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Trump to Rachel Uchitel -- Beat It!

7/19/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel has been fired by Donald Trump before she was officially hired, because Trump tells TMZ he's pulling his offer for her to do "Celebrity Apprentice."

TMZ broke the story ... Trump offered her a spot on the next "Celebrity Apprentice."  A few minutes ago we told Trump that Rachel agreed over the weekend to go on "Celebrity Rehab."  Trump's reaction:  "It's a terrible decision.  We have zero interest in her now."

Trump thinks Rachel will regret her decision.  "Look at what 'Celebrity Apprentice' did for Piers Morgan.  He's getting Larry King's job. She made a bad mistake."

The Donald was also quick to point out that it was Rachel who approached him in the first place, not the other way around.

Trump's final shot:  "'Celebrity Apprentice' is a huge show and 'Celebrity Rehab' is not.  I have 10 people who want to be on the show for every slot that's available.  I'm moving on."


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As far as Celebrity Rehab goes, am I the only one who thinks that a lot of these celebs have fishy timing for wanting to "get help"? For instance, McKenzie Phillips was on last season, right around the time her book was coming out, and the whole revelation of incest, etc... It just seems like a lot of these rehabs occur right around the time of a new album, a book, a comeback tour, etc...

1375 days ago


You know, Donald Trump is one of the biggest jackases ever, but I do love me some Celebrity Apprentice. If Rachel was on it, I wouldn't be able to watch it anymore. She's not a celebrity. She's a famewhore and a whore in general. I'm so glad she decided to do rehab instead of apprentice. I can love my show once again without her face on it.

1375 days ago


that's the best thing i've ever heard that came out of trump's fat mouth. she's a loser.

1375 days ago

MLE the Str[4]nge    

Tiger Woods sure knows how to pick his whores. Whenever I see her name posted in an article, I have to suit up in a hazmat suit before clicking on the post. Ugh... it hurts my eyes just looking at her fugsauce. Fugs be damned!

1375 days ago


good because i would not watch any show with that whore liar parasite on it names rachael ucan tell i am a whore , JOY was right !!!!!

1375 days ago


these guys seem to be attracted to the fish lips and big ugly implanted balloons on their scrawny chests
they are not attractive
they don't have good bodies
and they are gold digging whores
disgusting broad

1375 days ago


Uchitel would have cheapened "The Apprentice," so I'm happy to hear she won't be on it. Her claim to fame is shameful.

1375 days ago


How is a whore a celebrity? Donald is a whore too

1375 days ago


Trumps parting shot at Uchitel was your fired, but first blow me.

1375 days ago


Trump's actual final shot: "Celebrity Apprentice is a huge show and 'Celebrity Rehab' is not. I have 10 people who want to be on the show for every slot that's available. I also have 10 viewers for every contestant on the show which is one more than Celebrity Rehab. Like seriously is that Drew guy really a doctor or just the host of 'Whose Line is it Anyways' and why are they rehabing celebrity homes anyways? Can't they just hire contractors like the rest of us?"

1375 days ago


i watch Celebrity Apprentice because there are celebrities on it... since when does sleeping with a sports star make you a celebrity.
i am very happy to hear she will not be on the show... don't care to see someone that gets ahead by sleeping her way into it...

1375 days ago


"We have zero interest in her now." Trumps credibility is in question for wanting her as a 'celebrity' in the first place!

1375 days ago


dr drew must have the bigger dong

1375 days ago


sour grapes

1375 days ago


Obviously celebrity rehab offered more money. I know she isn't that dumb to join a show that labeled her as an addict and wasn't getting paid more money!

1375 days ago
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