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Photos, Video Raise Questions About Oksana's Story

7/16/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Mel Gibson investigation say the photos and video of Oksana
's alleged injuries are raising "serious questions" about her story that Gibson struck her.

Law enforcement sources who have analyzed the pictures and video -- yes, we've learned she had video shot as well -- tell TMZ there is "no evidence of external or internal damage," making it inconsistent with being punched in the face.

As we have already reported, Oksana's teeth were not damaged -- they were intact.  The dentist has submitted a sworn declaration saying one veneer was out and one was cut in half, but the teeth were not damaged.

Furthermore, several experts who have examined the photos and video say there is no evidence of any soft tissue damage, which would be present if someone were struck in the mouth, and it would be "highly irresponsible" for the dentist to so quickly replace Oksana's veneers.

We're told law enforcement is investigating the scenario that the damage to the veneers could have been self-inflicted.  We're told at least one expert who has evaluated the photos and video believes it's a self-inflicted injury.

As we first reported, Gibson's lawyers will make a presentation to the Sheriff's Department ... in part arguing that Oksana made false statements to authorities.


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snarky One    

Sounds like fellow Russian whores are coming to oxANA's defense....or....nevermind. Just sayin!

1506 days ago

Stephen Real    

Illegal taping is another very serious crime in the state of California.
The laws are very clear about this and if it's a cross border case?
It doesn't look good at all.

1506 days ago


It makes all the difference in the world - Oksana is obviously a liar, user and manipulator - self inflicted wounds and spliced tapes....stop with the "every woman is a fragile flower" attitude, women need to stick up for themselves and if you are abused you report it immediately, you don't wait 6mo - I'm not buying she was scared, that's a bunch of crap, she didn't get the money she wanted so she's trying to ruin him.

1506 days ago



I think you are actually Oksana because you keep saying Robyn set everyone up. And on the tapes you complained about Mel having to spend money on his "army", his previous family. You do sound so jealous, ana. (Oksana). Did you get caught?

1506 days ago


Her dentist said the photos he took, she didn't look into the camera...I want to see those photos too. Now that is leaking all the evidence, why doesn't Mel's camp release their evidence if they don't have anything to hide? Why keep it under seal? Obviously, we all see now she's the liar so why doesn't he go to the FBI and press charges at this point?

1506 days ago


#53, she sold her soul to the devil when she became the gold digger and decided to sleep with a married man. She deserves what she's getting. On the other hand, many woman of moral character, integrity, family values, dignity and self respect do not deserve abuse by anyone. THIS WHORE DOES! She is s***.

1506 days ago


How much you wanna bet that she is screwing the Dentist???? Mel- suck it up and go back to your wife. You got played big time!

1506 days ago


I hope the police are investigating the dentist too. Maybe he and her worked on this together. I thought his answers to questions about the incident sounded very suspicious myself. How may dentists offer to let there patient move in with them??????? A real professional would never do that.

1506 days ago


Mel doesnt have to defend himself right now. He's letting her hang herself first....When he is ready, he will come forward and tell his truth. Right now she's hanging herself... and am sure more witnesses will come forward in Mel's defense.

1506 days ago


NOTHING this woman did can excuse Mel’s disgusting abusive behavior. NOTHING.

1506 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

TMZ continues to serve as the PR wing of Mel Gibson's legal defense team.

Mel's an animal who belongs in prison, along with all his aryan nation buddies.

Stop shilling for Mel, TMZ!

1506 days ago


yes, but, doesn't she still have the child?!?! Shouldn't someone step in and take Lucia away at this point??

1506 days ago


yall still believing this female?????

lmaooo rihanna got punched up and her face looked brusied!!!!!

this female probably ran into a wall or something lmao

1506 days ago

Miss Cali    

It's women like this gold digging wh()re that make it so hard for those that are real victims of domestic abuse.

She is a liar and con artist and extortioner. It's no surprise she has people in the know that can alter tapes as she was in the music industry. Her dentist boyfriend of almost two decades. Would be easy for him to clip off some veneer and remove the other.

I hope the men in blue do the right thing and lock up this con artist. So much of this type of thing going on against men with money lately. Stamos's extortioners can share a cell with this piece of trash.

1506 days ago

Jay Bee    

Since the Timothy Dalton & Mel things didn't work out, perhaps she needs to attach herself to a new celebrity. I hear Robert Blake is still single.

1506 days ago
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