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Robyn Gibson Supports Mel in Court

7/15/2010 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's soon-to-be ex-wife, Robyn, has written a sworn declaration on behalf of Mel, saying he has never physically abused her or any of their children in the 28 years they were married ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned in the declaration, Robyn writes, "Mel never engaged in any physical abuse of any kind toward me before, during or after our marriage."  Robyn also says there was never any domestic violence perpetrated by Mel against any of their children. 

Yesterday, Robyn was spotted out running errands in Malibu.

We've learned the declaration was filed with the court this morning.  We're told Robyn's declaration will also be submitted to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department when Mel's lawyers present their evidence to deputies next week.
In the 1-page declaration, Robyn acknowledges that she is divorcing Mel but says,  "Mel was a wonderful and loving father."

Robyn -- who is widely respected in Hollywood -- could ultimately be very powerful ammo for Mel.



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Miss Cali    

Yes, funny how Mel never was in trouble, no drama nothing for the 28 years he was married to Robyn. The ho apologist are right she must be LYING!

1538 days ago


Robyn's declaration was only "1" page and like nh said she just states that Mel never PHYSICALLY abused her. Robyn isn't going to say anymore that what she has to say. Mel did say in a tape that "I've never did that before". I think he was implying that he's never hit a woman before so regardless that Mel never PHYSICALLY abused Robyn doesn't mean he did not hit Oksana. Robyn is not stating about any emotional/verbal abuse. I truly feel that Robyn has wanted and tried to divorce Mel many times but Mel is dominating/controlling and would not have it because it would not be "good PR" and would damage his image of "devoted husband/father". If Robyn endured all these years of Mel's constant infidelity, mood swings, drugging, drinking (and he's insulted her publicly, verbal abuse saying "she's going to hell because she's not of the church"!) then why now has she divorced him? Because she had good "leverage" reason against him when Oks got pregnant that gave Robyn a way out that she had been wanting for a long time.

All Robyn is testifying to is that Mel never hit her; I don't see that as coming to his defence or support of him. You would think that his kids and Robyn would be saying more in his defence that Mel never showed ANY verbal abuse or controlling behavior!

1538 days ago


Miss Robyn Gibson could not take her of her man too; Mr. Gibson had to make frequent trips to Thailand for sex -- remember?

Look up narcissistic personality disorder and compare this with what we know about Mr. Gibson.

1538 days ago


now come on, not all of us are shady!!! I agree we would have heard it in the news if Mel and Robyn had these kind of fights. I also know you can be bipolar/manic depressive or just something with no name and blow up. Again, I don't condone the words out of his mouth, but I do think he was at a breaking point. I know I have been at breaking points and even cussed! Surprised everyone because I alway was the peace maker.

Funny, if his wife had come out and said he did do it you would all be commending her, now she says this behavior wasn't there you don't believe her. Some of you even said you would wait to hear what she had to say and if she said no he wasn't like that you would take as gospel and know that this other chick was doing the extortion walk.

BTW, she only sold under 1000 cd's of her music and the one place that tracks this doesn't have it because they track 1000 and above. If you google her and read articles you will find out that her music career was really a bust so far.

1538 days ago


umm to the many lame duck people who think he ran off and wanted something younger..

your wrong and saying something that lame shows you know nothing. She left him 4 years ago. They tried working it out for years. Hell they kept it such a secret TMZ didn't know.

Before you say she had to stay quite because a pre nup then your wrong again there is none and she is free to say whatever she wants. There is no reason for her to shut up because under California law she owns 50% with no prenup.

She wrote this because its true just like his 10 or so kids haven't said anything. I bet they been offered 500k+ for interviews right now to talk crap... oh wait they aren't on TV hmm thats odd Mel isn't either... only Osk is... hmm why is that.. gee I wonder..

Why hasn't Danny Glover not come out and talk crap about him.. because he knows its bs...

1538 days ago


Notice that she just said "physical" abuse and doesn't say emotional or mental. There are many cases where a man will abuse one woman and not another. It depends on the dynamics of the relationship. Robin has a horse in this race financially.

1538 days ago


She's full of it. And he's her ex. She's not right there when her ex-husband did and said anything to his current girlfriend/mother of his another child. Who cares what she says. She should stay out of it.

1538 days ago


SMACK-DOWN to it on Page 4 of these posting SWEETHEART - it Comes from MEL - the man u claim to work for as his "representation"

Sweatheart, be my love, be my next baby mama. I promise to buy you a house, shower you with my love and money, I promise to get drunk, knock your teeth out and verbally abuse you.


If this agrees with you please contact my lawyers so they can setup a meeting between us.

Thank you,


Posted at 12:10 PM on Jul 15, 2010 by Mel

1538 days ago


Why should Mel give Oksy a dime in child support?

Shouldn't she go out and get a real job and support her child the way millions of other women do?

1538 days ago


Robin he kept you barefoot and pregnant, he had all control, I am sure you were emotionally abused by him, he betrayed you in the end. Maybe you two will get back together he obviously needs you.

1538 days ago


oh yeah, Robyn has money guys and girls. She knew how to work investments. So she does rely solely on his support. (eyes rolling)

1538 days ago


Proves nothing. How about verbal and emotional abuse, Robyn? Or did the half a billion buy you off?

1538 days ago


Some people have a way of pushing all the wrong buttons and she is one of them. She is his worst nightmare. He is too good for her, I just wish he'd realize it. Put me on the jury and I would acquit Mel Gibson. She is a horrible cold blooded piece of sh**.

1538 days ago


I read somewhere that his ex was the one that was able to keep control of Mel and that some people were worried that he would lose it when she left. Guess they were right.

My personal opinion is that he really regrets leaving Robyn and tried to recreate with Oksana what he had with Robyn. This is a man that is hurting bad and probably wishes he could turn back the clock.

He and Oksana are TOXIC together and the farther they are from each other the better for the kids...

I love the movies that Mel produces and will continue to see them.

This does not mean I condone in any way what he has said to Oksana, no person deserves to be talked to like that but some relationships are toxic and this is one of them.

Sorry baby Lucia, you got stuck with two messed up parents...too bad you could not have been a child of Robyn and your father.

1538 days ago


And, hey, for your own good Robyn (gee, what a cute way of spelling your name) start going to a gym on a regular basis. You have enough money and free time. Get a trainer and unget lazy. You've let yourself go. There's no excuse.

1538 days ago
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