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Paris Hilton

Busted for Pot

... Again

7/17/2010 4:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was detained at a private airport on the French Island of Corsica after authorities discovered she had pot in her purse, this according to the AFP.

Hilton was found to have less than a gram of pot and was released shortly thereafter.

If any of this sounds familiar, that's because it is -- Paris was held briefly for the same thing two weeks ago while watching the World Cup in South Africa. Cops let Paris skate after they decided it was her friend who had the weed.

Looks like Paris is gonna need another friend.

UPDATE: For her part, Paris tweeted the following: "So sick of people making up rumors about me. The latest one about me is completely false too. Don't believe what you read. Silly nonsense." A few hours later, she tweeted a photo of herself ... on a jet ski.


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elizabeth jones    

poor paris hilton she should stay to live the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions and 4 play online games here is the topic about this:

1527 days ago


This idiot is a well known pot head. She raves about it, and used it openly on camera before in a video I saw. It's hers, so bust her.

1527 days ago


Ernie, I know what you mean! She was on Larry King (not literally, lol), saying she was going to help raise funds for breast cancer, etc etc. - amazing what happens after she's been out of jail for awhile.

After what happened at the World Cup, you'd think she would have had one of her friends hold her dope, though.

Ernie #56 wrote:

Hey Paris .... love your "new beginning" some testimony of you making that big change of substances. How about that aftercare home you were suppose to open for the female inmates coming out of your old stomping grounds... Lynnwood Jail? You really showed the world just how much you have changed.

1527 days ago


She should just go to Amsterdam. LOL

1527 days ago


Um, Prince baby, Lilo had TWO drug tests come up positive for cocaine.

Prince Von A-hole wrote:

I guess money does buy freedom. I dont recall any one ever proving Lindsay had drugs yet she is going to jail.

1527 days ago


I love Paris. I wanna eat there.

1527 days ago


I hate the way people get on Paris. She seems sweet, and seems like a nice person. What has she done except to be rich, young, and pretty, use it while you have it! Pot should be legal everyone I know from CEO, president of a company and God only knows how many other employees smoke. Paris just needs a way to hide it better.

1527 days ago


Ernie, my I am in excellent heath. I'm not over weight; I don't have high blood pressure or a cholesterol problem and I'm not one of the lucky ones. I know many people who consume cannabis who never moved on to hard drug. I also know many professionals who consume cannabis who are very successful. Maybe you need to stop reading fairy tales and take a look at the real world.

1527 days ago


If you want to smoke pot, go to countries where it is legal.

1527 days ago


Rich brat. Have no respect for her at all. Something, one day, will humble her to her knees.

1527 days ago


pot bad

1527 days ago


pot bad

1527 days ago


She's a spoiled hollywood brat who thinks she can do what she wants and when she gets thrown in jail again she'll be crying again acting as if she doesnt deserve it....get over urself Hollywood! (well, most of)

1527 days ago


Guys are dumb. They all say she is a skank but they are the ones that clicked on her video to make her famous for spreading her legs.

1527 days ago


Looks like the socialite is a pothead...LMAO!

1527 days ago
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