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Polanski's Romin' Around

7/18/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lock up your daughters ... cause Roman Polanski is back, baby!

The oft-troubled director made his first public appearance since being released from house arrest, posing for pics with his wife Emmanuelle Seigner at the Montreux Jazz Festival yesterday.

Seigner is 44 years old.


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Another example, that women are still 2nds.

1525 days ago


Roman and Emmanuelle look like a nice couple. Stop bashing the man. It was a L.A. judge that went back on his word. Roman did serve time for his deed. Maybe not as much time as you would have liked, but he did serve time.

1525 days ago


He even looks like a pedophile. I bet he has stock in candy bars and barbie dolls.

1525 days ago


LOL,lock up your daughters.....and max STFU noone cares about your stupid videos!

1525 days ago


She looks grotesque and loaded. I guess you would have to be to allow a child rapist to touch you.

It amazes me that this guy drugged, raped and sodomized a thirteen-year-old girl, and Woody Allen violated his daddy-daughter relationship with his adopted daughter, but people still idolize them in the movie industry. What is Mel Gibson admitted to have done or is convicted of? Oh, yes, nothing. The tape cannot even be proven to have his voice on it without the original and it is proven to have been cut and pasted and over-dubbed.

Polanski raped a little girl and is allowed to roam free. As a life-long resident of CA, I want him to pay for his crimes. Nobody gets to go free after rape.

I hope he chokes on his own false teeth.

1525 days ago


Nasty pedophile bastard.

1525 days ago


#8, yes, it is sad that Sharon Tate was brutally murdered along with her son she was pregant with.

1525 days ago


So, his wife is younger than his victim.

1525 days ago


Polanski and the population of France are laughing at TMZ. If you want to confuse them, hold up a bar of soap or a roll of toilet paper.

1525 days ago


Everyone who hates and wishes death for Polanski needs to remember three things: Maybe he has since been living a remorseful life. Maybe he has since been living a moral life. Maybe he and God have made amends. That means God has forgiven him and his salvation is guaranteed. You however, who live hateful, vengeful unforgiving lives, are doomed to hell. Isn't that quite a Karmic twist? The people who THINK they are good, are the most evil.

1525 days ago


#42 Really?! Well here's another scenario, perhaps he's committed more child rapes, perhaps he's drugged more young girls and women too, perhaps the monster is him can't stop!! God may forgive him, but the only way this old man with his rotting flesh is going is DOWN!! His ticket was bought and paid for in full a long, long time ago and there is no refund, no exchange! If you don't pay in this lifetime you pay in the next and the devil has a fork waiting to turn Polanski's rotting flesh on his personal BBQ lol!! Karma's a bitch baby and it bites you right in the ass when you least expect it, Polanski's turn is well overdue!! If you truly believe that those seeking justice for Polanski's victim are evil, then perhaps you share a little too much in common!!

1525 days ago


To #51 ... lets say it was your 13 year old daughter he raped. Would you still be in his favor? Perhaps you are a pedophile yourself?

1525 days ago


Isn't she about 30 years too old for him?

1525 days ago


he's a disgusting pervert

forever . and that's it

would I like to see him in jail? h$ll yes

Lilo out this pervert IN

1525 days ago


I wonder if he makes his wife dress up like a little girl? This man makes me sick. Yuck!!!

1525 days ago
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