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'Jersey Shore' Crew -- Ready and Waiting ...

7/19/2010 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are 150 crew members waiting patiently in Seaside Heights, NJ -- now they just need the cast of "Jersey Shore" to show up.

SallyAnn Salsano, executive producer of the show, tells TMZ they are ready to shoot. Salsano says they are "committed to the show" and "ready to go."

As we first reported, the cast has refused to shoot scenes for season three until a new deal is in place.



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I thought Snookie was at my house pouting in the corner..she looked thinner than usual..Turns out it was a basketball...Same color orange though...I hope they dont come back...
Posted at 1 :26 PM on Jul 19 , 2010 by My two cents ;)

OMG!!! Too freak'n funny! Luuuv it!!!

1502 days ago


F them!!! I'd say let them get real jobs but they are most likely not even qualified for McDonalds!

1502 days ago


Ugh....I hope the MTV does not give a bunch of bratty little grease monkeys the upper hand. First of all, this particular cast shames the east coast. They cheapen every aspect of what the east coast truly has to offer. I said this once and I will say it this cast acts, comes a dime a dozen. Just talk a five minute walk and you'll have your pick of the litter. On the other hand, I find it hard to believe that you can't find another youthful Jersey cast with alittle more humility and would be thankful for such an opportunity. It completely baffles me that this cast assumes "a" list celebrity status. MTV is supposed to be a powerhouse when it comes to the youth of america. So word to the Y's, MTV.....time to step up to the plate and show them who's boss. It's very unbecoming to see you caving to a bunch of morons.

1502 days ago


Wow what a shady thing for MTV to do! Trying to get two seasons for the price of one is effed up to sy the least. I'm on the guidos side here. Get paid, we all know MTV is making millions off of them and they're only getting a fraction of it.

1502 days ago


All of them together are not worth $10,000 an epidsode. And it really makes me ill to think people believe that these idiots and Housewives of NJ are representative of the women of NJ...Take the imbeciles off the air.

1502 days ago


Get rid of them and hire some other people. They are SO replaceable. Their 15 minutes are up. Next...

1502 days ago


You feel sorry for the teamsters up there? My guess is you have never been on a set.

1502 days ago


possibly some of the shortest fellas around. And all steroided up for the camera. They should change it to G-T-L-J. The J stands for JUICE as in ROIDS!!

1501 days ago


this jerks ae not actors, and they suck!
why would people be after them?
Use that money to pay some "good acators" to do some nice shows for a changw.

1501 days ago


Angelina has a new iPhone app out too, it's called Score a Shore Girl in the iTunes store now, it's a live video game where you try to pick her up at a bar and it's really funny, the game and endings are hysterical and the bloopers are too funny! Check it out on iTunes.

1494 days ago


I am proud to say I don't watch the "show" if it can be called that. The whole concept is not only ridiculous but disgusting and retarded and judging from the little that I've unfortunately been able to see when I'm changing channels that whole sorry crew is PATHETIC. I guess they feel "famous", but they are one step above being criminals. How CORNY can they get? I guess any piece of trash is worth putting on TV. They are not even funny, the whole jersey shore clan is so worthless they are not even worth making fun of.

I am 18 and most of my friends are a little older and we all fail to see the humor of these individuals. How pathetic that the network putting this "show" on the air has nothing better to offer.

Those jersey shore "people" need to get a life.

1465 days ago
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