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Oksana -- Mel Is Behind Threatening Phone Calls

7/15/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE:  Sources connected with the case tell TMZ Mel's lawyers will prove Oksana's allegations "are absurd and provably false."  One source adds, "Yeah right, aside from 200 tabloid editors, only Mel has her number."

Oksana Grigorieva
has received "threatening and harassing phone calls" in the last 48 hours, and she believes Mel Gibson is behind them, and that is a big reason why her lawyers are going to court this morning to try and strip Mel of custody ... sources connected with the case tell TMZ.


As one source put it, "Mel is one of the few people who know the phone number.  It's not him who's making the calls, but we have reason to think he's behind them."

We're told the calls were made directly to Oksana on her home line -- they were not voice messages.  Oksana took the calls and claims the caller was "threatening and scary."

Steve Jaffe, the spokesperson for Oksana, would not comment on the calls, saying, "This is an issue for the court."


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Wow. Just got finished reading the posts and...some of the responses of really, really different. I refuse to attack any individuals, however, aren't there ALWAYS two sides to every story?

Okay, let's start with Mel - He seems to be a really passionate guy (I'm being factious). He is clearly under a lot of stress and is really nit happy with his choice of women. Oh well...don't stick your penis where it shouldn't go. Mel Gibson had a wife and a lot of children, weren't they enough? Did he really need to prove his virility by sleeping with a younger woman? There's always that old saying, "You reap what you sow."

Oksana - Yup, she is a Russian woman who had a child with Timothy Dalton before she had a child with Mel Gibson. That seemed to work itself out. Then she met Mel, a billionaire. I don't believe that she is completely innocent. Far from it. However, she is also reaping.

So, they are in this mess together and THEY are going to resolve it with the help of a judge. Good luck to both of them.

1507 days ago


Well, of course it's about $$. From all sides.

1507 days ago


i would like to coin the phrase
sorry mel.
get to a meeting.

1507 days ago


She's behind them. All part of her "people's" plot.

1507 days ago


Timmy, Mel, watch out Kramer, you might be next.... She likes them old and rich..

1507 days ago


The Judge is not going to strip him of his rights nor should he. I hope the Judge has enough sense to see the child, especially from the mother, will be and is already being used as a tool - take the kid away from both of them and put it in foster care. Don't let her use the kid or him either. Using the kid has already started.

1507 days ago


would someone pull my finger?

1507 days ago


Timmy, Mel, watch out Kramer, you might be next.... She likes them old and rich..

Posted at 9:32 AM on Jul 15, 2010 by sharon

I meant Kelsey Grammer...

1507 days ago

Just Dave     


1507 days ago


Maybe he was just reading lines from a script.

lol I find it ironic he was in a movie called "what women want" anyone else think thats funny?

1507 days ago


There should be no excuse's for physical/verbal violence. That being said, this women is clearly antagonizing Mr. Gibson, and pushed his button's sending him to CRAZY TOWN, because she didn't get the payout she wanted. I"m sorry but when are these famous men going to learn these type's of women are like a virus. He's clearly gone off the deep end because he know's he's been made a fool now. I think the whole thing is so sad...

1507 days ago


Mr. Mel Gibson appears to exhibit more than 5 attributes required for narcissistic disorder; and, I believe we are witnessing narcissistic-rage.

Does anyone remember when Mr. Gibson punched the old-man at the Disney World Park? Gibson said on TV that the old-man touch his son's top-of-head. That incident took place some 15+ years ago. When I heard it, I remember thinking that that is what old-people do; it was not molestation.


1507 days ago

Just Dave     

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA......per Mel's ex-wife

1507 days ago

Sophie Ann    

The person who helped her tape those conversations obviously has THAT phone number!! Not just Mel. Also, maybe her Russian family member have the number also.

Also - something to remember: They are NOT married. If they were married, back in January when Mel alleged hit her, she would have been able to LEGALLY march into her attorney's office and file for divorce....and get a crapload of money from Mel. But....they are NOT married so she had to come up with another way to get $30 million from the father of her child plus $20,000 a month child support and $30,000 a month for incidentals.

1507 days ago


I find it odd that she is now asking for full custody because of a 'bruise' on the baby. Why did she not ask for full custody at the beginning if she had parental concerns before? Is it because $20 million wasn't enough with 80% custody? Right now, all I see is greed and total manipulation by Oskana and her lawyers. If all this was a concern to her before, she should have released the tapes 6 months ago and had the investigation on Mel then and this would have played much better in her favor. Do not get me wrong - what Mel said on those tapes (if it is really Mel) was completely dispicable.

1507 days ago
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