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Lindsay Lohan -- Cooperative, Clearheaded

7/20/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is actually handling jail well, sources at Lynwood tell TMZ.


We're told she's "polite, compliant and responsive."  She's not crying and is handling it well.

And there's good news for the newly-minted jailbird.  A Sheriff's official tells us she will probably be released around August 1, after serving only 13 or 14 days.   A lot better -- for her -- than 23 days behind bars and, even worse, without cigarettes.


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Did you check out the drugs she is on? WOW Must be nice, I am sure they will let her have her drugs that she is addicted to for fear of letting her go threw withdraws and then she will get them when or if goes to treatment. Probally for a week or two at the most....She needs to shake rattle and roll like the rest of us had to.

1562 days ago


I am pissed..... Lindsay should do all of her jail time. I had to....Others would not get this special treatment. Check and see if any other jail mates get out of jail early...I dare you....They are contrubting to her disease. She killing herself and they are helping her.....When she dies sue the courts

1562 days ago


If she was just like you and me she would be doing more than 90 days. But being a STAR has perks, Smack on the wrist till the next time, then jail for 90 days {3 Weeks, 21 days} break it down. We would probably be doing 180 days at least. come on get a life!!!!!

1562 days ago


If it was any average joe like you or me, we would spend the hole time plus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should too. We All came from a Hole. She is no better than you or me!!!!!! Make a statement out of her after all the trouble she is in over and over and over again. RICH doesn't pay the toll all the time.

1562 days ago


wtf happened to 90 days? god it must be nice to have money

1562 days ago


I'd do just about anything to get outta this sick state of CA. Murderers, meth dealers, thieves walk everyday. And those are just my next-door neighbors.

1562 days ago


Really.....who cares, she isn't news worthy!! She is a has-been.

1562 days ago


Too bad her "friends" and mother couldn't be made to go into jail as she is coming out of jail and going to rehab. She needs to see these enablers are not helping her. Good luck, Lindsay, time to grow up, humble yourself and accept responsibility.

1562 days ago

Caleb W    

damn I gotta move to LA. Cocane, DUI,etc etc etc.. equals 2 weeks in jail. Where I reside you would be doing at least a year in the pokey. Of course stars, even washed out hasbeen whores, don't get any special treatment

1562 days ago


Only serving 12 or 13 days WHY even waste the time and taxpayers money of putting her in there. That is so STUPID.Cuz you know she is just gonna do it again knowing that all she gets is a slap on the wrist. That crock about overcrowding is a bunch of b.sYou can tell california is not one of the SMARTEST states in this country. must be nice "DO THE CRIME,SKIP OUT ON THE TIME" this should be on americas most stupid people.she's put in a private cell for her own protection what about protecting the public when she gets back out on the road guess that doesn't matter. There is no way she will be in rehab for 90 days,ain't gonna happen.

1562 days ago



1562 days ago
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