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Oksana Had Lawsuit Ready Against Mel Gibson

7/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Oksana Grigorieva had a civil lawsuit prepared and ready to file against Mel Gibson back in May, in the event Gibson failed to negotiate a custody and financial deal she considered fair.


We've learned during the two day mediation in mid-May,  Eric George, who was Oksana's lawyer at the time, drafted and threatened to file the lawsuit, alleging assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

As we first reported, the parties agreed to a $15 million package for Oksana.  When the outline of the agreement was signed, George abandoned the idea of suing. 

Sources say although lawyers on both sides were well aware of the secretly-recorded tapes -- which one source called "the 800 pound elephant in the room" -- the lawsuit George drafted made no specific mention of tapes, nor of Gibson's racially-charged comments.

As a result, the tapes could have been used as leverage to settle the lawsuit after it was filed.  Now that the tapes are out, Oksana has lost a lot of that leverage.

The suit George drafted sought unspecified damages.

Oksana ultimately refused to sign the mediation agreement in its full form ... she says because she didn't want to give Mel unsupervised visitation.  Gibson's lawyers scoffed at the notion that Oksana had a problem with visitation, claiming that after January 6, he had regularly spent time alone with Lucia and she encouraged him to have even more visitation.


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The wh**E is using Gibson's own money to pay an army of lawyers !!!!!! This is only being paid to her because of the baby as with no baby, I doubt she would have a penny to hire any lawyer. Additionally, 15 Million sounds like a lot of money to turn down. But, when she has had acess to all of Gibson's money, which she did, she certainly felt that she wanted more. After all Robyn was getting more and that always bothered this gold digger.

One of her issues was that Mel was "paying for an army". This is a revealing comment spoken in her cold and emotionless tone. I wonder why she called Mel's family an "army". Reports indicate that she was always jealous of his family and fully resented the fact that Robyn was in line to 1/2 of the Gibson fortune. These facts put together are reason enough for her to refuse 15 million and hold out for more. Reason enough for her to release tapes, when Gibson started to fight back....tape after tape, hoping for a settlement..even bigger. But, Gibson did start to fight back when he refused to send her money that was to be given to her out of the agreement above-referenced. Remember when this started and just days prior to the tapes being released she is quoted as saying "Gibson is fighting dirty", and "I am living off of credit cards as he is not paying support". After these quotes, the tapes are launched.

I do not believe everything in the media, but these were her words and quoted all across media outlets. I fell terrible for a man, any man caught in this web of lies and attacks. She did entrap him, and his words are terrible, but so are the words of millions other American angry men and women going through divorce and custody issues. I mean give me a break, if our kids are in danger we don't sign 50/50 custody agreements. She always had money on the brain, always. She loved the cameras and being in the center of attention, always. She is pathetic and I seem no victim here whatsoever.

This is her attempt to redeem her reputation in front of America. To re-launch her career and remove in the public eye, any black mark against her as the "other women". She wants to be the poster woman for "domestic violence", the victim, the abused. It puts her again and continually in the public eye and the cameras. She wants us, all of America to embrace her in smypathy. IT simply is disgusting.

The release of the tapes, also protects her crime in recording these conversations.

Finally, I do not find this TMZ article or any other article, credible inasmuch as if lawyers and judges knew about these tapes when they drafted the 15 Million agreement, and there was abusive claims evidenced by the tapes that remained unreported to the DCS (Department of Child Services), then that would be a violation their collective fiduciary responsibilities to the child and any 50/50 custody would be questioned. It can therefore be absolutely assumed that if these legal people knew about the "Elephant in the Room" (the tapes), then at that time, she wasn't screaming protection for her child. This is a new rant. She is an opportunist of the worst kind. She should be deported, fined and placed in prision with the rest of the Hollywood idiots. Certainly, you cannot believe this nonsense and her stories, ever changing.

1499 days ago


This "woman/b*tch" should not have custody of either of her children, she obviously has no regard for their emotional well-being as she's only got dollar signs flashing before her eyes. She has no morals or ethics, that is a severe personality flaw that will never change, but Mel could get off the evil drink and become a better person. I cant even watch Braveheart at the moment, my favourite movie ever, Im so disappointed in what he has become.

1499 days ago



$15MIL - $0 = $0

1499 days ago


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1499 days ago


I'd like to see Mel sue for full child custody, and then sue her for child support. Bitch would run screaming to the port, looking for the next boat to Russia. She played him, and he doesn't deserve that. He went on a rant - so have I, so has everyone else. Difference is that no one is taping us with the intent to humiliate us at some point down the road. Deliberate and calculated scheming, simply to get her hands on someone else's money. Hopefully the rest of the older rich men in Hollywood avoid her like the plague that she is - she'll be cruising Rodeo Drive looking for a new victim anytime now.

1499 days ago


Agreed #78 but it seems Mel's mid life crisis has been going on for years because he's been cheating on Robin for the duration of their marriage.

Poetic justice. Lucia is sent to be raised by a nice Jewish family in Israel. No money for Slutskana and Mel lives on knowing his child is being raised by the very ethnic group he is alleged to hate most. Robin walks away with her half of Mel's fortune, for all her years of pain and suffering, buys her own island and sips strawberry-banana margaritas with a sugar rim on the beach of her private island while a very fine jewish cabana MAN(preferably one that looks like Eli Roth as he is such a hunk of jewish mancake with the intense eyes and sexy Bostonian accent; he'd be perfect if only he weren't an Aries and a liberal)fans her.

1499 days ago


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1499 days ago






1499 days ago


The ego's on this site haha jebus!

You people make it sound like MEL is John Gotti Jr. and everyone is out to get him especially THE JEW MEDIA. THE BIG MEL GIBSON CONSPIRACY huh.


Mel could have handled this the right way and let his laywers deal with it without making harassing and threatening phone calls. No one forced him to call her over and over again and threaten her. No matter how crazy some one attempts to make you if you believe that YOU are the one in control and have the choice in the end.

This man has been in rehab before and knows what to do and what not to do,He has no excuses so please stop making up ones for him. HE'S A MAN and that being said HE SHOULD TAKE RESPONSILBILTY FOR HIS ACTIONS and APOLOGIZE to Oksana,Lucia and Sasha and every other group of people he has offended.

I tell you I have gotten angry before very very angry but NEVER in my life did any kind of anger turn me into a racist NEVER ONCE EVER. Nor did it ever make me violent, RACISM and VIOLENCE from anger is a EXTREME response people like that need to be in jail or locked in a mental hospital till then are well enough to be released back into society.

Pray for him,Pray that he makes the right choice to apologize and ask forgiveness.

1499 days ago


At least the truth is coming out. Mel is an idiot and needs anger management 4 sure. But this Russian is all about the money. Pay her ass off and deport her.

1499 days ago


Well, i guess that shows this is about MONEY!!!!!!!!

1499 days ago


she gives women a bad name, wait, she gives low life s*** bags a bad name.

1499 days ago


#99 I somewhat agree. Never, while fighting with a lover, have I ever felt the need to bring other races into my spat.

Being very pro Israel and pro Jew myself, however, I must admit that Jews do have a hypersensitivity to anti-semitism and this is, to some degree, understandable considering historical wrongs done them not to mention the current hostility exhibited towards them.

However, I will also argue, until the day I die, that "The Passion of the Christ" was NOT "anti-semitic". The Sadducees wanted to question Jesus further, the Pharisees took the "off with his head" approach, the jewish zealots just wanted the Romans out and were looking for a war messiah, the general jewish population saw Jesus as a prophet and a peaceful healer and the Romans, by far, recieved the worst depiction.

The ADL was denouncing "The Passion of the Christ" as anti-semitic before the movie had even been completed. Hollywood did not want that movie made and it was shameful the lengths they went to in order to attempt to shut Mel down.

1499 days ago


Sister of Mel Gibson's ex under suspicion

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - There may finally be an answer to the question of how the audio recordings of Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva ended up posted on

Several sources confirm that Oksana Grigorieva's younger sister, Natalie, is suspected of having leaked the audio tapes to the online website and is currently being looked at by authorities.

"I suspect that if the authorities look at the sister, they'll find a wire transfer or a check to her from the website," alleges a source close to the case. "She and Oksana are very close."

Another informed source also claims that Grigorieva's sister was involved in first shopping the audio tapes to various media outlets before finally making the sale to Radar.

"All the tabloids said no to the deal because they were asked to purchase the audio tapes hearing them," says another source.

If Oksana's sister is found to have brokered the deal at the behest of her sister, it's possible that the Russian singer could be found in contempt of court.

Grigorieva could also be facing possible extortion charges, based on a text and emails that she sent Gibson. In the text message, Grigorieva wrote Gibson that the reason she recorded him was because "you broke your agreement with me."
Story continues below More below
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Grigorieva on Thursday claimed she balked at signing the long form settlement custody agreement because it gave Gibson unsupervised visits with their child.

"The statement is completely false. This never happened," counters a source close to the case, adding, "This is the third explanation that she's offered for why she backed out of the agreement."

In a custody hearing before the court, Grigorieva's lawyer argued that she repudiated the agreement because she felt "coerced" and because she was "misadvised" by the retired judges overseeing the mediation.

Representatives for Grigorieva and Gibson could not be reached for comment.

1499 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

WOW. Some of you on here are really STUPID. I don't agree with all of Mel's language and think he went overboard, but if you are really that blind as to post some of the arguments in her defense that you do, then it's no wonder this country is in the shape it's in. Many of you have no intelligence and reasoning capabilities whatsoever. You're just a bunch of bloviating idiots. ( And yes ....bloviating IS a real word).

This RUSSIAN WHORE PROSTITUTE SLUT PIG LIAR IS A PROFESSIONAL HOLE for HIRE, and of course she doesn't want anyone to have access to the computer because then the world will see that she defied the court order and released the tapes as well as egged him on and edited them before release.

USE your brains people. Pretend this case is on one of those ridiculous "CSI MAYBERRY", or perhaps "NCIS TALLAHASEE" shows your idiot brains are obsessed with and believe to be realistic. Then use that logic and realize that her computer could prove her lies. Then put 2 and 2 together and get 4 (no, not 5, but 4)......... Now do you see???

You cannot believe a word she says at this point. She has lied about so many things.
He was provoked and set up.

Yes he's antisemetic.
Yes he's racist.
Yes he has a temper.

But so what. That's not illegal. Unless Obama makes thoughts illegal, (which is highly possible) what you think is not against the law yet. However, defying a Judges COURT ORDER IS.

1499 days ago
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