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Paris Hilton

Busted for Pot

... Again

7/17/2010 4:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was detained at a private airport on the French Island of Corsica after authorities discovered she had pot in her purse, this according to the AFP.

Hilton was found to have less than a gram of pot and was released shortly thereafter.

If any of this sounds familiar, that's because it is -- Paris was held briefly for the same thing two weeks ago while watching the World Cup in South Africa. Cops let Paris skate after they decided it was her friend who had the weed.

Looks like Paris is gonna need another friend.

UPDATE: For her part, Paris tweeted the following: "So sick of people making up rumors about me. The latest one about me is completely false too. Don't believe what you read. Silly nonsense." A few hours later, she tweeted a photo of herself ... on a jet ski.


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Here's proof that pot destroys brain cells.

1537 days ago


Hey Paris .... love your "new beginning" some testimony of you making that big change of substances. How about that aftercare home you were suppose to open for the female inmates coming out of your old stomping grounds... Lynnwood Jail? You really showed the world just how much you have changed. Those gals at Lynnwood are still waiting for your promise...Maybe LiLo would like to go there after her sentence. Opps... sorry. You never did live up to your promise you make on the Larry King TV show. Please forgive me for holding you accountable.

1537 days ago


Wow, she's looking old. And used.

1537 days ago


She is tweetin that this whole story is BS she was not stopped, searched, or had anything to do with the police when she landed there.

1537 days ago


Well, all things considered, her becoming a pothead might actually be one of the better courses her life could have taken. It might eventually lead her to a tiny bit of real down-to-earthness. And possibly eventually do something halfway constructive with some of her money. Maybe.

1537 days ago


She is such a has-been. She's lucky she made some money off her porn tape and she has mommy and daddy money because she is worthless.

I tried to see the good side of Paris but there is none and after her porn tape came out we all saw every side she has. Very nasty and she's nothing like her sister Nicky Hilton.

1537 days ago


goes to show this skank will stop at NOTHING to get media attention

1537 days ago


This reminds me of a few weeks back when I said she must have drugs in all those bags. Thirty year old goes clubbing with 18 year olds is bound to do drugs.

1537 days ago


This, of course, means pot is officially uncool now.

1537 days ago


Paris Hilton didn't learn a thing while in jail.She is not very bright,not a well-rounded,educated,informed person.

1537 days ago


You are not aging well. Before you are thirty you need to start shopping Drs. Then maybe get hooked on pain killers and continue your viscous spiral down hill. All that partying and jet setting will catch up to you one day. SOON.

1537 days ago


Oh, now I understand why she had all that luggage. Is she a walking dealer or what. C'mon just because it's a Hilton they let them do it as many times as she wants, bullpoop

1537 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Paris Hilton is a party girl. It's just a matter of time before someone some where catches her doing something illegal then she's going to jail for a long time.. I just hope she's in some country where they have nasty jails with no air conditioning and bad food. She deserves what she's going to get! *It's just a matter of time

1537 days ago


Alright Paris! I knew I liked her.

1537 days ago


She seems to have slow processing skills (and bad hair extensions for that matter.)

1537 days ago
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