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Rapper Too Short

Arrested for Battery

7/15/2010 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0715-too-short-booking-bnPlatinum rapper Too Short was arrested for battery last night after he allegedly tried to beat up three bouncers in Boise, Idaho.

According to the Boise Police Department, Short and another man are accused of punching, kicking and pushing three security guards at a concert venue ... after the guards allegedly tried to stop Short from bringing "underage females backstage and into his dressing room."

Cops say "underage" means under 21 ... not under 18.

Short was arrested and booked for three misdemeanor counts of battery ... while the other man was hit with two counts of battery.

We're told Too Short has since bailed out of jail.


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"Get a good lawyer, like Jonny Cochran..."

Hey, he said it not me, BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Is anyone else surprised?

1559 days ago


Cops say "underage" means under 21 ... not under 18. That only applies to alcohol use. I've been to the place he was arrested at. I know the bouncers over there. My husband has played shows there. The bouncers aren't going to stop you from taking someone over 18 but under 21 backstage. The girls are teenagers as in UNDER 18. The bouncers were following the law by refusing to allow a 44 year old man to do god-only-knows-what to some kids. If this "rapper" (as well as a lot of other celebrities) could get it through their heads that the law applies to everyone, including themselves, Hollywood might have a better reputation. Hopefully our judges here in Boise will show him that laws actually mean something here. As for "keeping it real", he can keep it real with adult women. Unless he's "Too Short" to satisfy any of them.

1559 days ago


White people have higher instances of genetic diseases that cause deformities and have higher rates of autism and mental retardation. That might be from all the backwoods incestuous relationships among white people. See how you turned out and by the way your mom is waiting for you in your bedroom. Yes you ignorant That's right hide behind your computer like any coward would do. Biooooootch

1559 days ago


Shadow...if you are referring to the first post I completely agree!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! This idiot is truly DUMB and has issues. Get a life "Q"! And Too Short get smart and don't act up when you are around idiots like "Q."

1559 days ago


Can we just stop with all the ****ing racism?!?!? DAMN! You stupid bastards can't discuss a single thing w/o it coming to race! All I wanted to say was that it's crazy to see him with gray hair now.

1559 days ago


I completely agree with "hotbitch".

The truest form of complete ignorance is racism. To prove my point, read a comment posted by "Q". It doesn't matter about the skin color of "Q" or Too Short...stupid comes in all colors. "Q" posted a comment that displays the fact that this person was raised by someone who lacked serious skills in parenting. In other words, this person was only half-raised.

I normally don't read comments due to stupid stuff left by people like "Q", but I just wanted to say that Too Short is Too Old to be fighting in a club. He's gonna mess around and get his Medicare revoked.

1559 days ago



1559 days ago


I was there as well, at the Knitting Factory. I think all the black folks in Boise showed up:-) Plus hordes of scrawny white kids in over sized t-shirts. Too Short was heard saying over the mic he would take you on stage but you had to be 21. Sounded like he was trying to follow the rules. I'm just saying. If the bouncers won't let him get his d@%k sucked by a girl who's OF AGE, then they're just hating.

Anyway, it was a ****ing awesome show. @#ck! the Boise Police Department. Short will probably never perform here again, and that sucks.


1559 days ago


I saw what all happened at this show, Too Short brought these two underage girls on stage, poured tequila into their mouths then tried to take them backstage. When a couple of the security guards tried to get the girls to leave, Too Short lost his sh*t, next thing you know he punched a maybe 5 foot female security guard in the face. Like I said I saw the girls they looked like they were 16, and when the police say under 21 not under 18, it should say under 21 and maybe under 18 because it was an all ages show.

1559 days ago


Ok, "the guards allegedly tried to stop Short from bringing underage females backstage and into his dressing room . . ."underage" meaning under 21 ... not under 18. WTF?! Let me speculate . . .these (probably white)I-da-ho girls were probably about to get done up and passed arounded Sean Kingston style before security intervened.

1558 days ago


Q- You need to go over to They would love you over there! LMAO

1558 days ago


Someone needs to learn proper grammar...

1558 days ago


I'm the so called "girl" that everyone is referring to about too short taking back stage... this whole thing was a mis-understanding. I'm 19 and was invited to dance on stage along with about 10 other ladies. I gave my keys and phone to someone standing on the stairs before i went on stage. Too short was simply trying to help me get back stage so that i could find my things since the person i gave them to was no longer able to be found. The knitting factory doesn't let anyone under 21 go backstage, it's part of their policy. I couldn't go back there and that was the end of the discussion. Yes, the situation got way out of hand, and tension built up way too much-- but this was NOT a "perverted" act like everyone is making it out to be.

1558 days ago

MC Screw You    

Too Short has, I believe, 20 albums... is considered one of the founding fathers of rap and is the greatest of all time. He has sold more albums than Idaho rednecks can even think about counting. He has toured the world and made millions in a genre of music where most have a short career, be it they are one-hit wonders, go to prison or get killed... During that time and all that insanity, he has been arrested once... For hitting a bouncer... Big F-in deal. Most everyone as been "asked to leave a bar" for doing stuff the bar doesn't like. Seriously? Stop hyper-focusing on stuff like this... next we will hear about his traffic ticket for going 65 in a 60 zone...

1547 days ago


That's my boy! One of bouncers who were allegedly was attacked is my son. He walked aways with his pride and no bruise....oh and he's not in jail either.

1545 days ago
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