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Jermaine Jackson: Dr. Murray Should Drop Dead

7/18/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jackson showed no mercy in Malibu yesterday on the fate he thinks should befall Dr. Conrad Murray and others he believes killed Michael Jackson.



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Posted at 9:30 AM on Jul 18, 2010 by Sunshine

It seems you're really in need for a vacation. Hope it helps...

1503 days ago


I agree, with sir jermaine? but I also think DEAD BEAT NONE PAYING CHILD SUPPORT DADDYS DO TOO............. LOSER HE IS

1503 days ago

jeff orr    

The entire Jackson clan are idiots and freeloaders. I am not a fan of the molester. However, he did support all of them as they could not do so themselves. People act as if Murrey kidnapped him, tied him down and injected him hourly. Nope, chester the molester hired him and paid him stupid money to do what he did. Why is this still news? Get over it and move on already.

1503 days ago


Keep blaming Dr. Murray and getting media attention for yourself. But the whole family plus loads of friends & others knew that Michael had a big drug problem. Dr. Murray was wrong to administer the drugs, but guaranteed if he didn't, Michael would have found someone else. He begged that nurse Cheryl to & it is typical of a drug addict.
The family should have had an intervention and forced him to go to rehab if they really loved him. He is nothing more than a cash cow now whoever is involved.

1503 days ago


Y'know, most times I'm not so fond of Jermaine, however, this clip makes him a little more human in my eyes. And the more I read and hear about the Jackson family, God bless them and all the generations to come. They may be dysfunctional and we may not understand their dynamics, however, they are strong, resilient, proud and band together in the tough times. Yes, they have their faults but, in general, they're grounded and have strong values. R.I.P. Michael Jackson, I hope there is justice for you and your family when everything finally comes to rest.

1503 days ago

Princess Jackson    

FINALLY, Jermaine FINALLY speaks something intelligent. GO JERMAINE!! :-)

1503 days ago


Can Jermaine doing anything on his own? Let go of other's coat tales. Oh wait, he has no talent so this is his only way to get attention.

1503 days ago


so should you - you loser!

1503 days ago


The Jackson Family is not mad Michael is dead, they are mad that their golden goose is dead. If everyone that held a little direct responsibility died becasue of Michael is gone, then everyone of the Jackson's would die immediately, except maybe Janet.
Shameful, that industry and family is!

1503 days ago



1503 days ago


Jermaine is attempting to get a 'tour' going, singing Michael's songs, dressing like Michael, even having a blonde guitar this 'for the right reasons'?? Yes, for Jermaine to use his dead brother to line his own pockets!! And now the man of 8 kids has twins on the way---look out Michael's children---you will be looked to to support the next generation of Jermainge spawns!!!

1503 days ago


The Hole Jackson Family Should Drop Dead,
Just Like Little Wacko Did.

Posted at 11:04 AM on Jul 18, 2010 by OhWell

If everyone that held a little direct responsibility died becasue of Michael is gone, then everyone of the Jackson's would die immediately, except maybe Janet.

Posted at 11:05 AM on Jul 18, 2010 by vindog

Seriously, I can't believe what I'm reading here today.

1503 days ago


Thats Not nice Jermaine, I understand your pain from a person who has a sister who is an addict,I don't feel your pain from mortality because she is not dead. She moved from TX. to Cali 15 years ago was very talented lost all from drug abuse. I have only heard of some of her stories ,her choice was drugs.She hit bottom and walked around on bottom for years. I could not get her help because she did not want it. Nor did I have the funds. Its sad because when a person does accept help in Cali, when they get out there are drugs waiting for them ,I think it is called skid row. Why don't you start a program for addicts in Michaels memory? I was blaming everyone. She is now on methadone .she now takes responsability for everything. Her strugle is an everyday thing. I hate drugs.My point is mabe your brother would not have accepted help. Don't blame youeself or others. He would have taken this drug in secret. Lied to your face about it.

1503 days ago


I don't even like Jermaine but


1503 days ago


The Jacksons need to shut up. No you knows for sure what happens. I think for the most part his family didn't care about his lifestlye as long as the checks didn't bounce. Where was jermaine while MJ was killing himself. I know he wasn't surporting his kids,his momma wasand MJ's money was doing that. He is a grown man who doesn't financialy that care of his own family. The whole family turned a blind eye to MJ. They lived off his money and tolerated his excesses. There are two people responsible for his dealth,MJ and the doctor. Let this talented and tomented soul rest in peace.

1503 days ago
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