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Jesse James Jury Spares Him Millions

7/20/2010 6:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James just scored a partial victory in a civil lawsuit filed against him by a clothing line claiming Jesse cut the company out of a clothing deal with Walmart.

Jesse was ordered to pay Fortune Fashions Industries a total of $167,607.75.  But here's the deal.  Jesse won on the big claim for $6 million.

As we first reported, Jesse was sued back in 2008 by his former business partners from FFI -- who claimed Jesse screwed them out of a lucrative fashion deal with Walmart.  

Fortune wanted the $6 million for loss of profits, but the jury didn't see it that way.



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Jewish clothing merchants suing for even more money. "We want more money! More money!! Well, you lost this time, you greedy swine. Go find someone else to sue, ya filthy pigs.

1524 days ago


Amazing how people can fall for the line of crap that Jesse is dishing out on the advice of his PR, He was NEVER abused as a child, quite the opposite, he was spoiled rotten by his father, his room was filled with arcade games, garage filled with bikes, cars, and anything else he wanted. Those who knew him growing up and in high school, know he was not an alcoholic at 14, his father never drank nor had any alcohol in the house. He was a great football player in high school, but when he tried out at Riverside community college, the competition was too much, he ended up not playing and then complained he hurt his knee. I'm not surprised that he got full custody, money talks, California jury members seem to be star struck. Justice is not the same for hard working people as it is for "stars"

1524 days ago


He is a lucky ass...

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1524 days ago


@jj: that is right, money talks! having money the way he earned it means working hard, building his businesses from scratch, not someone handing over their millions. that alone shows character, determination and ability to provide for his children (like he has always shown). in this case, justice was given to a hard worker who happens to be a star! yeah he maybe a liar, but that is nothing compared to a drug abuser, tax evader, prostitute that marries an ex-con! you can try and bash jesse all you want, but his success speaks volumes.

btw- jesse did not go to Riverside Community College, he played for University of California, Riverside. Two different schools, with quite different athletic abilities.

1524 days ago


now he can really buy some biler babes like tiger.

1524 days ago


Yes, he worked hard, I give him credit that he has a talent for building bikes, and a good business head, buying and selling he learned from his father. He did work from scratch . Again a good thing The one thing that Jesse has always lacked is empathy, he is a narcissistic sociopath. He wants forgiveness from the public, but at the same time, he ignores the father who raised him.The man who attended every football game, the man who took care of him when he was sick, the man who boasted about the love his son had for him. Now because he needs them, his sister and mother and useful, He was astranged from them for years. Jesse knows the truth, his siter knows the truth, Larry's family knows the truth, His mother was the one who was unable to take care of her two children. If his father was such a monster as he wants people to believe, why would Carol send them to live with their father. Janine is and always will be Sunnys mother, as for what she did in the past, let's see. drug abuser, so was Jesse (he claims), marries an ex-con. so was Jesse, ( a thief as a juvenile) tax evader, How much does Jesse owe in back taxes that he hasn't paid? Prostitute? wonder how much Jesse paid his sweet mistresses while married to Sandra. He chose to marry Janine, I guess those things didn't cross his mind when he said " I DO ", and I do give him credit for his talent, but he needs to become a man and not have to lie about his past. As for what school in Riverside he dropped out of my mistake, He could care less what the public thinks of him. But when all is said and done, he has to live with himself. ( and yes, that would be in a 2 million dollar mansion)

1524 days ago


@jj: Basically the point I am trying to makes is, yes, they've ALL made mistakes, and made bad decisions in their life, (who hasn't?) but the ones that Janine have made hurt her and her child TODAY! Jesse may have done all those bad things that you claim, but they have no merit on situations today! He works hard and makes lots of money that offers him and his family a nice living... is that so wrong? Recently, he’s done a terrible thing, but the one person who it affected the most has chosen to forgive him which, in my opinion, speaks volumes about him and their relationship. Janine’s problems are not only those that I listed earlier, but she does not see that real, hard work will bring her happiness, not spewing false stories and manipulating the media to make her voice heard. Having a respectable job, stable home, and descent spouse/friends are what will eventually give her credibility. She wants it all, right now, without the hard work.

As for Jesse’s dad, it’s sad that a father/son relationship like this has to be played out in the media. Jesse’s dad may have been all those things you say, but public and private lives are very different. What concerns me the most is that when Jesse hit the lowest point in his life (sex scandal/Nazi photo) his father has to give an interview about how his son has a fascination with Nazism, only adding fuel to his son’s already burning, fire. What caring, loving father does that? Any loving parent who is at odds with their children only hopes/wishes to make amends someday, regardless of their current relationship. A father who wishes to reconcile would never make those statements at any time. That interview alone gave me some insight to what Jesse had to endure as a child and the kind of man Jesse’s father is: vindictive, manipulative and bitter, (hmmm… wonder why Jesse is the way he is?) For whatever reason they went their separate ways (only they really know), I don't see why Jesse would ever have empathy for his dad now.

1524 days ago


I agree, the father talked about his sons fascination with nazi's, but if I recall it was after his nightline interview. The interview with the dad seemed to me that he was trying to justify the fascination. I can tell you the gossip columns, talk trash shows have to make whatever their story is as controversial as they can, remember they are able to cut and edit any interview. Jesses father was I am sure crushed that his son would accuse him of such a thing. The trash tv and online reporters are quite slick and will twist your words and print only the worst. What caring loving son says that about their father when they are far from the truth. When a man lives with his father growing up and their mother is not entirely in the picture, would you not think they would know what it's like for a child to be without a mother. No matter how bad they seem at the time. Janine will have to of course straighten out her life if she wants any type of relationship with her daughter. and Jesse needs to find out why he does the things he does. His actions also hurt all of his children TODAY! So, there you have it, you have your opinion and I have mine. The public will decide what they want. I can say one thing "life is short". Regrets are a heavy load to carry on your death bed. I do agree with one thing even our comments are an invasion of their privacy, so this is my final comment. I have a life to live.

1524 days ago


@jj: Oh yes! This dialog has gone on far too long. And there are better things to do, but atleast there is something we both agree upon… this is most definitely an invasion of their private lives, so I too will make this my last comment. Thank heaven!
But before I go, I must state a few things. First, his father’s interview with TMZ came about a month BEFORE Jesse’s. Whatever type of statement Larry was trying to make, he still reinforced any Nazi ideas that the press was trying to circulate about Jesse. In this situation, shouldn’t Larry have said nothing? Shouldn’t Jesse’s pain and suffering, be his father’s as well? That is, if he was a caring father. Protecting and defending, not giving video interviews to anyone who is willing to listen. I’m sure the allegations Jesse made toward his dad may have been overly dramatized. However, you have to wonder as to where and why Jesse has so much built-up anger and rage for his father? Even if there is only an ounce of Jesse’s claims about his dad, a child will remember and build their self-esteem from their parents’ perception of them… Jesse had to build his character traits from someone.
Also, as far as Janine is concerned, Jesse may have known the cir***stances as to why his own mother was not around. That takes an amicable woman to say she cannot care for her children and hand them over to someone who would do a better job. Reading Janine’s emails alone clearly states she will be an unfit mother for a while, regardless of how much therapy and rehab she undergoes. She makes poor choices over and over again, it’s amazing she had Sunny for as long as she did. It is sad to see a mother lose her child, but Janine also knew the consequences when she made her life choices. Jesse is only protecting his child from Janine’s inability to rationally make decisions that can ultimately affect Sunny, can you blame him? Fortunately the courts were able to see this!
It seems Jesse has made his share of screw ups throughout his life, but in the end, he comes out looking like a winner (like in these legal cases) because he learns from his mistakes. Yes, he hurt his family, but now he is trying to make things better. Would he have been a better man if he said “screw it, I messed up, oh well” and went on the same path he was on before? When it all comes down to it, all I really only hope for is that everyone involved, finds a common ground where Sunny grows up well adjusted and knowing she is loved... and fortunately for Jesse that is with him, for now.

1523 days ago
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