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Sheriff's Department Child Abuse Detective in Court

7/15/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the detectives who just showed up at the Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva hearing just said he's there for one purpose -- investigating alleged child abuse.


Detective Dan Scott, who works for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department Special Victims Bureau, just told a TMZ producer in the courtroom hallway, "We investigate child abuse."  

Detective Scott is in the hallway with 2 other detectives, waiting to enter the courtroom.


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Miss Cali - - I know, the Russian women are so vile. So vicious if they don't get what they want. I have seen it first-hand myself. They truly give meaning to: "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."


1497 days ago


#57, totally agree with you 'areyoukiddingme'
he should be on a psychiatric hold (i forget the medical name for it) he NEEDS current evalutation and put on meds.
i also had your thoughts that he could do something to hurt himself and or osanna. he is in serious need of professional help. that aside, i detected in one of his rantings 'guilt' on his part from leaving his wife. i suppose he is consumed with guilt and feels like a total fool and loser and is taking it out badly on osanna. him being bipolar and alcoholic make matters worse and dangerous, very dangerous to osanna and the baby.

1497 days ago


After I read this womans history a few days ago, I knew she was going to screw him.
BTW I think he is an idiot jerk. But even an idiot jerk doesnt deserve this sh**t.

1497 days ago


doesn't anyone remember all mel's cheating, drug and alcohol abuse while he was married to Robyn????

1497 days ago


people here either don't know or just to mention all of mels' prior dalliances while married to Robyn. she divorced him because she had enough with his cheating, swearing, alcohol and drug abuse.
Karma has come to bite mel hard. what come around goes around, and NOW mel knows the suffering he put his wife and children through.

1497 days ago

Will to Self Motivate    

@24 - Catholics do not believe in any form of contraception except abstinence - not even coitus interruptus.

1497 days ago


What amazes me is that we have learned NOTHING since the O.J./Nicole case --- women, for the most part, DO NOT make this stuff up --- Oksana is frightened for her life, Nicole was frightened for her life --- when celebrities, much beloved by the public are involved in cases like these, the public seems to side with the celebrity;and let's not forget, O.J.'s first wife ALSO signed an affidavit that stated he NEVER physically abused her or their children --- come on people, let's not let history repeat itself...

1497 days ago

gerard oliver    

TMZ seems to be representing iteresses of Jews, pursuing Mel Gibson. TMZ anti-Christian.

1497 days ago


#68 Are you for real?!! One of the latest problems is that women (normally young but sometimes not so) have taken to falsly accusing boyfriends/exes trying to split up with them or in retaliation for them leaving them!! It's become such a problem that now Judges send down a false accuser to do time! The media, even for a normal person, spreads all the gory details, humiliating the man and his family, his picture is everywhere and everyone is abusing him verbally etc until it finally get's to trial and then all hell breaks loose!! Stiffer penalties here have been introduced because the cops (sweet of them) do tend to believe the poor little ol women when they claim assault and abuse, the guy is arrested and his reputation isn't restored in the community until the false accuser is brought to trial!! Then the story isn't on the front page like his accusation was - it's hidden somewhere on page 4 or whatever!!
Media hype convicted Dr Sam Sheppard, he did time for a crime he didn't commit and DNA has recently proved beyond a doubt he never killed his wife but because of the rush to file charges and hang the husband the cops never looked anywhere else!! He died penniless and an alcoholic!!
Robyn Gibson has no reason to lie on Mel's behalf, her divorce settlement is set in concrete, if she wanted to get back at him she could by saying he beat her and the kids but he didn't and she has always maintained he's been a great father!!
So instead of hanging Mel on the dodgy word of Octomum/Oskansa and her dentist who has said she was not punched in the mouth, let's try waiting for a proper investigation - just for ONCE hm?!

1496 days ago


I was in a really abusive realtionship with six kids, I don't believe her story I got punched in the mouth and alot of damaged was done to me. My lips were busted open. How can women fake abuse is beyond me. Mel is no angel!!! The way he was talking to her was wrong ,but her picture of her teeth some what broken is fake!!! Unless it's happen to you then you will understand what I'm talking about. For me personally a mother would do anything to protect her children from harm and she did not ,so I question her motherhood cuz no amount of evidence is worth putting your children in harms way!!! I left my abusive realtionship for the safety of my children first!!!

1489 days ago


I can't believe all of "lets blame the victim" nonsense. Did these people not hear all of the ugly ranting, panting, threatening, horrible words coming out of his mouth? Of course she had to record him, if people can still sympathize with Mel Gibson after hearing all of those tapes and still be in his corner, what chance would she have? This is crazy! Unless you have actually found yourself in a relationship with a drunken, jealous, out of control alcoholic, you can't possibly know what it is like. As for her ruining his marriage, I think that he did that all by himself long ago. Among the many definitions of Mental illness, here are three "Religious fanaticism", "Sexual degenerated demands" and insane, controlling jealousy.

1488 days ago
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