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'Cherry Pie' Singer Gets 120 Days in Jail for DUI

7/19/2010 8:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned former Warrant singer Jani Lane just plead no contest to DUI stemming from his most recent arrest back in May -- and has been ordered to serve 120 days in jail.


As we first reported, the '80s rocker -- who was also busted for DUI in 2009 -- was arrested in Woodland Hills, CA on May 9 after crashing into a parked car ... and then blowing twice the legal limit during a breathalyzer test.

Besides the jail time -- Lane will lose his license for three years and will have to complete a 30-month alcohol education program.

We're told Jani is scheduled to surrender on July 27.


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Hey Now    

One cannot copy and paste the url for the youtube video into his/her browser? Really?

1535 days ago


Mark is obviously a ja** off to make a stupid comment like that!

1534 days ago

Hey Now    

Got a picture of your house... and you're standing by the door

It's black and white and faded and it's looking pretty worn

See the factory that I worked, Silhouetted in the back

The memories are gray, but man, they're really coming back...

1533 days ago

Hey Now    

Be strong Jani!

1528 days ago

Hey Now    

Can I get an update on Jani? Is he serving the sentence or did it get pushed back? Is he doing ok?


A fan

1518 days ago

Hey Now    

Know who put the bodies in the wish-ing well - ROWRRR!!!

1504 days ago

Hey Now    

Does Warrant (& family, friends, etc) get mad when you see people spell the band like "Warrent?"

That annoys me so much. If one likes the band so much they should be able to spell it.

Also - shout out to Jani Lane. I want you to get back on track, reunite with Warrant (altho they are mad at you for good reason) but you all get that worked out and make a comeback because I need my Warrant fix. :) I love whats already out there - but I believe Jani is way too talented for that to be it. I wanna hear more of that voice like in Heaven, I saw Red, The Bitter Pill --

If you want to make a comeback - the time is NOW. The 30 month alcohol program may be a blessing. Hopefully it helps you with the addiction and you can focus on what you do best - write lyrics and sing beautifully.

And I DO love the Warrant sound from Heaven to Uncle Tom's Cabin to The Bitter Pill - I love it all.

Get healthy, comeback, apologize to those who need it, and stage a great comeback.

Love your voice. Miss your voice. It's one of the best.

1500 days ago

Hey Now    

"Due to recent health issues with Jack Russell it seems that Jani Lane has agreed to sing in Great White. When asked about doing the gigs Jani Lane says 'I consider it and honor and a privilege.'

Mark your calendars for this show on November 12th 2010 Medina Minnesota Entertainment Center. Great White featuring Jani Lane with Warrant & Robert Mason.

More details and tour dates found -HERE-"

Woohoo - congratulations! :) :) :)

1492 days ago

Hey Now    

Jani Lane & friends - Is there a place online where one can go to ask questions or find out Jani Lane (& Warrant info) ? I've been trying to track down a version of "Bitter Pill" for a while but I'm not sure who else to ask. I want the acoustic version they play in this video - How do I find that as mp3 or CD ?

Thank you

1479 days ago

Hey Now    

Hey - Can you guys get a message to Jani for me? I come to TMZ every time I want to say something - which is not a good place to come (lol) You TMZ meanies!

Anyhow - Has Jani ever thought of writing a book? I don't know why I can't get him off of my brain (probably that voice huh?) But I also want to know what happened, when, why etc. I read a little bit that even back then - the alcoholism was always there. Maybe I'm nosy - but I want to know - how did that originate?

I know there's a genetic component and on and on and on - but was there also something else? Or was it just because he was young and that's what many people did? And as the years went on - what was he trying to cover up or forget with the alcohol (if anything)? I just wanna know. His voice just makes me sooo happy. It's just so beautiful.

I would have loved to see a brain scan of my brain after I heard that 'Heaven' song after almost 15 or 20 years.

So anyhow - the message is - what about a book? I mean - he's had a pretty interesting life, wouldn't you say? I know he & the band have done interviews & do***entaries - but I think a book would be nice to include the stuff that just happened this year. Like what happened with the DUI stuff? Why did it happen? What was different about this year than previous years (or did you just never get caught? :))

Don't worry - I'm not a stalker. I just want to know more of his story. The 'whys' and 'what-ifs' and everything else. How do I know if this message get to him?

I was googling more info - but I never saw anything about a book - and I think it would not only be good for himself (if done w/a therapist maybe? Cuz it just seems like a lot of deep stuff) but it would be good for many people who have these addictions and also for all the rock fans out there (the real ones - who love the 80's! lol)

Maybe also because - the lyrics he writes are just sooo beautiful so I know he can tell a story and really be emotional and let people know what he's feeling. I just want to hear more. It's not often I hear a voice like his and - it helps me block out a lot of the stuff that *I* don't wanna pay attention to in life. I just mean - his voice is a great escape for me.

Cheezy enough? Ok - please ask him for me! lol

1477 days ago

Hey Now    

and guess what? I found a website that turns youtube videos into mp3 files. So I got my 'Bitter Pill' song last night. I was very happy. (because honestly I couldn't find the damned song anywhere - I didn't want the version with all the instruments - It sounds way too different than the acoustic version)

I've been trying to get that for months! You know how annoying it is to have to press 'replay' on a YouTube video over and over? & I really really love that song

So guess what song I played over and over again last night before I went to bed?

1477 days ago

Hey Now    

How beautiful is this? I love both versions. But tonight I wanted to listen to the acoustic one.


1475 days ago

Hey Now    

Ok - I got 1 little criticism for Mr. Lane

On the 'I Saw Red' song - the live versions (maybe recent ones? last couple years) - why are you sounding more and more Irish? It's like an Irish accent with many of the words. Overall it still sounds great (bcs its a great song) but - less Irish! Or no Irish. It's not 'I Saw Green!' lol

1473 days ago

Hey Now    

Hi! Jani sounds great and is looking so much better! I'm very happy for him and I wish him continued success. I was just listening to some of a 9/25/10 show and he sounds great.

Altho Jani's songs that he wrote himself are better than Great White's lol

1457 days ago

Hey Now    

Altho I'm very happy for Jani Lane - it bugs the sh*t out of me that men can lose weight so easily. lol Love you Jani!!

1457 days ago
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