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Oksana Texts To Mel Could Make Tapes Inadmissible

7/20/2010 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's text messages to Mel Gibson could make her secretly-recorded conversations inadmissible in court.


Oksana recorded the conversations without Mel's knowledge.  In California, if a person isn't told their conversation is being recorded, it is not admissible in court.

There are exceptions -- notably, if Oksana reasonably believed the conversation related to the commission of any felony of violence, she could make the recording without Mel's permission.

Here's the problem.  TMZ has learned Oksana sent Mel several text messages in which she clearly states she recorded the conversations because Mel didn't keep his part of the deal to support her.

We're told Mel's people will use Oksana's text messages to try and prove it was just a money grab, which would make the recordings inadmissible in both the custody case and any possible criminal case.

Sources connected with Oksana say ... if she was motivated by money she would not have rejected Mel's $15 million settlement.



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It is not about money. She wants the publicity. Now every one in the world knows of her and her music.
I used to get spam from her website until I blocked her.

1502 days ago


Home many kids does this woman have with rich men that she has screwed over?????? This is a way of life for this girl and this is how she earns a living. I guess Mel must have actually thought that the girl cared about him as with all the other rich guys who think that a girl would want an older. Mel need help but so does the chick but most of all her children. It is a shame that they will be raised by someone like her...what a role model. I am saying Mel did the right thing and it does seem that he never learns but this girl needs to be put out of business. She can't sing so maybe she should try going to school and getting a real job. I didn't read this item because it is not important to me. I am a little more concerned about the wildlife and all the people whol live on the Gulf. These are the things that are important, not some stupid little broad who earns a living extorting money from rich older men and who will continue to do so until she is stopped. Think of her children and how she is using them to get the things she wants. Think about all the young girls married to or just having affairs with older rich men. The firt thing they do is have a baby so they will always have a hold on the men. When will they ear learn and when will people stop caring about this garbage and start worrying about real things hurting real people.

1502 days ago


It's obvious she's after money, lots and lots of it, she has no talent, goes for a married man, come on no matter what tapes are out there we can't stand the girl.

1502 days ago


#14 Sam

Your comment is right....with good logic. She is and remains a skank with a high dollar settlement her only course. She is failing and wishes on so much to be the poster victim of child abuse. I used to work in this field, and her actions are NOT those of an abused woman. Calculating....and wicked show through her actions....nothing more. Abused, I do not believe it at all.

1502 days ago


Obviously, SHE WANTS MORE MONEY!! $15m is not enough for a greedy whore! She refuse to signed the deal cos she is dissapointed for $15 and expected more money she gets than robyn. in your dreams!

1502 days ago


I don't know why Mel got involved with this chick!!

Why can't she work and take care of herself? Who the f*ck does she think she is????

1502 days ago

Drew Cicconi, Esq.     

Listen up everyone; Gibson’s recorded conversations are not admissible in court. In California, a telephone conversation would be considered a “confidential communication.” Recording that confidential conversation without Gibson’s consent would be a crime in California (Penal Code section 632: $2,500 fine and/or imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year). Under section 632 (d) “Except as proof in an action or prosecution for violation of this section, no evidence obtained as a result of eavesdropping upon or recording a confidential communication in violation of this section shall be admissible in any judicial, administrative, legislative, or other proceeding.”

1501 days ago


If she had gone public with the assault in January when it happened she would have a lot more credibility than releasing tapes 6 months after the fact and in conjunction with the custody hearing.

I wonder if she would have released the subsequent tapes if she had won the order to prevent Mel from having contact. with his daughter.

It isn't hard to set up a man you know who has a temper by telling him you are taking his child and you will ruin his career if he doesn't step down.

In my work with domestic violence if a woman makes the decision to take photos she makes sure they show the damage. The info from doctor and dentist doesn't bode well for her.

We aren't that dumb

1501 days ago


"TMZ has learned Oksana sent Mel several text messages in which she clearly states she recorded the conversations."

If she notified Mel via text msg that she was recording their conversations then wouldnt they then be admissable in court since both parties knew of the taping.

1500 days ago


this was a set up, i wouldnt be surprised if she hadn't provoked him then switch on the tape, wicked evil gold digger, should go get herself a decent job,

1498 days ago


Every revelation that comes out by her p.r team and lawyers just have the opposite effect - I don't know if there's a person alive who can believe a word she says!!! Every day the story changes to fit in with further revelations that cause her little innoccent victim act to be cast further into doubt!! Has there even been a DNA test on this kid yet?
Still MTV will give her a reality show alongside Octomum, they look so alike and their morals seem to be just as low!!

1497 days ago
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