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Mel Gibson's Lawyer Presents Case to Sheriff

7/20/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyer is meeting with Sheriff's investigators right now, presenting evidence she believes proves Oksana Grigorieva has fabricated the case against her client.


The meeting is being held at a courthouse in Los Angeles, in a conference room.

In addition to presenting evidence that Mel did not strike Oksana, we're told attorney Blair Berk will ask Sheriff's deputies to go after Oksana for extortion and falsifying evidence.

Berk's track record may be just what Mel needs.  Last year she convinced New York prosecutors not to file felony assault charges against her client, Kiefer Sutherland, after he broke a dude's nose at a party.  Berk also convinced an L.A. judge last fall to dismiss battery charges against Kanye West, who was caught on video breaking a camera.

After the meeting, we got video of Blair Berk and L.A. County Sheriff's Detective Tom Lewis.  We asked Berk if Oksana was guilty of extortion and lying to the cops.  She said it was an "inappropriate question."  Lewis was mum.



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Mel can not take back the words he used to berate and bully the mother of his child. His rage, threats and rantings are a window into the character of an abusive man.

1557 days ago


It would be so disgusting if Mel gets away with all this. This is a very violent guy and he even verbally attacks her young son.

1557 days ago


The truth shall set you free. I hope she doesn't get a dime.

1557 days ago


Wow, what a career--getting guilty celebrities off. She must be so proud of herself.

Frankly, it doesn't matter what happens with the case. It's Mel's voice... he doesn't deny it... and he admits to a boatload of horrible things. His career and reputation is gone. His only way to offer some redemption would be to publicly apologize, sign some sort of agreement to provide for his daughter, and go into therapy/counseling for a very long time. Blaming the victim of domestic violence does nothing to help his case.

1557 days ago


If Mel's Jewish Lawyer fails to get his azz outta this mess, I CANT WAIT to hear the tapes of the verbal assault he'll unleash on her!

Mel needs to face facts - he put himself EXACTLY where he is and has NO ONE to blame except himself...period.

At the end of the day Mel has clearly displayed with a HATEFUL person he is - hopefully the threats against Oksana will be viewed as the serious issues they are and he'll end up jail.

Mel you're a DOUCHE!

1557 days ago

Jim Cuthbertson    

If Nicole Simpson had recorded OJ's threats and rants maybe she'd still be alive.

1557 days ago


I agree with #20 John. TMZ, you are getting scooped more frequently by radaronline. But sorry to say that big jew, Harvey Levin will never take Mels side on anything because of Mels rant against jews.

Excuse me, i am going to click over to now.

1557 days ago


Everyone thinks Oksana's after FAME and FORTUNE...what about this Jewish Lawyer? She's tapped this gravy train for the FAME and FORTUNE she'll get (providing she does her job).

I'm sure she's not happy to represent a hater but clearly has $$$$$ signs in her eyes....why would a J-w support someone who is so hateful toward them.....MONEY and FAME!


1557 days ago


He is such a nasty, despicable piece of work. Here's to hoping that people never see him in another movie for a long as he lives. He has shown the world his true colours and they are the colours of hypocrisy.

1557 days ago


Team Blair Berk...just joking. Team Mel! Good luck. I hope you go after that golddigging whore for whatever she's worth after all the lawyers are paid. Take her children away while you're at it please.

1557 days ago


To all the buffoons here stating Mel hasn't even defended himself by saying he didn't say those things, listen up, he has not spoken about the case because HE AND OXY WERE ORDERED NOT TO SPEAK TO ANYONE ABOUT IT! He seems to be the only one who respects the judges orders as Oxy hasn't. She may need to lok at what just happened to Lindsay when she BLATANTLY DISOBEYED A JUDGES ORDERS. Wonder if Oxy will look as good as Linds in orange?

1557 days ago


I'm watching Mad Max: Beyond the thunder dome right now!!!!

1557 days ago


The problem with you anti-MEL people is you don't know what happened. You are only hearing "her" side and she does have a sordid past.

Since she didn't go to POLICE first to protect her child, which she didn't . And the denist didn't go to the police which he has to if he believes her.

And she secretly taped him and didn't tell the police beforehand if she felt threatened.

The MEDIA LOVES you guys, it has to dump on MEL because that is what sells.
They dump on Spears,Cruise,MEL,logan,hilton,woods, etc. And you LOVE IT! That is what sells.
You don't care to know their side of the story, that doesn't sell.
Tell me how many PRO MEL stories have you read the last week. It doesn't sell.
So, does it make you feel superior. Do you feel better.
How about I tape you secretly as you are venting at MEL or your husband to your girlfriend, or any argument and then post it on web. How would you like it. Then not allow you to share your side.
That is what gossip it.
She is intentionally trying to destroy him and since you love being "small". You love it.
Mel is human and made a movie about Jesus and it PISSED off the JEWS. PERIOD. After that movie came out , the JEWS said, let's get this guy! And they did! :)

1557 days ago


Send this woman back to Siberia. Mel needs help with possible alcohol issues obviously.Alcohol abuse can cause regrettable and horrible consequences. This lady set him up. Ship her back to Russia. Really too bad for Mel's kids and hope things work for the betterment of Mel and family. He should receive professional alcohol abuse and addiction treatment. Bye Bye Oksana...Don't forget to write.

1557 days ago


Gotta say. Mel Gibson is smart. An ******* and psycho definitely, but smart. He never said a word. He just sat back and let OchoSana ruin herself. Genius of him.
PS: For all of you so called adults making reference to Jew, Jewish and Russian, your rants are no better than Mel Gibson's anti-semite rants. Stop it already! It's annoying, rude, crude, immature and racist. You hate Mel Gibson for his rants, but you are doing the same thing.

1557 days ago
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