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Lindsay Lohan

Thinks Jail

Isn't a Done Deal

7/19/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Shapiro can work wonders -- he was part of the team that got O.J. Simpson off -- but sources in the crazy world of Lindsay Lohan say he has not convinced her that she must surrender to a jail sentence.

People who are interacting with Lindsay tell TMZ she has been in obsessive denial over her surrender Tuesday, when she must begin serving a 90-day jail sentence -- which will be whittled down to 22 days behind bars.

Lindsay is convinced there is still a way she can avoid jail, even though Shapiro made it clear he would only rep her if she went to the pokey.

Here's the irony -- Lindsay expects Shapiro to pull a Shawn Chapman Holley ... code for getting the judge to overlook her past screwups and keep her a free woman.  Holley eventually quit when Judge Marsha Revel made it clear ... there were no more cards to play.

And, we're told, the reason it took so long to find a new lawyer is because Lindsay only wanted someone who could keep her out of jail but no credible lawyer would make that promise.

And here's the thing. From what we're hearing, there is no way in hell Judge Revel is going to back down.



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Illinois person    

To: Linda/post #108, while you're busy crucifying Jason's comment(s), what's up with your rants?? Why do you care what time someone whom you would not even know is up until? Glad to know that you have awarded yourself judge and juror of the fate of Lindsay. Too bad no one's listening to what you feel should be her ultimate fate. Really, words like hypocrite, stupid, bimbo, skank, talent-less and so on as you slam Jason and/or Lindsay. First of all missy, we're all entitled to offer an opinion Lord knows you've more than offered yours. While you claim on one hand to want her to go to jail, if for any other reason to save her from herself, all while you're making these disparaging comments regarding her welfare really show that it's you who's the hypocrite since that seems to be your favorite word. Second, judges have to be fair and impartial while giving a person (whether they're rich/famous or not) a chance to redeem themselves. Given your rants, fair and impartial is something you're NOT so it's a good thing you're not Judge Revel. The judge has already said what her sentence will be plus mandatory rehab to follow. Therefore, quit beating a dead horse. What's up with that?? Li/Lo isn't the only famous person to get sent to the poky kicking, fighting and screaming all the way there and she won't be the last. It's one of the perks of being famous. Faltering career maybe, it'll be waiting for her if and when she's able to return. Get some help for your green-eyed monster of a problem and your hatred of all that you don't agree with and most of all quit living vicariously through Li/Lo's movie career (hence the green-eyed monster problem).

1557 days ago


17 HOURS! Your jumpsuit and slippers are waiting!!

1557 days ago


Newest issue of GQ Germany with Lindsay Lohan's cover photo now available at

1557 days ago


In all likelihood, Robert is being paid from revenues earned by Lindsay after she goes to jail from exploitation of her experience there e.g., tabloids, tv interviews, etc. If she doesn't go to jail, he doesn't get paid. It's probably the condition of his representation. In other words, there's probably a conflict of interest. Either way, Lindsay broke the law and has to pay just like everyone else.

1557 days ago


Top 5 Lindsay Lohan Excuses:

1. cops finding drugs in her pocket --> it's my friend's jeans
2. can't find passport --> my dad hired someone to steal it
3. ankle monitor set off --> someone spilled drink on me
4. falling down at clubs --> i'm clumsy
5. cocaine picture --> i was being set up

1557 days ago


She should just think of jail as "research." Heck, many actors have done a lot more than spend a few days in jail to research a role. She'll be fine.

1557 days ago


Lindsay's parents treat her like she is 10 yrs. thus she acts like a LITTLE GIRL!! she needs to go to JAIL and grow up!!!! she will whine and cry all they way to her cell. when she has been in jail for 24 hrs., she will settle down and ACCEPT her punishment..hopefully.. i hope she don't pull the ole PANIC ATTACK get to go to a hosp.!!! Hilton did that one!!

1557 days ago


Hopefully she gets shanked while in the joint and we never have to hear about her worthless has-been ass again.

Posted at 1:50 AM on Jul 19, 2010 by Klipper

No, see...that's exactly what we DON'T need. If this annoying chick ends up dying within the next couple of months, expect another case of Anna Nicole Smith or Michael Jackson only with this no-talent-having-dipsh*t in their place all over the media. There will be memorials, tributes, her no good family crying about how Hollywood killed her, all sorts of other "stars" will come out of the woodwork to cry about "how if they only could have reached her", fan tributes, "Labor Pains" & "Parent Trap" marathons on the ABC Family Channel. And a host of other stuff this self absorbed P.O.S. does not deserve. Is this a world you all would really want to live in for a few weeks after her death? Come on! Lindsey Lohan is a mediocre star with little talent that is riding a wave of media-popularity at the moment b/c she is a screw up. And the world loves watching a train wreck. Hopefully this story will end with her doing her time & getting paid ridiculous $$$ for a post-jail interview. After which, she will most likely keep committing more hyjenks to further her attention-whore getting ways until her next project bombs in a dramatically bad fashion. Then she will keep up doing stupid things to get attention until we, the world, finally come to our senses and start to ignore her and her annoying-to-no-end-family for good. This is the way this story should end. Not by her dying cuz besides that s**t being tragic, it would really suck for all of us!!!!!!!!!

1557 days ago


I Agree with 180. If she dies, we all lose.

1557 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@Delmar it will be ok Delmar it's Lindsay going to jail not you. ;0

1557 days ago


Perhaps the 90 day 'harsh' sentance would have been 30-60... days or less if she genuinely had extenuating cir***stances. Like, she couldn't go once a week because she had to work around chemotherapy treatments while making sure her grandmother got dialysis, while working full time at the Gap when taking two buses daily after getting up at 5:00 AM everyday to fit it all in. Hypothetically.

She just thought that doing better with compliance the judge would be impressed and give her a pass and a big smile for being a good little girl.

Linds - save the drama for the stage. Really.

1557 days ago


I feel so bad for LL. Jail sucks so bad I dont wish jail time on my worst enemy! Be strong LL. **** all these haters who are ripping on you!

1557 days ago

neither of these two sluts    

yeah right...we will see tomorrow when shes crying like a lil bitch.....hope they beat her azz in there! loser skank.....lesbo licking tramp...thats for dina now lets get on lindsays case...dumb azzs whore! i will be wathing and laughing at her...her life is something to wish never happens to you, but the again most mothers are two bit bitch pimps either like dina lohan is!

1557 days ago


I' sooo looking forward to tomorrow! This should be better than Paris crying for Mommy! Don't these brats ever learn anything????? Has all the brains been bred out of them?

1557 days ago


90 day's looks leik e nazie law or shomving,,the phenases ar hard,,A.J.A hoops from auwd of your zelf,khan stop,,e jear,,maby e hard whea of zheaing,zo is A.J.A

1557 days ago
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