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Lindsay Lohan -- Cooperative, Clearheaded

7/20/2010 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is actually handling jail well, sources at Lynwood tell TMZ.


We're told she's "polite, compliant and responsive."  She's not crying and is handling it well.

And there's good news for the newly-minted jailbird.  A Sheriff's official tells us she will probably be released around August 1, after serving only 13 or 14 days.   A lot better -- for her -- than 23 days behind bars and, even worse, without cigarettes.


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I often wonder why the judges in celebrity cases even bother giving sentences because they will never be fully served.
I mean come on this girl was given 90 days and at first it was said that she would probably only do 23 days of it, and now 13-14 days. Please, she has it easy, all she has to do is just stay in her cell. I just think that in a matter of time she will be up to the same old thing again, and she will be right back where she is now.

If any of us "everyday normal people" who did what she has done, we would not have gotten chance after chance. We would have gone to jail right away and given a lot more time. As well as we would have be put in with the general population and basically left to fend for ourselves.

1518 days ago


Well, what are her options? Of course she is.

Posted at 4:53 PM on Jul 20, 2010 by danger baby


I guess you weren't around for the Paris Hilton breakdown when she got sent to jail.

1518 days ago


Damn, TMZ is really giving Lindsay alot of coverage. What, no Michael Jackson stories this week?

1518 days ago

Alan Carver    

Okay first of in the judicial system it is called MATRIXING based on a few factors already indicated:

1. Judge Revel ordered 90 days - reality 25% of the sentence due to:
2. Lohan has 'credits' for time served / good behavior
3. Space available for even WORSE OFFENDERS
4. Over crowding - as it has already been indicated

These factors apply to every person in the judicial system and people going to jail. Love it, lump it, or leave it, that is the way these jails work now-a-days.

Are these factors fair, yes and no. Unfortunately for crimes committed these do not necessarily add up to people doing their full term or sentence. That is just the way it is. Because this economy at local/state and federal has tanked, budgets have to get cut - they cannot house criminals for an entire sentenced duration. This has been going on for more than a few years now.

Judge Revel made it quite clear, she has no CONTROL over how long the JAIL will keep Lohan, basically because she knows too that the jails are over-crowded and cannot house Lohan for the full 90 days.

However in a SMART move, Lohan has 24 hours to report to Probation/Get Into A Treatment Facility not the original 48 hrs and complete in 90 days. Her probation has been EXTENDED another FULL year - FORMAL which means she cannot pee dirty ONE TIME with booze in her system, or PILLS - or she is BACK in the slammer. And they are onto people who know how to use those damn hoses/tubes to hold someone elses urine - they search you before you go in to pee!

I agree, that the system is flawed. We get that, but until each states local governments and federal funding gets to where it is suppose to, they just cannot house criminals for these types of crimes as long as they use to! Fair or unfair - it really doesn't matter and it is not a CELEBRITY thing - it is a county/state/government budget thing!

1518 days ago


1. 90 days was down to 23 and now 12-14. Do all inmates get out of their sentences like this? If they are too overcrowded to keep inmates, seems their should be a better way to deal with criminals. This baby is a criminal. Would you or I get out this easy? I do not know the answer to this, but it is hard to take this whole things seriously when the system doesn't execute what the courts mandate.

2. With family like Lindsay's, where would she have learned a strong moral character. Mom is a floozy, Dad is an out of control convict....the parents think they are entitled, why wouldn't Lindsay? She has no good, moral character role model examples in her life.

In a 12 step program, it is my understanding, you shed the unhealthy relationships. How is this child to shed herself of her family and friends who would rather be a party to this chaos
that to tell the meal ticket no.

Bless her. All the help in the world will not work until she is
ready to stand up and be saved from all the muck around her.

1518 days ago

Barry Levy    

WTF!!! She goes from 90 days to 23 days to 13 days???? What did she have to do to get this prefered treatment? Just because she a well known person, she gets off lightly! There's justice for you....the average joe would have to do the full time, no questions asked.....yet she does less than 15% of her time and that's that. Oh sure, she may have to enter a rehab center, but I am sure she get that reduced also. It's just not fair!!!!

1518 days ago


Her lips look like ass. She's a mess. I would say I hope this straightens her out but I doubt it.

1518 days ago


It's clear that in the current cir***stances jailing Lindsay Lohan is a disproportionate waste of resources when there's not enough room for murderers. Putting her in with the rest of the inmates would be barbaric because there's a strong chance she'd be seriously attacked and physically harmed by other prisoners wanting to make a name for themselves, to get themselves on the news, to be famous. At the moment it seems they can't keep ordinary non-violent convicts for longer than 23% of their sentence, let alone a celebrity who requires extra protection.

It seems this is a problem in California.

I don't think Lindsay Lohan getting released early does her any good PR wise and will increase people's anger at perceived double standards, especially in the rest of the country because people aren't aware of the problems in California's jails. Plus they wouldn't have had the best lawyers or as many chances. She's got to be seen to be repentant.

1518 days ago


That judge should have tacked on another ten days for being late to her surrender today.

1518 days ago


Thank you Mr. Carver. Great explanation if it is truly across the board for like crimes.

1518 days ago


Hey sweetie, I'll have a limo pick you up the moment you get out and bring you straight to the studio to tell the world how you've finally seen the light and are going to enter the convent to become a nun. This will be a fantastic Hollywood redemption story. My ratings will soar. Sincerly, Larry King

1518 days ago


No wonder we have so many criminals in this country. Where's the incentive to straighten out your life when 90 days is really 14?! Why bother with an idiotic sentencing if it's not followed???

1518 days ago


the fact that she only has to serve about 15% of her sentence shows what a joke our penal system has become. heh-heh, penal.

1518 days ago


Paris Hilton's judge specifically stated that she was to serve at least half her sentence before she could be released, and would serve it in jail, not house arrest. So when the sheriff released her to house arrest, the judge hauled her back and made her stay half her sentence.

Lindsay's judge did not specify that she should serve a particular percentage of her sentence but left it up to the jail. I think the early release situation is one reason she gave her a total of 90 days. If she had given her only 30, she'd already be home.

1518 days ago


oow :)

1518 days ago
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