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Sheriff's Department Child Abuse Detective in Court

7/15/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the detectives who just showed up at the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva hearing just said he's there for one purpose -- investigating alleged child abuse.


Detective Dan Scott, who works for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department Special Victims Bureau, just told a TMZ producer in the courtroom hallway, "We investigate child abuse."  

Detective Scott is in the hallway with 2 other detectives, waiting to enter the courtroom.


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El Privates    

Just Google "El Privates" and have a good laugh.

1528 days ago


mel endangered the baby, so yes, DCFS authorities get involved.

1528 days ago


I find this whole thing rediculous. He has obviously fallin off the deep end. She is opportunistic. What type of women did he think he was getting who was okay with having an affair with a married man. What type of man she thought she was getting who was willing to cheat on his wife. She saw an opportunity to finance her (forgotten) video and she wanted financial freedom, she gets pregnant and now she's set for the next 18 years. He's turned creepy but she's not any better.

1528 days ago


They are both unfit parents! Someone PLEASE rescue this baby!

1528 days ago


They are both unfit parents. Someone PLEASE recuse this baby!

1528 days ago


I hate it when anyone acts violent or are particularly cruel, they label them as bipolar. I was diagnosed as bipolar at 17 and I am 41 now and have been in and out of mental facilities as my bipolar will take on psychotic features at times and my highs and lows will start cycling so fast that I feel like I am losing control. With that said, it does not make people act like that. Bipolars are not usually dangerous to other people, they are more of a danger to themselves. They are self destructive and are hospitalized to protect themselves, not the people around them. That is why the bipolar suicide rate is so high. Yes, a lot of bipolars suffer alcohol and drug abuse, but the fear is not that they will hurt someone else, they get carried away and will OD so they try to get them off of them I have been there. This Mel is bipolar excuse just doesnt wash with me or make me feel sorry for him. Bipolar is just an excuse for horrid behavior which has nothing to do with the disease and it offends me because it makes all of us bipolars look unstable and unbalanced..Thanks Mel!

1528 days ago


Poor Mel. He is not manic/bipolar. He is raging mad and hurt. He definitely has issues - - substance abuse issues, which triggers his rage, but he is not manic. He is abusive, no doubt, but not delusional. He knows exactly what he is saying and his thoughts are clear and to the point, despite being consumed with obscenities. That's how he is feeling and that's how he needs to express it. The woman is a gold-digging whore who used him. He is in financial ruin. He left his wife for what he thought was love, he gave his wife everything - financially, he IS feeding an army, and is now suffering the consequences of the aftermath of dealing with a gold-digging low glass Russian trash whore. He let his pee wee do the thinking. She must give great head. (Oksana is one ugly duckling. Even with all of the plastic surgery.)

1528 days ago

Miss Cali    

Flyinsky - Mel is manic depressive. Google it. He was diagnosed about 8-9 years ago.

1528 days ago


flyinskyler - Sorry to hear about your trouble, but MG is not using his bi-polar disorder as an excuse. Back in 2002, long before he was in any sort of trouble, he gave an interview in which he said he was recently diagnosed as manic depressive, AKA bi-polar.

1528 days ago

Miss Cali    

Typical - he was diagnosed, but I agree. Take out the swearing and rage and you can understand where he is coming from.

He gave her everything, money, clothes, homes, a child everything. He says several times she is selfish, has never thanked him for anything and when he brings up the 5 million he spent on her career.. she shrugs it off saying it went towards her record deal. Not shocking to hear that from a gold digger I suppose, but I can see how furious Mel would be. Women like her have no value of money. They expect everything should be given to them just because they fix their nose, breasts..fatten their lips and get face implants and expect men to shower them with money. That is the Russian way I have seen it first hand. I have been in Eastern Europe with my American brother and European male friends and when the women at the bar figured out my brother was American they were all over him.

I agree Oksana is ugly. Robyn is so much more dignified and classier. He should've just used this piece of trash for what she is good night then thrown her back into the gutter and gone home to his respectful wife.

1528 days ago


It mentions his bipolar disorder on imdb, it's well known information. When it gets bad enough, people with bipolar can have a psychotic break, which he clearly has. He's dangerous right now. There's a an extremely high risk of suicide in this group, amongst other things. He's admittedly homocidal. If this jusge doesn't get him in lockdown, I'm afraid something really bad might happen.

1528 days ago


She has to realize if Mel has no money and he goes to jail, then there's no money and she won't be supported.

1528 days ago


I have a family member who is severely bipolar and Mel does not exhibit the major signs of bipolar disorder/manic depression. "Rage" is typically not a symptom. Doctors are too quick to put a "bipolar" label on people. I think he is mad as hell and if anything, he is going through a breakdown - maybe a mid-life crisis. He has lost everything in his divorce, he gave everything up for this woman and look what she did to him. She betrayed him so quickly. She wanted nothing but money from the very beginning. He definitely has anger issues - - clearly, we know this...AND substance abuse problems, which only manifest his rage into verbal abuse, but to say he is manic is a long shot. Also, all of this about admitted manic depression/bipolar - - this is only speculation. I have read there is a do***entary of him admitting this, but until I see him speak those words, I don't believe it and even if he spoke it, many doctors are quick to label people bipolar. ESPECIALLY in Hollywood. I feel bad for him, I really do. And I am a woman. This woman knew exactly what she was doing when she was taping him - - how to make him look bad and how to make herself look good. And the other poster was spot on - - when it didnt work out with Timothy Dalton, she went for Mel... star f*ucker. User. Just because he is a great looking movie star does not mean he has great self-esteem. His self-esteem is clearly lacking.

1528 days ago


I am also the poster "Typical" - - just an FYI :)

1528 days ago


@52 typical manic/bipolar don't take resposibility for your actions. You may not have hurt anyone physically but what about the emotional abuse you put people through when you are not on your meds. Denial is part of your disease.

1528 days ago
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