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Robyn Gibson Supports Mel in Court

7/15/2010 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's soon-to-be ex-wife, Robyn, has written a sworn declaration on behalf of Mel, saying he has never physically abused her or any of their children in the 28 years they were married ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned in the declaration, Robyn writes, "Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage."  Robyn also says there was never any domestic violence perpetrated by Mel against any of their children. 

Yesterday, Robyn was spotted out running errands in Malibu.

We've learned the declaration was filed with the court this morning.  We're told Robyn's declaration will also be submitted to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department when Mel's lawyers present their evidence to deputies next week.
In the 1-page declaration, Robyn acknowledges that she is divorcing Mel but says,  "Mel was a wonderful and loving father."

Robyn -- who is widely respected in Hollywood -- could ultimately be very powerful ammo for Mel.



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It sounds to me as if Mel married someone who was beneath him and it made him really mad.

1529 days ago


C'mon now! We know that Mel asked her to do it and of course she is going to make a sworn declaration on his behalf. She's not going to let this scandal get in the way of her multi-million dollar divorce settlement!

1529 days ago


Is Mel nuts? That lady is hot; and she has had something like seven kids. I think Mel needs to take a cold shower, begin a recovery from his mid-life crisis, and rethink his options for companionship.

1529 days ago


If Mel is smart, he will get down on his knees and beg Robin to take him back. She's a rock, Mel needs that in his life. She's the real deal, raised 7 kids, stayed by his side. But he can't drink and he can't cheat. I have a wife like this, 30 years later, we're even closer.

1529 days ago


Here we have another wife who's afraid to get a job and support herself and her children so she stands by her man no matter what god-awful things he does to her and her children. Mel's had a hundred affairs? No problem, so long as he pays her bills. Not sure who the real golddigger is here. Mel just can't seem to get with a real woman. In the end, his wife has seven children who are or will be mortified by their trashy, foul-mouthed, ignorant racist and sexist father. You're setting a great example, Robyn! It's all about making sure that you don't have to get a job and support your brood.

1529 days ago


SarahTX comment is sure ignorant. Since when is raising
children not a job? It requires far more work then a lot
of paying jobs if it's done right. You sound like one
jealous and clueless bitch to me.

1529 days ago


Yeah, and what a great job. I wouldn't let my children be degraded and disgraced by anyone, including their sex-crazed, "blow me" father. I guess you would though. My children would never be subjected to hearing their father beg for oral sex and threaten to kill people. I would protect them and shield them from that. This woman with seven children is Mel Gibson's biggest enabler, much to the detriment of her children.

1529 days ago


Robyn states only that there was never any "physical" abuse. She specifically did NOT state he never flew into such a rage making threats to attack.

Mel's behavior is VERY abusive. His threats seem very real and scary. (Eli Roth, director of the SAW movies, said Mel seems scarier than a Hollywood villian.) The fact he never acted on it is ... something, but not much.

Mel is a powerful and rich and ugly angry man. He has hidden behind his charm and good looks. Now the whold world can finally see the true man.

It does not even matter if the tapes were edited. Unless it is not his voice on it, there is NO excuse for his rage and threats.

1529 days ago

Jay Adler    

These unsolicited testifiers are adding nothing to Mel's issue or lack there of. They have not been deposed and many are just looking for a good write up for themselves. The bottom line is that Mel needs an evaluation and possibly some medicine now. He does not need Monday morning quarterbacks or exculpatory comments from New York's Whoopi Goldberg that would not be admissible in court anyway and guess what, we are not in court.

1529 days ago


Did you notice Robyn said "He was" a good father and husband. Does that mean he no longer is a good father for his kids ?

1529 days ago


His Gf is Russian. That explains everything! Mel should have talked to my brother whose ex wife is Russian. He could have really enlightened him.

1529 days ago


Mel got set up by a gold digger. Should have stayed with his twenty eight marriage and forget the young GOLD DIGGERS>>>>>>

1529 days ago


Robyn is the difference between a real lady and a herpies infected Russian whore.

Maybe he did pop her in the mouth and chip a veneer, it doesn't take much to knock them loose. But it doesn't mean the whore won the lottery or should never have to work again.

1529 days ago


Russian women can be ruthless. They come from a harsher climate and a dog eat dog society.

There is a reason Eli Weisel and his father, when given a choice when the camps were liberated, left Aushwitz with their German guards rather than wait for the Russian liberators.

1529 days ago


Paolo (10:58AM): You're an idiot.

1529 days ago
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