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Michael Lohan -- Robert Shapiro Should Appeal!

7/18/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan might be a big fan of her new lawyer Robert Shapiro -- but Michael Lohan sure isn't.

We caught up with MiLo yesterday and he told our photog he feels Shapiro should be appealing Lindsay's 90-day jail sentence. Michael said, "I don't know why Robert Shapiro did what he did, to be honest. If he's representing her -- ethically, as an attorney, he should have filed an appeal."

Lindsay is supposed to turn herself in to the court on Tuesday -- but Michael hopes he can get an attorney to file an appeal for Lindsay on Monday so she can get in to rehab.

Figures to be another exciting week in the life of Lindsay Lohan.


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@Spot. Thanks, I think you are being fair and measured in your statements. I concur, she should be monitored in jail very closely with frequent visits from her attorney and Ali and Dina the maximum amount of time to see her allowable.

1557 days ago


Michael Lohan is wrong again... Lindsay Lohan does need the 23 days she will serve. It is actually good therapy to see what it means to be in jail for committing a crime. Then she needs as much time in an immersion dry-tank as she can get - like Dr. Drew's or the one she is in now. Not 90 days, but more like 365 days.
...has this girl done anything of consequence in her life? ... for instance feed the poor, support a cause, promote a candidate for change, create an annual charity event, rescue a puppy, deliver a commencement address, save the whales, launch a rocket, invent a product, or is she too obsessed with her own image in the narciscism mirror…?

1557 days ago


Michael lohan needs to go play on the freeway. Or, better yet, go defraud another corporation, like he was convicted & tossed into jail himself. If he wasn't such a douchebag, he'd realize that jail & then rehab is EXACTLY what his daughter needs. She needs some time to reflect on her life & take responsibility for her actions, something he's never done. Also, he has no standing in this case; no attorney would work with him because it would be a total waste of time. So, in summary, please go play in traffic michael; the world will thank you for it...

1557 days ago


So glad we were treated to a lecture from Michael Lohan about legal ethics. Isn't he one of the world's leading experts on the subject?

Oh wait. Sorry. I was confused. He's one of the world's leading experts on how to be a craptastic dad, not legal ethics!

1557 days ago


Paris almost suffered permanent There's not enough brain cell there to damage.
Lindsay Lohan is a seriously screwed up woman. Who the heck, at that age, needs someone with them at night because they can't sleep alone? That's just freaky...loony bin freaky!
Maybe she doesn't need jail, but she certainly needs committing somewhere! Perhaps the local loony bin will do the world a kindness and offer her a padded cell for a few years!

1557 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

This Lohan dude is a trainwreck just like his kid. He is a loser who is clinging to his drug addicted alcoholic daugher's publicity for his own personal gain. Loser is too kind of a word for him - and his free loading publicity hungrey ex wife as well. No wonder this poor Lindsey is such a mess, she came from the loins of really screwed up people.

1557 days ago


I find myself in the funny position of sort of agreeing with Ernie and Michael Lohan. Without going over old ground, you don't have a prescription for hydromorphone, even a low dose, without a tolerance. It's quite possible she's been getting clean for a long time by reducing her dose.

Just because she got a script for a particular period doesn't mean she took it in that period. She may have cut the pills up to wean off or as a maintenance dose. It clears from the system within 24-48hrs if you drink a lot of liquid, similar to coke.

That's why heroin is more popular in prisons than cannabis - random drug testing; less likely to get caught. Even hair isn't a perfect guide because it can be tampered with.

Even if she isn't addicted - which would be great, good news - she needs to get out of a situation and mindset where she's getting hydromorphone for wisdom teeth. And she needs to show it for PR reasons. After all of that people will have much more sympathy. I think jail is a bad thing for her but she needs to do it because people hate double standards and celebrity justice.

1557 days ago


I thought he wanted her to go to jail to get some help? Guess the Lohan's will say ANYTHING to get some press. After all, we know TMZ would never make anything up or speculate!!

1557 days ago


Hey, Shapiro got OJ off. He knows what he is doing. An appeal would just prolong the agony. Part of getting sober is taking responsibility for your actions and Lindsey hasn't begun to do that. These country club rehabs are a joke. I know a guy who went before the judge with a list of cushy rehabs he wanted to attend for the umpteenth time. The judge sent him to a hardcore inner city last chance rehab instead. That scared him straight...for five years anyway.

1557 days ago


Michael Lohan is a recovering addict, and Robert Shapiro lost a child to addiction. Both have first-hand experience, but Michael's judgement may be clouded by the fact that no parent wants their child to go to jail - and his best hope of reconciling with his estranged daughter is to fight for her to avoid jail - which is what she wants.

Shapiro has nothing to lose by administering the tough love neither of her parents are capable of dishing out. Bravo to Shapiro for appearing to be the only person besides the judge to give it to her straight and make her take responsibility.

1557 days ago


This guy is also a loser.....where is he/their family getting the money for these high price lawyers....or I assume they want a freebe

1557 days ago


Lindsay Lohan might be a big fan of her new (layer) Robert Shapiro

Spell Check?

1557 days ago


This man needs to shut up and crawl back under his rock. Michael Lohan is so yesterday . . .

1557 days ago


When is this dumbass publicity whore going to shut the hell up.

1557 days ago


Lindsay is nothing more than a Spoiled BRAT..Then I hear she will get all the extras in jail--a private room--just because she is who she is. She should get the full 90 days, because I hear she will probably only do maybe 20 days..What a farce, grow up Lindsay and be responsable for your actions for a change. In stead of crying "poor me" every time you get in trouble..Like I said "SPOILED BRAT"......

1557 days ago
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