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The-Dream: I Tried to Kill Myself After Breakup

7/16/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R&B mogul The-Dream just posted an open letter on his website -- in which he claims he tried to commit suicide when he realized his marriage with singer Christina Milian was doomed.


The-Dream wrote, "I’ve cried about this for months, after interviews, after prayer and I’ve tried to take my own life at a point because of the failure that was looming." The two announced their split earlier this week.

But in his letter, The-Dream also apologizes to fans for "misleading everyone" into believing his marriage was fine ... when in reality he was, "simply scared and embarrassed to let everyone know we were failing."

Dream concludes the letter, "This too shall pass! And everything will be fine!"


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Celebrities Suck    

men are idiots, they never can keep their pecker in their pant. The only reason this douche bag you're only sorry because you got caught. He's a cheater just like many other men!!!!

1524 days ago


Yeah Dream, you had problems in your marriage. The problem is you. Next time, don't bother with the wedding ring. Marriage requires fidelity, and you have proven twice that you are not capable of it.


I'm glad that you are proud of being dark-skinned, but please remember that there is really no such thing as "black" or "white." Genetically, a white women and a black woman can be more similar than two black women. We humans are one species, not two, not five, not 10, not 20.

By using the words "black" and "white," in the context you are speaking, you are only perpetuating labels which don't exist, and are only further empowering and inviting racism. Racism would not exist if it wasn't for the labels, and you as a darker-toned HUMAN need to understand that it is not just lighter-toned HUMANS' job to end racism. Half of it rests on you and your refusal to use such unnecessary and unfounded labels.

1524 days ago


How long has he been married anyway?

1524 days ago

shot by a fan    

if he would have killed himself, his sales would have skyrocketed. bad business move.....

1524 days ago


F*ck off

1524 days ago


WOOOW what a brillant pr move....


we all know the deal Dream, this is damage control from coming down from your pr to make you look good to get the rumor and the gossip blog off your hoe azz cheating ways!

l to the o to the v to the pppulezse

1524 days ago


Dude is lying. action speaks louder than words. if he was that hurt why did he immediately move on to someone else? you don't cry and nurse pain and broken heart and feelings in the arm of another woman fool, you try your darnest to make up with her until you have run out of attempts.

1524 days ago


cried for months, tried to commit suicide? ummm...they were married in sept 2009 and seperated in 'late' 2009. i'm not a math teacher but they didn't marry sept. 1st, so that excludes 30 days in sept. and let's give 'em 30 days for nov. and they seperated in late dec. so that excludes 31 days, so they were basically married for 'around' 60 days which is 2 months, yet he cried for 'months'-- o-k-a-y, he does take the public for dumb*ass*s right? good gosh! he (they) are really stupid- basic on these calculations---suicide seems the best option. he needs to try again.

1524 days ago


Didn't look broken up, crying and suicidal with that chick hanging on his waist and him smiling... oh plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

1524 days ago


I have been married for over 16 years to a wonderful man. We are NOT the same color. For us, it has never been an issue. Only from small minded strangers that feel the need to get into business that is not their own.

As for the DREAm....More like a nightmare....

1524 days ago


The Dream is a ugly dude. If he couldn't sing or write hits for other singers, he'd probably be working at Popeye's and begging crack whores to sleep with him....

1524 days ago


Hey #12/20, the girl that he was on the beach with was not a 'becky' as you call her. She was hispanic. what do you call hispanic women who date black men? "marias"?? Get a life, racist douche.

1524 days ago

TrueThoughts are the perfect example of a black racist and let me guess, you think only white people are racist. I have to agree with your line of thinking though. Nothing makes me sicker than to see a white guy with a black girl even though those guys are losers who can get a decent white girl. Same for a decent while girl trashing it up with a gangster. I usually assume her self esteem is so low that she chooses that instead of a decent white guy.

As far as the dream, he's just a wanna be who thinks he is a "King" when he's far from it. It's only a matter of time before he moves onto the next skank with legs.

1524 days ago


I dont believe him he is trying too manipulate the media and yes if he can scoop this low imagen what he has been doing with her?????

Im off the dream!! U went there!!

1524 days ago

J Simp    

Hope Chrisina is doing well.

1524 days ago
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