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Lindsay Lohan -- Cooperative, Clearheaded

7/20/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is actually handling jail well, sources at Lynwood tell TMZ.


We're told she's "polite, compliant and responsive."  She's not crying and is handling it well.

And there's good news for the newly-minted jailbird.  A Sheriff's official tells us she will probably be released around August 1, after serving only 13 or 14 days.   A lot better -- for her -- than 23 days behind bars and, even worse, without cigarettes.


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I wouldn't want to spend one day in jail, nevermind 2 weeks. Everyone knew she wouldn't spend the 90 days in jail, that was a given. She'll be going to rehab within 24 hours after getting out of jail, hopefully that will help her. If this isn't a wake up call for her then nothing will help. To wish her to be injured or killed etc is just sick. Why not try wishing she gets well and beats her demons? Or is it too hard for people to be nice to someone that's having a difficult time in life?

1523 days ago


@#11 Jail time is definitely not hard if you don`t have to serve it with hardened criminals. She just has to read a few novels and sleep a lot for two weeks. The justice system is a joke, the judge had to give her 90 days just to make sure she actually served some time. I don`t want to hear about losing her freedom either. For what she did she should be serving at least 6 months, which would equal, what 1 month. What a friggen joke.

1523 days ago

Mr. Puss - my cat    

Well...after regulatory check ups - strap down and strap on and in

she'll be one singing jailbird. She'll be singing...Lust is a many

splendid thing with all her heart and have pets names for each of the

jail personal women...she'll be fighting to stay and be in 7th heaven!

1523 days ago

People Investigating Toxic Sites    

Lindsay Lohan is fortunate that her sentence is short, as Century Regional Detention Center may be a very dangerous and unhealthy place. It's located a short distance from the closed Leslie Cantrell Dump, which operated during the 1940s. Many closed dumps had no cleanup and were simply covered over by a few feet of soil, leaving carcinogenic chemicals and highly explosive, highly flammable landfill gases in place. Lucky Lindsay Lohan!!

1523 days ago


Cooperative and clearheaded. You go young lady. When the tabloids have nothing negative to say, they will stop writing negative things. Cooperative and clearheaded is boring to them.
I wish you a safe journey into sobriety. It's better than the alternative.

1523 days ago


All the posters complaining about her "celebrity treatment" are completely ignorant about the current conditions/limitations of our legal and prison systems. California jails are extremely overcrowded, which is why judges often provide leniency to probation violators and why NO ONE serves their full sentences. I know someone who violated her probation on a DUI and spent less than 2 hours in jail - that's the way it works for everyone here, not just celebrities. While I don't think much of Lohan, I would rather save what little room we have in our jails for violent offenders. If Lohan's light sentence truly offends you, research prison reform and write your elected officials.

1523 days ago


The paris judge unfairly singled her out and made an example of her.

The judge today said no electronic monitoring,house arrest, work release or work furlough. Basically she doesn't care when Lindsay gets out just as long as she reports to probation and goes to rehab for 90 days within 24 hours of her release

1523 days ago


If Lynwood jail is so overcrowded, let her serve in Beverly Hills jail. All celebs go to Lynwood because their sentence is reduced. I think it's funny how they can pick where they go. We'd never be able to.

1523 days ago


i think she should be put in populaiton.not sit in there for us as tax payers to baby her.she is a spoiled little is a shame that all movie stars get away with anything thay want.this justice systym ahould be ashamed of themselves


1523 days ago

ski love    

does lins know that scott d used her up and now courtney is gonna find out thanks scott for making your girl available

1523 days ago

Shacresha Gilkes    

You know every time a celebrity goes to jail they never have to do all of their time. They always say it's due to over crowding and I think that's bull****, if they do the crime they should do the time. If that was a regular person they would have to do all the time given, so why should she get a break. Hopefully she will learn something from this. She better be lucky I wasn't the judge.

1523 days ago


To bad California's jails are overflowing with blacks and mexicans. There's no room for a spoiled white brat to serve her full sentence.

1523 days ago


Wow! she looks 40!

1523 days ago

Admiral Buttcrack    

she's a lazy, immature, spoiled child in a 24 year old womans body.
More like a 36 year old's body...

1523 days ago


The pits is that she will only serve 2 weeks. If she got 90 days then make her spend at least half of the sentence. Just shows money buys evrything. Oh well at least she had to go to jail.

1523 days ago
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