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Mystery in Lindsay Lohan Case

7/20/2010 4:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer had a confidential meeting with Judge Marsha Revel this afternoon, and the D.A. didn't even know about it ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Shapiro breezed into court at around 4:00 PM and went directly into chambers.

We're assuming Shapiro is making plans for Lindsay's surrender tomorrow morning.


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Would someone please tell her to stop pursing her lips like that whenever there is a photo op? SHE LOOKS STUPID. Maybe she'll stop doing it when the other female inmates are around..???


1555 days ago


No jail time folks! She's going straight into a intense rehab program. Word has it the DA is fine with the new proposal. Hopefully she gets better.

1555 days ago

Jade evergreen    

hmm Lindsay should still do her time and because she need to know she has paid for her consequences for violating her probation and the Judge doesn't fall for Shaprio and make sure Lindsay does go to jail tuesday.

1555 days ago


who blew up radaronline? LOL! oodles of people can't get in.

neither the judge nor the judge is going to let her out of jail time.

that's just wishful thinking on loserhan's fans. judas priest why would anyone be a fan of a slut addict???

1555 days ago


Top 5 Lindsay Lohan Excuses:

1. cops finding drugs in her pocket --> it's my friend's jeans
2. can't find passport --> my dad hired someone to steal it
3. ankle monitor set off --> someone spilled drink on me
4. falling down at clubs --> i'm clumsy
5. cocaine picture --> i was being set up

1555 days ago


Making plans for her surrender? Bull****. More like some special treatment for celebs bull**** occurred behind closed doors and those 90 days will "mysteriously" turn into 4 days.

1555 days ago



1555 days ago


Yeah, the DA should have known about it!

1555 days ago

Alan Carver    

Again, for those saying that she is not going to jail, that is a pant-load. She can certainly try, but Shapiro has made it quite clear that she needs to go to jail. That is the only way he will rep' her.

The orders from Judge Revel stand. Lohan's attorney is not stupid and knows why Judge Revel sentenced her to 90 days (25) and the reasons behind it. While it might seem harsh to some, it is the law and regardless whether you are a celeb or not, justice is not blind and goes by what needs to be done for the safety of the community and Lohan has proven she is a danger to society by drinking and driving and using substances. Period.

I felt for Lohan at her sentencing, BUT was glad to see Judge Revel reveal to Lohan WHY she was being sentenced for her actions. She committed crimes that have consequences if you are going to break them. It is the same for all!

I know that Lohan is scared, we all would be if we didn't know what to expect. And since this is her first time in the big-house for an EXTENDED period of time, she is not being treated like general population, she is being given her own cell so she is not harmed or hurt while in their custody. So in some regards, she is being given preferential treatment. But still, she committed the crimes it is time for her to 'man-up' and pay the price for committing these crimes.

Enough said.

1555 days ago


Hey Linday- Wishing you nothing BUT the best! If you end up having to do some time---try your best to accept it gracefully without complaint, then move along with your life afterwards and 'cash in' once you get out. Since others are profiting from your demise, so should you---but just don't center your identity around your problems or your past. Drama is an addiction as much as anything else. The sooner you can drop it and move on...the better.

Wishing you a long, happy and healthy life sweetie!!!

1555 days ago

Here Come the Bananagans!    

Oh for cryin' out loud! Just when I thought Judge Revel had this thing on the up-and-up ... Now we have EX PARTE COMMUNICATIONS, private no less in chambers and behind closed doors. Big mistake! I was going to write Judge Revel and commend her for doing the right thing by finally teaching this brat, along with the rest of the world who ordinarily (and rightfully) laughs at our "justice" system, that we all are held accountable. But one-sided Ex Parte communications are for slimeballs and they are ILLEGAL so if I was the DA I would be seeking to have Robert Shapiro removed citing an overt Conflict of Interest and a demonstrated lack of respect for the ethical Code of Jucdicial onduct. As officers of the court, this was wrong on BOTH Shapiro AND the judge's part. I have only two words for this situation now ... PEE and YOU.

1555 days ago


Ex parte communication is forbidden under both the attorney and judicial codes of conduct. If this story is true both the judge and Robert Shapiro face serious consequences.

As to the rumors that Lilo might not go to jail ... I don't think any motions for reconsideration or appeals have been filed on Lilo's behalf, so if that's the case it's 99% that Lilo is going to jail tomorrow. Depending on what the window is in CA for motions for reconsideration (in my jurisdiction, it's 10 days from judgment of sentence), Lilo may already be too late for that. Not that the judge would grant such a motion ... from the way the hearing went, it looks like Judge Revel is standing firm. As she should.

Lilo could appeal, but her time for that is likely running low as well. Also, there it's very likely that by the time the appeal made its way through the proper channels Lilo would already have served her sentence.

Bottom line is that Lindsay should be ready for Lynwood tomorrow. Although given her past antics, I'm sure she won't go easy.

1555 days ago


Lindsay, hang in there honey. This world is so f* uped I say leave you alone already, this whole thing is stupid. You are a young girl living your life the best you can. Hang in there this **** will be over soon and you will be a stronger person. You can get through this. Steve from CT.

1555 days ago


Would it be inappropriate to ask for the death penalty??
No more Lohan!! Im sick of seeing her plastic, botox injected, silicone enhanced, drugged face. Enough already!

1555 days ago


Let's hope for the State of California's sake that Judge Revel isn't the way she appears right now...

1555 days ago
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