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Mel Gibson's Lawyer Presents Case to Sheriff

7/20/2010 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Mel Gibson's lawyer is meeting with Sheriff's investigators right now, presenting evidence she believes proves Oksana Grigorieva has fabricated the case against her client.


The meeting is being held at a courthouse in Los Angeles, in a conference room.

In addition to presenting evidence that Mel did not strike Oksana, we're told attorney Blair Berk will ask Sheriff's deputies to go after Oksana for extortion and falsifying evidence.

Berk's track record may be just what Mel needs.  Last year she convinced New York prosecutors not to file felony assault charges against her client, Kiefer Sutherland, after he broke a dude's nose at a party.  Berk also convinced an L.A. judge last fall to dismiss battery charges against Kanye West, who was caught on video breaking a camera.

After the meeting, we got video of Blair Berk and L.A. County Sheriff's Detective Tom Lewis.  We asked Berk if Oksana was guilty of extortion and lying to the cops.  She said it was an "inappropriate question."  Lewis was mum.



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Let's see, you can't deny the facts

In and out of rehab for drinking issues that we all know caused him a DUI and to go on a rant and verbal assault.

Womanizing while married, getting the other woman pregnant (probably because he doesn't believe and won't even allow birth control in his own church and wouldn't even allow his own wife to use which is why the ended up with 7 kids that is until the day she stood up to him and said, "no more" and through his protest, went and got on birth control) otherwise she would probably still be barefoot and pregnant even as a grandmother.

One son in and out of rehab and distancing self from the family.

Ex-girlfriend has tapes (edited or not) shows same character as when he was arrested for DUI (ranting and raving like a lunatic) making racist remarks. Also, to make vile remarks about a 12yo son and to make remarks ex is asking to be raped. Also, remarks to killing her (death threats). Out of context or not, they were made.

Allegedly striking ex-girlfriend and child.

Signed a $15 million contract to keep evidence a secret.

It's not looking good for Mel.....sorry but facts are facts....I'm sure I'm missing things

1558 days ago


Oksana's PR team is paying people to post defamation against Mel and paying people to post Oksana publicity, then accused Mel's team of doing that.

The thing that is MOST entertaining to me about this case is that for all of Oksana's efforts to destroy and defame Mel, it has backfired on her.

Go ahead, Oksana, continue to try to destroy Mel. You look more and more guilty each day.

If Oksana was a real woman with even a small amount of ethics, she would have tried to understand Mel's illness, not f*** with his mind.

Serves you right, Oksana. You are not the VICTIM you claim you are!!

1558 days ago


Hmm you'd think someone who everyone is labelling as a mysogynist would have a male lawyer. Or could it be "gasp" that all the crap the Russian whore is spewing is all lies. Oh and for those who won't be going to any more of Mel's movies, I'll buy a few tickets in your name just to piss you off. Course by then the commie bitch will have been exposed for the lying, cheating extortionist she is and you sheeple will all love him again.

1558 days ago


If his attorney claims that these tapes were made illegally, then they are verifying their authenticity. Also, I know someone who went through a similair situation with a Russian woman and it was less about money than it was about REVENGE. Don't get me wrong, she felt entitled to everything this man had even though she spent very little time with him and was bent on taking it from this man, but she was driven by a culture fueled by envy of Americans, hate and revenge. Not racist, I'm just speaking from what I have personally seen.

1558 days ago


It's good to learn that Mel is fighting back against the bull**** Oksana has been trying to sell, drip by drip by drip.

Although it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the obvious, that Oksana manipulated this entire smear campaign. I hope her next home is a jail cell.

1558 days ago

Ankaret LeStrange    

If Oksana was a real woman with even a small amount of ethics, she would have tried to understand Mel's illness, not f*** with his mind.

Awww..puir wee Mel, hes a sick little puppy..lets keep telling him hes a good man, great father..wonderful human being...blah..blah..blah ad nauseum.

Its funny, when I read the comments at HuffPost..CNN..mainline media outlets..the majority of comments are anti Mel. They are not "siding" with the Ex Mistress...per se, they are calling him out on what he is. They are not EXCUSING his behaviour, they are questioning his credibilty because of it.

1558 days ago


unblock me dweeb- simpleton get to ya

1558 days ago


Mel is not guilty

1558 days ago


The real shame in what Oksana is doing is the impact it will have on truly abused women. I am afraid that now people will doubt any claims of abuse and these women will be afraid to speak up for fear of being compared to Oksana. I can only hope that women (and men) will continue to support the real victims of abuse.

1558 days ago


I started out siding with Oskana mostly because everyone was siding with Mel and well, I felt a little sorry for all of you attacking her. Then I started thinking, by the news TMZ posts that well, maybe she is after Mel's money but, after more time and's funny how ROL is team Oskana and TMZ is team Mel and every one else is kind of NOT taking sides but, letting it play out and letting you two duke it out but, I'm starting to think Mel really thinks he does think he owns Hollywood and can buy his way out of anything.

I'm not saying everything she says is exact truth and she may be exaggerating the truth some but, I'm not convinced Mel is as innocent as some of you are wishing and hoping. Again, the tapes, edited or not say things you can't splice and dice together. He said them. He's a sick and vile individual who needs help. No doubt. She shouldn't have waited so long to go and seek help yet, do we still know she's the "leak"? How do ou know she didn't give those tapes to Mel and he set her up? I wouldn't put it past him. It sounds just like what an abuser would do. Sounds just like what my ex would do. Yes, I was abused and yes, I had to resort to taping him and getting a restraing order against him but, he was always one step ahead of me. How? I don't know but, he was slick! They usually are and you never know what these type of people are up to but, it wouldn't surprise me if Mel didn't release them himself. Then try to twist it and make her look bad. Keep an open mind and let the system do their thing and hopefully, they will get to the bottom of it but, I will not be so quick to jump to a conclusion and I wish you all wouldn't either as I'm sure there is more to all of this than we all know.

1558 days ago


Is it possible that this is an anchor baby? What is this woman's status as far as citizenship? Can she be deported if she is found guilty of fabricating these tapes, and extortion? If Mel Gibson were to get full custody of the baby she would get no child support from him. People are to quick to judge without all the facts from both sides.

1558 days ago


Let this case be a lesson to any abused woman. FILE A REPORT ASAP if anyone threatens you or hits you. DO NOT TRY AND PROTECT THE ABUSER NO MATTER WHO IT IS. FILE A REPORT!!

Judges can only rule reading the 'breadcrumbs' on the trail, so create that paper trail. If/when the time comes you've decided to get out, you're in a better position to negotiate custody...etc.

As for Mel - google the Youtube video of his BBC interview. He states he self-medicates because of his mania, and has an alter-ego that if not kept in check, will hatchet convents.

Bold digging is not a crime. Baiting is not a crime. Sordid pasts are not a crime. ABUSE WHETHER PHYSICAL OR VERBAL IS A CRIME.

Oksana just exposed Mel for what he is. Ugly on the inside on a good day, violent and insane on a bad day.

1558 days ago




Posted at 1:18 PM on Jul 20, 2010 by shelli belli

I know one thing , if some tramp ripped me off for 5 million $$$$$$$$$$$$$ i'd be pissed offed too.

1558 days ago


Thanks for the heads up, Chris - - about Sweetheart. Clearly she is deranged. But, it's not like she can kill me through the computer. She can slam me all she wants...I'm certain my wits would win that battle. (Besides, she may end up killing herself by banging on her keyboard so hard.) She may even be a monkey, who knows.

1558 days ago


Mel is paying PR people to post for him on these sites. Can you pick them out?

1558 days ago
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