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Oksana Meets with Kennedy Assassination Legend

7/20/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva is meeting with the man who literally wrote the book on the JFK conspiracy theory.


We've learned Mark Lane (left), who wrote the JFK conspiracy bible, "Rush to Judgment," is meeting with Oksana at her home.

Lane, who is licensed to practice in New York and Washington DC, showed up at Oksana's home along with her rep, Stephen Jaffe.

It's unclear why Oksana and Lane are meeting.  As we first reported, Gibson's people believe the recordings of Mel and Oksana have been altered and the Sheriff's Department is currently conducting an analysis.  Lane has had plenty of experience with forensic evidence.

Lane is also a civil lawyer, which raises the question about a possible civil lawsuit.


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BREAKING NEWS: Another Jew positioning himself to make money off of someome else's misery.

1369 days ago


Life has many lessons and Mel paid 5 million so far for this lesson. He is completing advance education now and at the price of 15 million he will have his PhD in "What not to do in life." By now Mel has realized that the reason his marriage lasted so long was because he had an exceptional wife and mother to his children. Mel, like all of us at times, lost his way. This doesn't make him a bad person. We are all deeply flawed, some of us hide our flaws better than others. Exposing our deep flaws and sins is a humbling experience and an opportunity for soul searching. The only opinion of Mel that matters is that of his family. His wife spoke for all of them already. They love and support Mel. He is a wonderful father and was a loving husband until he lost his way. Ms O was a path better not taken. Temptation and human weakness blinded Mel. Like Saul, his eyes are now open and he sees what he has done and what he needs to do to set things aright. He will make amends to the only ones who matter, his family. The rest of the world can move on...nothing to see here...the media will peer into the private life of someone else as they stumble through life, learning. Bored hungry judgmental humans will read their stories and throw stones at the next imperfect human held up like a human sacrifice on the alter of tabloid.

1369 days ago


hey Lady, get a job
it's not your money, you are a nobody: only good to share the bad with somebody rich.

aren't you a singer?

so sing and make a living with your skills (beside that one)

enough of this now. Be proud for once!

P.S. in a tape you said "200K for a composer", yeah right.. like you got any job because of your :composing" skills LOL it was because of Mel, not because you are good as a "composer" . I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.

and you don't come out good as a woman, ya know?

get your own money, trust me: you will feel much better.

1368 days ago


"I don’t want to see Mel Gibson end up on the scrap heap of Hollywood celebrity has-beens. He has gifted me and millions with his work on “The Passion”, he deserves our concern and our prayers- he needs to wake up and stay away from Jay Leno’s couch and focus on repentance and using his failings to help others avoid whatever sins he has been seduced by. I can recall that he chose to have his own hands filmed to depict the nails being driven into Christ at His crucifixion. He needs to get back to that level of humility and spiritual awareness. Come back brother- we need more artists for Christ not yet another one shamelessly mocking the faith and our Lord in word or deed"

1368 days ago


i hope mel sues radaronline, heard rumors the editor admits to tampering with the tapes to make them sound more dramatic. anyone know if that's true?

1367 days ago


It's because Mel Gibson authorized the hit on JFK. Do your homework people.

1367 days ago
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