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Michael Lohan -- Robert Shapiro Should Appeal!

7/18/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might be a big fan of her new lawyer Robert Shapiro -- but Michael Lohan sure isn't.

We caught up with MiLo yesterday and he told our photog he feels Shapiro should be appealing Lindsay's 90-day jail sentence. Michael said, "I don't know why Robert Shapiro did what he did, to be honest. If he's representing her -- ethically, as an attorney, he should have filed an appeal."

Lindsay is supposed to turn herself in to the court on Tuesday -- but Michael hopes he can get an attorney to file an appeal for Lindsay on Monday so she can get in to rehab.

Figures to be another exciting week in the life of Lindsay Lohan.


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Does this seemingly dumb, loudmouth guy ever stop coattailing off his ADULT daughter's fame?

Is there any legal way to get a cease and desist order against him to stop publically commenting on his daughter's business? Is the way he interjects himself into her affairs psychologically abusive to her? He seems worse than a stalker. Dude, get your own life.

1504 days ago


This guy is tacky. Lindsey is screwed up because she has two screwed up parents.

1504 days ago

tiger is a fraud    

So Loser Lindsay can stay in fake rehab? all she's doing is having visitors all day and night. It's such a joke. Her father should shut the hell up. His daughter is a loser who breaks the law time and time again. Now she has to pay the hard way.

1504 days ago


You and your whole immediate family needs help! Shut up Dumb@$%!She might be getting help but your family needs it too. You all enabled her!!

1504 days ago


Hurray for Michael. He is 100% right. However, she has to be the one who really wants to change and truly desires a rehab program. If not... then all of his efforts are in vain.
The sober house seems like it was the road of least resistance for LL. She is still allowed to smoke, have visitors, go out, take her meds. Sober living is not REHAB. Most rehabs will not let you out for at least a month.
Even good old secular Dr. Drew agrees. One year rehab with drug testing for six months afterwards.
The big difference is.... when people truly want to change they will do "whatever it takes" to get better. When they take that attitude recover is very possible and can last your entire life.
However, LL has to want to change. And from the looks of things and her actions it is not even close to being in her plan.
One year is not a long time... if you consider she had an opportunity to go down that road back in 2007... three years ago! Hello... Lindsay. Now look at what you have staring in front of you.
When is this child going to wake up?
Your ******* movie will wait... and that is not your crown of glory role, young lady.

1504 days ago


So the WORST FATHER in America tells one of the best attorneys in America he is wrong. LOL. Michael crys rehab but his daughter did not take rehab seriously 3 times. Lindsay needs JAIL to face reality and I hope she serves the FULL 90 DAYS.

1504 days ago


I think she missed the evaluation with the court appointed doctor and that may come back to bite her even harder. The judge wanted that to be sure she was on the correct meds and as an evaluation of how she might do in jail. It could be looked at as one more example of her thumbing her nose at the court and judge. She might be looking at more time in jail if it makes the judge angry.
Tuesday will see her start her jail sentence and then the fun begins. I feel sorry for the sheriff and the corrections officers and hope they take better care of her than they did with Paris. They let Paris deteriorate to the point where she needed six days in the hospital before the doctors felt she could survive the rest of her sentence. If Lindsay goes bug nuts in jail I am sure they will be subjected to review and almost certainly suits over her condition and why they did not put her in the hospital sooner. If I was the judge I think I would order a 5150 review as part of her jail time. I think it is 3 days in the hospital ward of the jail with strong psychological evaluation and a drug detox and evaluation as well.

1504 days ago


Doesnt he realize no one in that family likes him at all ? The whole world views him as a tool bag.

1504 days ago


Oh and incase tool bag is reading this. There is no appealing a probation violation and sentence. You give up that right when you plead guilty and accept probation.

1504 days ago


Good insight, Spot. Detox for sure... before anything. However, I have seen junkies get locked up and have to go cold-turkey for days without anyone looking in on them... and certainly not doctors.
With LL's case ... she will be watched closely. That is for sure.
If this child would have taken seriously her physical and mental condition three years ago she would not be in this situation today maybe everyone in her path... react while she sits back and does nothing but deny she has a problem. ZERO. She was forced to take class.. forced .. that is not a willingness to recover. That is just complying with the court ... who really does want to you get better but is looked on by her as punishment. She said in court she wanted the judge to be happy with her progress ... but she fought her recovery tooth and nail. That is not recovery. Doing whatever it takes is recovery. Being sick or tired of being sick and tired ... that's recovery. Not complying is just kicking the can down the road until some other judge gets you for some other lamebrain action you brought upon yourself. Whew. This kid... and I mean kid... just does not "get it"

1504 days ago


There are really two things here. The criminal charges which are her probation violations and then her drug/alcohol dependencies. Mr. L is wrong. She needs to pay her debt to society first and then move on to healing herself. He is, once again and just like Lind's mom, enabling her to remain where she is. Rehab hasn't worked the last 3 times so why would a 4th? Perhaps if she has the awful stuff (jail) to wake her up, the 4th might have hope. Mr. Shapiro is doing the right thing and there is now a father figure Linds will listen to. For the first time, this girl finally has someone who has her best interests first. Way too bad he had to loose his son tho to do it.

1504 days ago


Why do we keep calling this woman a "girl" or a "child"? she is 24 years old! There are people her age representing people in court, they own businesses, she could have an 8 year old child herself! Treat her like an adult, fully and completely responsible for herself and everything she does.

1504 days ago


Dr. Drew:Lindsay Lohan Has ‘Great Potential For Treatment’

1504 days ago


Why would anyone care what this piece of crap thinks? He & Dina created this monster..her she chose this path of bad behavior in part because of them. The 3 of them should all go away.

1504 days ago


I hope the ugly witch goes to jail..These hollywood weird people are not attractive or glamorous as in My day..Who the F is she anyway?? She is not pretty or SMART..Her body is chunky, nice boobs tho, her legs are awful..Main event, HER person or her heart is UGLY..What has she done?? will somebody tell me.Her fat arse belongs in jail as normal people..Also Rehab for a very long time..She needs to learn how to be REAL..I love #15

1504 days ago
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