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Mel Gibson's Lawyer Presents Case to Sheriff

7/20/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyer is meeting with Sheriff's investigators right now, presenting evidence she believes proves Oksana Grigorieva has fabricated the case against her client.


The meeting is being held at a courthouse in Los Angeles, in a conference room.

In addition to presenting evidence that Mel did not strike Oksana, we're told attorney Blair Berk will ask Sheriff's deputies to go after Oksana for extortion and falsifying evidence.

Berk's track record may be just what Mel needs.  Last year she convinced New York prosecutors not to file felony assault charges against her client, Kiefer Sutherland, after he broke a dude's nose at a party.  Berk also convinced an L.A. judge last fall to dismiss battery charges against Kanye West, who was caught on video breaking a camera.

After the meeting, we got video of Blair Berk and L.A. County Sheriff's Detective Tom Lewis.  We asked Berk if Oksana was guilty of extortion and lying to the cops.  She said it was an "inappropriate question."  Lewis was mum.



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The court of public opinion has spoken - Mel has anger issues and a bipolar disorder, and she is a manipulative golddigger who will resort to extortion as an ends to her means regardless of how it will impact her children.

1558 days ago


It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Doctored or not, the tapes show that Mel is a controlling bully and an equal opportunity racist. He still struck Oksana (whether in the mouth, the temple or wherever else) while she was holding their child.

Mel probably threatened to make sure she ended up penniless and without a career, so she struck back the only way she could against someone with money and power.

Bottom line, they both played each other. He promised to make her a big star in the music world and take care of her. She promised to look good on his arm and rock his world. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for either.

I wonder if this will become a Lifetime movie?

1558 days ago


AND... she can't sing. Someone had posted that her singing made his ears bleed, and that is probably the most accurate assessment of her "talent".

1558 days ago


I think its funny that all the comments that are pro Mel are written by people who cant spell and have no sense of grammar. If Mel is going to pay people to comment, can he not find someone who passed the sixth grade? On most other websites, the comments are very much on Oksanas side, and with the tapes that came out today where he disparages her son, Im hoping Timothy Dalton will go after HIM with a baseball bat or a pack of or plant him in rose garden. I will be very disappointed if nothing happens to Mr. Gibson after all this, but I wont be surprised. Men with money can do whatever they want in this country. If Oksana is hoping for justice and safety for herself and her children she should just disappear to another country, because she probably wont get it here, even with tapes and pictures, people still question. What does an abused woman have to do to protect herself?

1558 days ago


please pple, what did Mel do? he yelled, ranted, called her names rightly so). sure he sounded prejudiced about all different ethnicity. but he did so in the heat of the moment. it IS NOT ILLEGAL to rant and rave and call pple names(not that its is ok morally)it is not criminal!

on the other hand, what this woman has done is ILLEGAL. Extorsion & falsifying evidence are both criminal acts.
there is a BIG DIFFERENCE b/t the 2 of them.

you know it's kind of funny. some of my friends may says some things like the N or other derogatory remarks but they are the kindest pple and would give anyone, even a Black or Jewish person the shirt off their backs and their last dollar. to be honest, idk what sets them off. the only thing they would say is that when they are mad and frustrated and during a heated serious argument, they just want to yell at the whole world.
they feel like blaming everyone else in the world for their troubles. but when they are calm and collected, no longer yelling and screaming, they are the furthest from being bigots and love all pple are very kind and loving.
i know not all are that way...
i'm just sayin...think about it.

1558 days ago


I hope Mel gets the help he needs. A few years ago i was in an abusive relationship. I left. I believe that if Oksana really felt threatened she should havve left or send her son away out of harms reach. Mel i am praying for you. I don't think uyou are a racist, but rather i think you need spirutual healing from God to get over alcoholism. Oksana knew you were an alcoholic and tried to set you up. Don't worry, while trying to hurt you she only ended up hurting herself.. The christian community is praying for you. May God help you and your family and may Oksana repent and find healing . I pray for her too. God be with you Mel.

1558 days ago


ok, I agree with the others who have stated this also. Please stop with sending her back to Russia or to another country. Mel's wife Robyn is from Austraia...should we ship her back too? I mean, really. They are US citizens, like it or not. No one is shipping any one, any where. Please, you sound no better than Mel calling other races names. Please stop the name calling and wanting to ship people back to countries they no longer reside in.

1558 days ago


Gosh Julie, do you know the words "I'm" and "won't" have an apostrophe. Stones... glass houses.

1558 days ago


It doesn't matter if Mel Gibson ever makes another movie. What matters is that he gets his act together mentally, emotionally and ethically. He has EIGHT children. He should be thinking of what is best for them but I don't think he can because (at least he seems to be) mentally ill.

Also, Mel Gibson and his father for that matter are not in good standing with the Catholic Church and have not been for some time. What Mel should do is stop trying to say he knows more about Catholicism than the Pope, put himself under papal authority, accept some instruction (and criticism) and realize his own (to borrow Jane Austen) insignificance. His movie career and image are not the important things here. His children are.

1558 days ago


And wait for the picture.. The dentist is going to be also in a big trouble...

Gibson can be a nutcase . But he or anybody else deserve to be extorted. Specially for your partner for 3 years.

Remember two things. He wrote two songs for her album and he PRODUCED IT. He directed one of her videos. That's a bunch of money he put out of his pocket to help her career.

1558 days ago


dna should be done. Probably mels girl but ya never know when there is alot of money involved. The million dollar baby and it is sad. You people crack me up acting like mel ranting and raving about being extorted is a crime. Too bad none of us will have that kind of money to get that dang mad. Any conversation that is not meant for our ears, should be taken with a grain of salt. That is why it is illegal to tape conversations of people.

1558 days ago


the obviously doctored tapes are hilarious, she taped him, then carefully scripted her own voice response to make it sound as if it were a real conversation

nothing said on those tapes that prove any harm done to lucia

mel should not have called the son a p@##$ but its nothing compared a user mother i am sure the kid had to listen to his father explode at yucksana as well when she pulled her crap on him

i like mel more, his voice and responses proves he is just another fragile male human being who is pissed at himself for falling in love with a mannerless, cold hearted ungrateful woman who used, lied and cheated him and is now using an innocent child

i hope she is found guilty, made to pay him, apologise, lose her child and deported to her hateful armpit cesspool country which has produced nothing post communism but whores,vice,users and the most cold blooded criminals on the planet

1558 days ago


Mel is as handsome as alway's , everyone ages. I have seen much worse. I can just image the russian girl going into ER and trying to figure out what is real on her and what isn't - makes jobs harder to diagnose. Also hope she did not use silicone implants and now feeding that to baby. Poor kids.
Nice to see you T. D 007 you also have aged well.

1558 days ago


If....and this is a really big if.....Mel attacked her and she told the dentist this, he is required by law to report her visit to the authorities immediately....not six months later. If he hit her in the mouth, it is not supported by the picture as her lips are not swollen or bleeding. If he hit her while she was holding the baby, and the baby was bruised as she claims, where is the report made by the ER doctors and nurses, as I'm sure this alleged saint of a woman would have taken the baby in to be checked.
Why are all these reports of an attack in January just now being reported?
"Something's rotten in the state of Denmark."

Hang in there, Mel. Clearly, you need some help as you have some anger issues, but what I'm hearing on the tapes is very suspect.

1558 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Ahhhh, so many fair weather fans - We have "known" Mel for years, we have watched his GREAT movies and LOVED his work. Just because some gold digger comes along and uses him (I agree he was stupid to fall for her in the first place) doesn't mean this garbage is true. He was married for twenty something years and has had 7 children. Wake up people - why are you buying this crap. He had a fight with a gold digger - he was furious when he came to realize what she really is - MOST OF YOU WOULD PROBABLY SAY WORSE - I am not defending his choice of some words, but when you are hurt/angry/devastated you say terrible things that you wouldn't normally. Always CAMP MEL!! Hang in there.

1558 days ago
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