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The-Dream: I Tried to Kill Myself After Breakup

7/16/2010 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R&B mogul The-Dream just posted an open letter on his website -- in which he claims he tried to commit suicide when he realized his marriage with singer Christina Milian was doomed.


The-Dream wrote, "I’ve cried about this for months, after interviews, after prayer and I’ve tried to take my own life at a point because of the failure that was looming." The two announced their split earlier this week.

But in his letter, The-Dream also apologizes to fans for "misleading everyone" into believing his marriage was fine ... when in reality he was, "simply scared and embarrassed to let everyone know we were failing."

Dream concludes the letter, "This too shall pass! And everything will be fine!"


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jerian shut up the girl he was with was latin so what are you talking about nothing wrong with dating outside race. stupid race is not even a real bioolgy comcept. human gentics are over 99.99 the same no matter what the race you are. i am a black woman too and i am wise enougt to know the race my sista is an illusion you should read the illision of race or watch the dvd and learn the way this whole race thing work for a biological stand point

1565 days ago


To #13, please go back to school and get some education for yourself. 1...your a racist, please lets breed this out of people like yourself and others like you... Why is it as soon as a black guy wants to date a white chick he's a sell out? I notice you don't put hispanic's or any other race in your comment. So your a racist! Please take your ignorant, stupid apparently black self back to school. How small minded can you get.

1565 days ago


Cheater! He had a beautiful wife and he had to go ruin it by cheating, what a dummy! Christina was right to leave his sorry nasty a** cause she deserves better. Guess you never realize what you have till it's gone.......

1565 days ago


Oh please, he is full of crap, trying to pull a sympathy card because of the bad press he has been getting. That fool didn't try to kill anything but his wedding vows.

1565 days ago


OMG why did this become a race issue?? #12 Jerian, You may be black,BUT sista you dont speak for me!!! Your whole comment is just ignorant! Your entitled to ur opinion, but you dont represent ALL black women, just the ignorant ones!! Stop giving the white racist more ammo with ur ignorance. @Thoughts#34, your just as ignorant too! U get mad when u see a white girl with a black man? Can anyone say INSECURE, thats what u are. I can admit, as a black women I use to be just a tad bit bothered, but why? All Winners and LOSERs come in every different color. My life will never be better cause i dated a certain race! Its the person!

Jackiemichele I understand ur point.

1565 days ago


you know im tired of most men that mess up in a relationship bcuz they turn into a destructive mode as if das suppose to save their relationship MAKE A ROMANTIC MOVE MAKE IT UP TO THE FEMALE IF YOU LOVE HER AND LET HER KNO U WER WRONG AND U KNO IT...das all it takes not killing urself of goin off wit ur jumpoff cuz u so called feel sori for yourself you'd rather make dramam then love MADnesss real men step up

1564 days ago


I guess he wants to make himself look like the good guy here by saying he wanted to take his life as if he did nothing wrong? Whatever!

1564 days ago


And you tried to kill yourself why? You cheated NOT her... Very funny... Wow... Christina take your baby and run!!!!

1564 days ago


Millan hun, Take the baby and run to god knows where.... and omg what is with all this racism... this is insane people.. cant everyone just try and get along? i mean seriously... frankly this is really immature... but everyone is entitled to their opinion i suppose so no one should bother tryin to change they way others think...

1564 days ago

curly sue    


1561 days ago


Drop that tired old race card. The ho he was at the beach with was hispanic and didn't look "pasty white". This isn't about race, it's about trust and faithfulness. The "Dream" doesn't know the meaning of those two words.

1561 days ago


i think jerian is a racist lol or she's jealous that a white girl got with the dream

1560 days ago


What REALLY caused the RIFF in the first place? Was there a riff prior to him cheating? If so maybe he does not consider this cheating if there was a problem already. For him to marry her they had to have something there AT FIRST. OR Is this one of those stories or real life events where Allegedly a so called friend or person working for them flat out stole her husband or what's the deal. SUCH RACHETNESS!!!!! Whatever reason He should think about how they have a child and what is best for their child. Christina is a beautiful and young lady and should have no problem finding a new man AT ALL.

1560 days ago


You gotta give The Dream and the new chick some props. How many fat couples would want to be seen waddling in the water like that? Christina's gonna be alright. I never uderstood why she married him. I guess so their child wouldn't be born out of wedlock. It makes no sense because the child was conceived out of wedlock...LOL. The Dream probably tried to kill himself by eating a bucket of KFC, bones and all. We should pity the fat bastard.

1559 days ago

kk check it out

1559 days ago
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