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Wesley Snipes'

Appeal Denied

Must Serve 3 Years

7/16/2010 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes just got his ass kicked by a federal appeals court -- which denied the actor's claim that his 3 year prison sentence for tax evasion was "unreasonable."

Translation -- dude will definitely serve hard time. 

Back in 2008, Snipes was found guilty of not filing tax returns from 1999 to 2001 ... and consequently failing to pay the government nearly $12,000,000.

Snipes was sentenced to 36 months in prison -- but appealed the case claiming, among other things,  that his sentence was "unreasonable." 

But today, the appeals court backed the original ruling -- shooting down Snipes' claims that his punishment was way too severe. 

No word on when Snipes will officially check in to the big house.


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The real reason why he is going to jail is because he neglected to open an offshore account like the hundreds of thousand of millionaires and billionires who have been evading taxes without penalty for years after decades, who are protected from being busted as the felons they are by their Republican buddies whom they support every re-election. Had Mr. Snipes followed the "rules" of the Rich, he would not be in any trouble at all, and would have been saving taxes all along the way.

I espouse that if this judge is going to put Mr. Snipes in jail for tax evasion as a felony, then the people go after this judge to open up the American accounts in the banks of the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, also, so that those felons also be sentenced to jail accordingly, and that their back taxes be collected from their properties to include fines, fees, and compound interest.


1560 days ago


So 3 years for tax evasion and LiLo gets 20 days for hijacking a car, driving stoned and almost killing people in the process. Yup, seems fair.

1560 days ago


#71 Zoe, I must have mistyped because I certainly meant the people on unemployment AND WELFARE. They will all be assigned a City, County of Government job so they do not feel bad about being unemployed.
As far as taking care of the children, we now have in place a child care program where a portion of the mother or fathers welfare pays a small portion of the day care and the rest is pay by welfare. So this enables them to work for their unemployment and welfare benefits.

My point is, we should not be allowing these perfectly healthy people to be staying home doing nothing, getting more dpressed, blah blah, when they can be out working for our Cities, Counties and States in areas we need the help. We need help in all of our offices, our grounds keepers for parks and recreation, for animal control, for school grounds helpers and teachers aids, Libraries, CPS, to repair and build new roads, to repair and build new homes for lower income, the list goes on of jobs these people could do, and they would be assigned one.

Helping our country grow and prosper again is not going to happen with a President and 500 other polictic mumbo jumbos in the pot seriously. This party says no, this one says yes, blah blah blah, that party says NO to the president, the president worries more about the GREEN in the USA instead of homeless, lack of jobs, empty houses, sick, addicted, hungry. While they all collect salaries that help to make all the rest of us who pay their salaries hungry, and homeless. WTH kind of sense does that make?

In the end this will all create the new jobs again with the money being kept in the US, anyone building or manufacturing will do it in the USA or they will not sell it here. All companies have to buy what they need manufacturing wise, office, everything to make their company work from the USA manufacturers or distributors. No more buying steel from Mexico for 10 cents a lb. or in some cases muc lower, and writing it up to 1.20 per lb. or more.

Sure we can have demo and repubs to help me, the president enforce all these new FOR THE USA plans. That is all their job will be. No fighting and bickering and calling each other names, just implementing. I only say Me for president cause I am the only one I trust not to pocket anything, have an affair with no sex(haha), or have weekly expensive dinner dates with my husband at the expense of the US citizens for car, planes etc.

As far as popping out babies I am not sure how to control that other then after baby #3 there will be no additional funding to that family if they have more.

Now people like Wesley Snipe, Lindsay Lohan, anyone else left out there dangling over criminal charges, that will NOT happen. They get the sentence they go to jail. If they want to be stupid and spend more money on attorneys to try to overturn it for the next years, they are still in jail serving their time. If a court higher up decides ok Mr. Snipes we find you did pay your 12million in taxes so you get a refund on time spent in jail of 100.00 dollars per day :) Because if you had kept proper records Mr. Snipes you would have been able to show you had paid these taxes in the first court!!! As much money as you make take a moment to hire a good accountant and tax man.

ITs all really so easy to get this country back on the right track, and its called Kiss, keep it simple stupid, and keep it in the USA, and get everyone out of office who isnt ready to be a help in implementing these new positive moves to improve our country FAST. Otherwise get the hell out, the people are going to get their country back!@!!

1560 days ago


#86 R-Yan and #107 Bronco

First off Yan? Asian? At some point your family migrated here to the USA for a chance at a better life? I could be wrong but I doubt it, depending on your age, it was either your parents or grandparents, or both all coming together from one country to another. Through Switzerland, Sweden perhaps? A very well
known railroad back 25, 30 years ago. Of course many women tried to get to the USA to have their babies, but unfortunately some were birthed in like Sweden or other nearby small countries. Even as versed as I am in Civics and economics, none of that matters in this case.
All that matters is to resolve the USA's financial issues which affects our citizens causing an unprecidented homeless, unemployment rate. We have people living on the streets or tents who were making over 100k a year, with a DEGREE. We have addicts who cannot get into rehab facilities. Even the crappiest of them have a waiting list of over a year.
Sure in your point of view, we have to make stuff in other countries, and give their people wages, we have to give them free food everytime it rains, and housing, and for their drug problems. (which still doesnt go to taking care of the drug problem it goes to the corrupt governments) But wait if we as the great ole USA (of which we are not anymore) Keep giving to other countries we will continue to be loved the most"est". LOL, it sounds like a little kids game of who likes me more, I gave Tammy my barbie, and Sue my slinky.
We dont need to be loved by other countries R Yan, we need to be loved and love the people in our country and provide for them ONLY. We give FREE MONEY to help people and governements rebuild after a catastrophic "somethingorother". In the USA when we have one, and it wipes out everything, we get loans, LOANS from our own government that we have to pay back at 3 to 8 percent interest to rebuild our homes. And if we dont pay it back, the government still owns our house and IF we decide to sell it the government gets paid first. So all tha tmoney we put into it over the past 20 years is lost. But wait, someone in Mexico just got a new home built!! Some big corrupt government Honcho in Mexico cause we gave them 200 million dollars.
We need to take care of the USA FIRST, make rules, or laws to insure that happens and civics and economics be damned, no other country goes by that learning concept. They are the smart ones, dont give a penny to anyone.!
And its easy to get all of this lower costing changes done and get them done FAST. Keep it in the USA!!!
Also no I am in California and in a Big City, and thank god I procreated, my daughters do everything to help the USA's less fortunate. WE dont go to Mexico with our church to rebuild their homes, we go and help people in California rebuild their homes, or make necessary repairs. We help the homeless in our country, not taking food and clothes to Mexico.
Our monies go to agencies to help our homeless, sick, in the USA, its not sent off to Haiti to provide them with jobs, food, medical care and new homes they have never even had before.

Now Broncoman, yes I knwo what destitute is in the USA. I see the homeless, starving from other countries in the streets of USA Everyday. We have these same people that WE ARE NOT TAKING CARE OF. First time I saw the orphaned babies in Haiti, my mind was awhirl with how many orphans we have in this country that need adopted, and there they sit, waiting for a family. I saw sick and injured babies, and children, adults, and if you go to a large homeless area you will see the EXACT same thing HERE. Do you people live in holes>? and not see this?
We have families out in the rain sleeping in tents if they are lucky to have one, a family up until the husband lost his job at Albertsons as a 20 yr veteran of meat cutting. That is all he knows how to do, there is no one to help them with a house, or to help him pay for college to learn to do something else? His wife is disabled with Lupus, she gets about 1000 a month in Disability. I believe their welfare amount is 800 a month. He begs places for jobs. He doesnt have a home phone, he doesnt have a cell phone, he has a pay phone. :( he has always paid his taxes.
You are one who lives with your head in the sand Bronco, there are no homeless shelters for these people!! Nothing, they are all filled and overflowing. Because so many people have lost their homes the price of rentals has went up at least 50 percent here in California. This family cannot even rent an apartment, first they dont have a job, 2nd, no phone, they dont have the extra amount they want for a bad credit deposit, and the monies to pay for utilities to be turned on if they could afford the rent.
I have never been to a liberal web site in my 50 yrs of life, and yes, Nazi's a term used loosely previously and really should be HITLER. The only people making money are the large corporations manufacturing in other countries and selling in the USA, buying thier suppplies from other countries for low costs, making the officers of the companies billionaires nice and quiet like. While supporting politicians with pocket change, to vote certain ways. So then the politicians are making money.
One doesnt have to be a liberal to see what and when and how all of this has happened to our country Bronco.

My ideas on needed changes in the USA are not impossible, they are not liberal by any means. They are true and exact and simple ways to correct our issues here, bring the money back into the USA and make sure everyone has the opportunity to earn it and improve their lives once again.

Our issues with Snipes and Lohan, ridiculous to take up so much courts time and our tax payers money. They get convicted and sentenced, they go to jail. NO 3 year vacations then go to jail. Wasn't that Jim Baker? the TV religious man, they took him immediately to jail after his sentencing. No day or two, or 2 weeks to finalize anything, cuffed and GONE.
If while they are in jail they want to pay an attorney needlessly to try and get them out earlier fine, but they are going to pay the courts hourly rates. They need to pay for every second of their court time, not tax payers.

Now, I am done. Face reality people, our citizens are in bad shape and its getting worse and worse. Just like all the billions of money to banks for bailout right, LOL.......Banks didnt help anyone save their homes, they kept the bail out money and took the houses!!!! What a wonderful make things happen Obama is, the banks robbed us all blind of what 750 billion in bail out money? I know for sure, that alot of banks have subsidearies. Like GMAC>Homecomings>Aurora, and all three of their chains recieved bailout money while GMAC sold the loans on these homes down to Homecomings, and then Aurora and Aurora was able to not work with the customers because they are "privately funded" so did not have to follow Obams's rules on the Bail out funds. Get that there R-Yan and Bronco?

So GMAC got bailout money, sold all houses to Homecomings, who got bail out money, then sold all houses to Aurora who also got bail out money, but did not have to follow the bail out program because they are "privately funded", IE so GMAC owns them privately.
This is what happened to our bail out program, the large banks, corporations, manufacturers, they are all smarter then the politicians.

Let all that sink IN boys, I am tired of typing about something you obviously dont care about. Someday when someone in your family or some friends are unemployed, homeless, then your eyes will open up to what is going on in this country.

1560 days ago


There has got to be a way to silence Max. Please, TMZ, give us a "spam" or a "report" button.

... and by the way, I agree that the sentence is unreasonable... for the taxpayers. There is no reason to lock up non-violent offenders. It just costs us all more money. He should be forced to do something constructive for society for the next 3 years instead- working in our national parks, or cleaning up trash on the freeway, or tutoring kids, or whatever he has to offer. THAT would be a reasonable punishment, for everyone.

1560 days ago


I stopped looking at Snipes when he made the comment that black women have too much attitude. Guess he forgot his mothers black.

1560 days ago


Lost interest in this guy after he said he isn't into black women because they have too much attitude. He forgot a black skin woman gave birth to him. So now he is facing tax evasion?

Everyone should know by now not to mess with the IRS the wrong way.Guess he forgot that because he has "too much attitude."

1560 days ago


He black women have too much attitude for him, but he forgot not to mess with the IRS because he's got too much attitude. (p*nk)

1559 days ago


What did he think was going to happen. duh

1559 days ago


No puss for 3 longgggggggggggggg years, he better start fisting it now for practice. Wait, do they sneak hoes in

1559 days ago



1559 days ago


Where have I been???!!!! I didn't know this!

1559 days ago


To the idiot that posted comment #122: ask Wesley Snipes! I'm sure he's well versed on the law now.

1559 days ago


Yea...I hope he gets thrown under the jail...SMH...Obviously you people are oblivious to the fact that INCOME TAX is illegal and against the constitution. That's why ex tax agents have took it to court and won because they have the resources and know the law. Stop eating everything these politicians force feed you. Useful idiots!!

1559 days ago


I dont feel sorry for him. I pay my taxes and i make nowhere near as much as him

1559 days ago
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