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Lindsay Lohan

Thinks Jail

Isn't a Done Deal

7/19/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Shapiro can work wonders -- he was part of the team that got O.J. Simpson off -- but sources in the crazy world of Lindsay Lohan say he has not convinced her that she must surrender to a jail sentence.

People who are interacting with Lindsay tell TMZ she has been in obsessive denial over her surrender Tuesday, when she must begin serving a 90-day jail sentence -- which will be whittled down to 22 days behind bars.

Lindsay is convinced there is still a way she can avoid jail, even though Shapiro made it clear he would only rep her if she went to the pokey.

Here's the irony -- Lindsay expects Shapiro to pull a Shawn Chapman Holley ... code for getting the judge to overlook her past screwups and keep her a free woman.  Holley eventually quit when Judge Marsha Revel made it clear ... there were no more cards to play.

And, we're told, the reason it took so long to find a new lawyer is because Lindsay only wanted someone who could keep her out of jail but no credible lawyer would make that promise.

And here's the thing. From what we're hearing, there is no way in hell Judge Revel is going to back down.



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Okay. I'm gonna have to go with the oddsmakers on this. LL is gonna pull a Hail Mary. It doesn't really matter if she going to jail or not, just that she believes it and the next 30 hours are without question going to bring some sort of epic meltdown of Biblical proportions. No way does she have the strength to willingly detox in a concrete cell. Detox off even Dilaudid is a living nightmare, I can't believe with all her years of use detox won't kill her. Same with Adderall, I have seen people go right up a wall w/o it. Remember too, as a user of her magnitude, she's not used to a standard adult dose of anything. Wait till the bull dyke guards keep her hanging for hours for a quarter dose of what she's used to, even if they give her prescriptions (which they will review and review and review prior to allowing a controlled substance on property).

No worries though, she'll bolt, like I said right after the sentencing. No way this girl will willingly put herself in the power of people who hate her guts and will withhold luxuries like toilet paper for a week or two. Oh and Lindsay, you don't need anything to eat the first few days or so, right?

1523 days ago

Illinois person    

A better approach may be for Li/Lo to suck it up, go in and do her time and come out a better if not a sober person. I mean she may not even do the full 22 days either. Even if she does, this is just 3 short weeks. I think she's more afraid of having to live the next couple of weeks in a sober environment. Jeez, it's not like she's been given a life sentence. She put her self in the position so it's her own fault. I don't suppose she's ever considered the fact that she has some serious problems and this is the best place for her. For now she's already a Hollywood has-been but it's never too late to turn it all around. She's just way too spoiled to know what's best. The problem is that she doesn't have the funds or career to back it all up. Just a lost sole running around Hollywood trying to find some freaks who'll spend time with her. How sad, here's here movie title about her life? "Who Turned Out The Lights"? OR "Hollywood's Calling, Where Have You Gone"?

1523 days ago


Finally a 100% right-minded TMZ report. Nobody who isnt out to Fark is gonna take this. The nuttiest thing would be to say "OK im with ya and get into REAL rehab now (her dad is a con he knows the game and thats the card he is playing) and juke and jive.

Sad thing is that without the spotlight...PLENTY of 'respectable' lawyers would take the money and run. Shapiro isnt thinking about tommorow...what he is thinking about is substituting that Inpatient for AT LEAST 90 DAYS at HIS partially owned business. That way she can roam with a SRCRAM, get regular sreens for drugs, and pose the arguement that she knows the EDUCATION end of rehab; she simply needs to put them into action. Hence why my sober living house is the only rational next step.

Watch it go and watch it work. It makes sense, but there is not way in hell she is gonna walk on the 22 days. Keep in mind the 22 days she is doing is like 44. She has 22 hour lock down. That is called Administrative Segregation. Thats where you go when you are gonna get killed, pose a threat to yourself, or others. Its harder time then general population by a mile. If she was in the later, she would have the opportunity to.....shucks I dont want to say it but she could do ALOT more; whatever that may be for her.

1523 days ago



1523 days ago


Ha!! Too funny!! JayVegas

That's freaking HILARIOUS!!

1523 days ago


Will TMZ be live streaming her surrender to authorities? Cannot wait to see this! LOL...Lindsay your time has come!

1523 days ago


I wonder if Lindsay is gonna get another manicure for jail?! HA!

1523 days ago


so many chances, so many opportunities to save face with the law... and she completely ignored them. I bet now she is paying attention. Lock her up already!.

1523 days ago


Can Lindsay Lohan load up on coke today since she won't have another drug test before jail?

1523 days ago


#10 Jason

Suck up to her all you can, you dou** still ain't gonna get in her pants Mr. Limpy loser.

1523 days ago


If she thinks she going to jail she will check in at 11:59 tonight to get credit for the hole day. If she thinks she not going to jail you will see her in court tomorrow.

1523 days ago


Can Lindsay Lohan load up on coke today since she won't have another drug test before jail?

Posted at 6:10 AM on Jul 19, 2010 by Brandon

Yep, she can peacefully do lines in the sober house without being disturbed. Go L, last day of freedom!

1523 days ago


But she should take some Dilaudid and not coke or adderall. Might help her feeling more at ease for the journey.

1523 days ago


b i t c h you are going to jail, and guess what you would have been out by now if you had surrendered the day of your judgment you are just prolonging the inevitable. You are such a loser, I did time in jail for a wwaayy less offense, one violation of probation, and no I was not used to jail either, but I survived it, it is not going to kill you, what will kill you is your delusions and denial, and maybe you leaving this earth won't be so bad....cause quite frankly you have worn the world out with your enless spoiled bull**** and drama...I for one would not miss you!!

1523 days ago


There's a upside to all of this and a new movie or reality show can come from all of this for the whole family. But, lilo needs time for herself and only herself. She needs to build a better relationship with her father and her mother needs to wake up and smell the flowers. Counciling all around. She needs to be accoutable to herself and hold her head high and realize that her time in jail is just a moment in time and will go faster then she may realize. What I don't understand is why it took the authorities so long to proscecute her for her violation of her probation? Can someone please respond to that question? Or do you think she was delaying the process legally? Bottom line she needs to look at her photgraphs from the past till now and they tell a story and its not a happy one. She just needs to surround herself by people who care and are positive.

1523 days ago
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