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Oksana's Camp: 'Self-Inflicted' Injury Claim 'Disgusting'

7/18/2010 2:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ they are "outraged" by the claim that her injuries were "self-inflicted," calling the allegation "absurd and disgusting."

TMZ first reported ... at least one expert who has analyzed photos and other evidence concluded the damage to Oksana's mouth was consistent with a self-inflicted injury.

Sources connected with Oksana claim they have plenty of evidence to prove otherwise, not the least of which is Mel Gibson saying on the recording that she "deserved it."

As we reported, Oksana's dentist believes she was not struck in the mouth, in part because there was no soft tissue damage or swelling consistent with a punch. 

Nevertheless, sources connected with Oksana say the dentist's testimony will ultimately provide powerful support, in part because she told him that Mel hit her and that she wanted to protect him at all costs.  As we reported, the dentist says he observed bruising to Oksana's left temple area, but she did not want the photos he took to show the injury so she covered it up with makeup and hair, and looked off to the side when the pics were taken.

And one more note.  Sources connected with Oksana's dentist, Ross Shelden, tell TMZ, the dentist regrets saying yesterday that the photo circulating on the internet was altered and "he may have jumped to a hasty conclusion."


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MLE the Str[4]nge    

YES, We respect just money! Money, Money! If you have money you are not Skunk. LOL!!! Oksana family has More money than you and Brad and Angelina COMBINED!

Also for those with short term memory Robyn was already separating when the Mel met. Just like Brad and Jen.

Angelina and Oksana have same situation in the life. But just because you are think one of them rich and another poor don't make different!

Posted at 10:50 AM on Jul 17, 2010 by ana


Take your Russian rants back to the USSR, idiot! I read an article that said her family was 'modest' means. Let's see Oksaskank buy out Angelina Jolie...not happening!

Posted at 11:03 AM on Jul 17, 2010 by FPIC


Why is Jennifer or Brad and Angelina even brought up in this?

Posted at 11:13 AM on Jul 17, 2010 by kickaboo


I asked myself that very question.

You know how there's an idiot in every village? Ana is the proverbial Village Idiot of TMZ. I highly doubt she's Okskanka herself but I wouldn't be surprised if she's a mole from her camp trying to stir up shiz. Notice how her wack-a-doo and irrelevant rants are about $$$ and jealousy of successful celebrities that have nothing to do with her beloved gold digging slore (contraction for sl.ut and wh.ore)?

1558 days ago

jessie extortionist    

oksana's plan executed to perfection

get romanced
get pregnant
get a child
get abused
get a lawyer
get a lot of money

it's not that original but it works

1558 days ago


Anyone with hearing can tell from the quality of the sound that the woman's voice is clear as a bell (professional mike) and Mel's is scratchy and not nearly as clear (not professonal). Why hasn't he responded? Simple; he can prove his case. Why give anything away? Give her enough rope and - no, she won't "hang herself" - she'll bury herself under the jail. It's happening.

1558 days ago



What are you talking about?
Rich Mamas and Papas earn kids life.
All celebrities came from Rich Mamas and Rich Papas!
Celebrities mafia. And then they say we have a class...
But who pay for they are successful life? We are! Because we are movies freaks!

1558 days ago


If you're calling christians and catholics nut jobs, then you're calling Mel a nut job-on that note, i'll agree with you. Remember Passion of the Christ, his own Catholic spinoff church? Maybe the reason her voice is so clear is that she's speaking directly into a mike and the reason his voice isn't so clear is that she's recording him from a speakerphone.Maybe the reason he hasn't responded is that with all the filth and death threats he's said, he hasn't got a chance in hell.

1558 days ago


dro, the man really screwed himself.

1558 days ago


Nope; you didn't catch the pauses in the conversation either. Her side is the only one that sounds natural. Don't know where she got the threats, etc. from - haven't seen (heard) all his movies - but do know he responded after his earlier mistake. The fact that he hasn't responded to this person is, I think, that he said nothing to her for which he should apologize. "Passion" is one of his movies I haven't seen; and I have all respect due the Catholic church or any other church. I do believe in American freedoms; including those that do not condone blackmail.

1558 days ago


The dentist is in deep crap for not reporting domestic violence and that's why he's claiming it wasn't that. He's protecting his own azz. Further, it's absurd to think Mel didn't hit her. He admitted to doing just that on the tapes. Deserved it? Let me have five minutes with old Mel and I will show his racist azz what he deserves. I've watched him for about FOUR DECADES do this stuff. He's a very violent man and that revelation is NOT NEWS.

1558 days ago


Gibson is a raging alcoholic, this has been known for years -- yet he is a wonderful and loving father. How many raging alcoholics do you know that are loving wonderful fathers?

Gibson didn't think the Catholic Church was strict enough so he built his own church with his own carefully selected congregation. Since when is this normal? Maybe for a guy who's father is a published hater and holocaust denier.

Gibson is a very angry man with a violent temper. He's also a very rich man with a vast army of PR/lawyers countering, planting and rewriting everything he does.

Grigorieva's tone on the phone is common with many abused women, who've been beaten down emotionally and abused to the point they have no steam or passion left to fight for themselves. Taping the phone calls is what one SHOULD do when they're receiving threatening or abusive calls. Why is this not obvious to people?

"Her face looks odd" to many yet looking at old photos she has that mouth, chin and cheek bones naturally. She's unique looking and it seems to turn people off. Her ethnicity to come into play. I've read comments that imply because she's Russian she must be bad. That's bigotry.

This whole scenario smacks of bigotry, against a woman who did nothing wrong except try to stand up for herself against someone who was physically violent and emotionally abusive to her because she is not the person he wants her to be.

1558 days ago

bill lawson    

I married a Russian mail order bride and was completely blindsided by the false allegations she filed against me .Russian woman coming over here marrying American men can be very dangerous in how they use the court system to gain very unscrupulous means to become permanent green card holders and exhort money.

1558 days ago


SHE belongs in jail if she tried to extort money from hinm with ths tapes! Idiot.

1558 days ago


Once a part in time ... I believe this story too. Of course this hole thing is planned. You don´t record people without their knowledge if you don´t have a purpouse. Why else?

1558 days ago


When my nephew was little, he ran smack dab into some playground equipment and busted his lip. It was a mess. Now if she was really hit in the mouth, why would she NOT have a busted lip? Her story is coming unraveled as lies often do.

1558 days ago

Galaxy Fan    

She doesn't deserve to be talked to/threatened that way.

He doesn't deserve to be used/extorted

The children don't deserve either of them

They deserve each other

1558 days ago


If she wanted to protect Mel than why is she coming out with the tapes now. If he hit her that hard and threated her why didn't she got right to the police. You aren't even talking weeks after the susposed abuse. you are talking months later

1558 days ago
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