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'Jersey Shore' Producers -- They're All Expendable

7/19/2010 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The producers of "Jersey Shore" don't want to cave to the cast's demand for more money, and are ready to cut the cord, TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... members of the cast went on strike yesterday, refusing to shoot over the weekend for Season 3.

Sources connected with 495 Productions tell TMZ the cast is ultimately hurting the show.  As one source put it, "The show is not about famous rich people with managers coming to the Shore."

495 would like to keep a few of the cast members -- notably The Situation, Snooki and Pauly D -- but they think the strike by the cast is the last straw.

We're told the cast feels like they've been tricked, because they felt their contract -- which gives each of them $10,000 an episode -- was only supposed to cover Season 2 in Miami.  They feel they're being screwed now that producers want them to go to the Shore and shoot another installment under the existing deal.

As we first reported, The Situation is being tempted with a sweet new contract and we're told it's pissed off some of the other cast as well as the crew.

Here's the rub ... Sources say MTV thinks they have "magic in a bottle" with this group and wants to keep the cast intact.

A rep for MTV had no comment.


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Maybe all the people on that stupid shoe should watch it and see how FAT and ugly they are!
They all think they are movie stars!! NOT!!
Hell just take a look at the pic on here!....fat and stupid looking bi-othces....pull the plug already.

1558 days ago


MTV created this monster. You reap what you sow.

1558 days ago

Rock Singer    

They're All Expendable...You bet cha !!!!

1558 days ago


MORE MONEY? For what? Being diseased ridden foul mouthed trolls! I don't know who actually likes this group?? There made fun of on the net for the most part. I cant stand them. I live at The Jersey Shore and let me say this group are POSERS! There not even from NJ! Now a few moved here recently I hear but they did not grow up here or live here there first season. They are an embarrassment to us here. I say bye bye scanks! MTV the best thing to do is to take your losses and run!

1558 days ago


They can never re-create the magic of the first season. The cast members are now self-aware, and it just won't be funny anymore. The appeal of the show was that we were watching these creatures who didn't KNOW how ridiculous they were. Now they're playing for the camera and it's been ruined.

Pull the plug.

1558 days ago


Oh yeah...cut the cord, cut the cord, cut the cord, cut the cord, cut the cord...infinity!!!!

1558 days ago


Did you see them on Regis and Kelly last week? Noticeable change in their behaviour. They were actually kind of rude, especially snookie who made some comments that were not only dumb but kind of disrespectful to their hosts. All in all they didn't seem like their usual trailer park selves, as if they are taking themselves more seriously. Like maybe they believe they are celebrities and no longer have to act "grateful just to be here". That didn't take very long....

1558 days ago


Who cares! Throw all their asses to the curb. They obviously were never taught to not bite the hand that feeds them. They are nobodies and sooner than later their heads will need to shrink back down to normal size when they find themselves with no $10,000 a week and being denied access to night clubs. Greedy losers.

1558 days ago


Kick them to the curb. No one knew about them before, and trust me, no one will remember them in a year. Their only claim to fame is that they are and continue to live their life that way. Far too many people to pick from in this economy, let someone else have some of the money.

1558 days ago


I'd rather watch & listen to the emergency broadcast warning than to look at or hear about these friggin losers ever again! GET RID OF THIS TRAIN WRECK OF A SHOW......Let them all be replaced

1558 days ago


Get rid of these punks and thugs!! The females are never going tobe ladies that's for sure with their in your face attitudes and filthy mouths. Their 15 minutes was up 3 m inutes into the first episode of this so-called show!!!

1558 days ago


Re: Here's the rub ... Sources say MTV thinks they have "magic in a bottle" with this group and wants to keep the cast intact.

The only thing they have in a bottle with this cast is tanning lotion, and copious amounts of alcohol. They're just like kids on spring break, except they are in their 20's... MTV=Train Wreck TV...

1558 days ago


Actually, I think this show would be FAR more successful if it followed the "Survivor" format of changing the cast every season.

God knows, there is no shortage of physically attractive but intellectually challenged egotists in this country!

Fire them. Out with the old, in with the new!

1558 days ago


This is what MTV gets for letting them control the last negotiations. MTV has shown the world that their word means nothing, and they will crumble in negotiations when pushed. As much as I would love to see MTV toss these no-talent hacks, I'm sure they will crumble once again.

1558 days ago


MTV do the world a huge favor and cancel the show. No one will watch this ****show. I think we should all stop watching MTV if they continue to broadcast this crap. PLEASE PLAY MUSIC and KILL THIS DOUCHEBAG CENTRAL SHOW. Or you could have someone punch Snookie in the head again.

1558 days ago
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