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Omarosa vs. Eddie Murphy's Ex

Who'd You Rather?

7/18/2010 4:22 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Reality TV villain Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth and Eddie Murphy's ex-wife Nicole Murphy got cozy at the same event in L.A. this week.

Question is ... 


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Ok, clearly there is no comparison here, Nicole is gorgeous. This is like saying would you rather Halle berry to a woman not even at her level of beauty, but still pretty in her own merrit, just not up to par with Halle. And for the idiot white lady Caroline, sounds like you have a personal problem, stop getting mad that more and more beautiful black women are more in the spotlight. Television would not show them for decades acting as if there were no pretty blacks, when in fact we are everywhere and have always been. Your just mad because we have beautiful skin tone which you probably tan to get. Face it, you just don't like the fact that we look just as good or better than whites. All races have pretty people. You all are not the only people walking the earth, although I know ignorant ones like yourself would rather it be that way. And for the record, we think you all have a certain smell aswell so join the club. YOU NOR YOUR RACE IS OR WAS EVER SUPERIOR, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU KEEP TRYING TO CLAIM THAT NONSENSE......we don't buy it or believe it. We love being black and have Gods Favor.....and that you will surely see in the end!! Quit your foolery cause I like many other gorgeous strong, smart intelligent black women laugh at people like you.........your comical and in denial! I always get a kick out of seeing a black person succeed cause it throws your lies back in your faces and brings us joy and we are proud, even though we all know who have for years tried to hold us down and keep us from doing just as good as they. You can't stand the fact that we can do everything you all can do, and hate it when we do better.

1555 days ago


How come there is never a "neither" option?!?

1555 days ago


@ Caroline... Normally, I wouldn't reply to such FOOLERY. But all people of all races smell if you don't practice good hygienne. I'm a Black woman in hot and humid Mississippi- who happens to always smell great. BTW, have you only been exposed to three Blacks? Expand your horizons before you judge a whole race. There's no excuse for ignorance.

1555 days ago

Stevie Jones    

Well at the least Nicole has European features. Omarosa looks like she should be chasing Karen Black around in her apartment, with a butcher knife.

1555 days ago



1555 days ago


eddie likes trannies, so does anyone know about his ex-wifes plumbing?

1555 days ago


Shadow, Caroline, and Tofab, I don't care what color you are, you are all equally moronic. Please shut the hell up.

1555 days ago



1555 days ago


1st Nicole isn't all white. but she doesnt have anything on Omarosa, yeah her personality isnt great because she scares guys off with her independent strong ways...but non Americans find that sexy. Anyways, she looks way natural than this chick.

1555 days ago

Ms Lady    

Getting back to the subject....they are both beautiful BLACK women. That's what's so fantastic about our race...we dont all look alike!

1555 days ago

Ms Lady    

To the person who made the comment about white, genetics and autism. I'm a black woman with an autistic child. I dont know where you're getting your statistics...but it's wrong. I think you shoud google more research.

To the foolish white person that said her black friends smell funny. That was the dumbest **** I've ever read. It's 2010 when are we going to stop the stereo types and racist remarks. Grow up!!!

1555 days ago


Omarosa would rip your **** off and hold it for ransom.

1555 days ago


Omarosa is fugly. Nuff said.

1554 days ago


There are Black people & There are *****z. Female *****z smell skanky. So Tired of Ignorant Ass *****z. Iam not alone in this opinion. Ask Chris Rock!!!

1554 days ago

Just me    

Caroline, Caroline, Caroline... all I can do is shake my head. You're probably ugly ass sh**. You're comment was made from pure jealousy. You WISH you were black, that's why you said what you said. You WISH you could be us. You WISH you had naturally beautiful skin, natural curves, natural full lips but you're obese ugly a** ain't so just get over it. Those three black girls probably was your only friends because none of the skinny pretty white girls wanted to hang out with you're fat a**. Tell me I'm lyin

1554 days ago
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