman that was with him for a green card. When I met her she seemed trapped and souless and I knew she would runaway from him as soon as she got her green card. Sure enough this happened. Also, she lived in such poverty that she was desperate she stayed with this disgusting guy and eww had to sleep with him too all for a green card. Russian women are a breed of their own.

1563 days ago


Mel should go on Celebrity Rehab. Then when he explodes and attacks the women on that show, his defenders can come up with new and innovative ways to blame those women for Mel's violent behavior too.

1563 days ago


Does anyone realize that the whole time that Mel was married to Robyn that you hardly heard anything about him or his wife. Then he left Robyn for this Russian golddigger and look what happens. Mel you should have stayed where you belong and told this whore to get lost

1563 days ago
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