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Oksana's Dentist: She Was Struck In the Mouth

7/19/2010 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The dentist who examined Oksana Grigorieva the day after the January 6 showdown with Mel Gibson now says she was indeed struck in the mouth.


A representative for Dr. Ross Shelden tells TMZ, "Based on Dr. Shelden's observations and his experience, Oksana sustained injuries from being struck twice, once in the side of the head and once in the mouth."

TMZ broke the story ... the dentist privately said last week there was no swelling or bruising on Oksana's mouth and believed the damage to her veneers was caused by a "chain reaction" caused by a blow to the left temple.  The doctor had said there was no evidence of a strike to the mouth.

But the rep now says the doctor will go on record saying there was indeed a blow to Oksana's mouth.


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This dentist is so shady. I think he is in cohoots with OchoSana to extort money from Mel. He changes his story as much as she does. Nothing makes sense. And again, what doctor would not report domestic abuse to the authorities and offer his patient a place of residence as protection? Not my dentist! That is for sure!
PS How come no one is mentioning the fact that she waited 7 months to even come forward? And produce evidence? How is it the dentist took pictures, then lost them, now they have reappeared but it doesn't show any bruising on OchoSana mouth or cheek area??

1559 days ago


I think she is a lieing twit. As a victum of domestic violence I think she should be locked up for such accusations. Its because of women like her, that people dont believe the real victums!!!!!

Posted at 3:36 PM on Jul 19, 2010 by stella

I have also seen victims of abuse, and not one of them were walking around with a smirk on their faces talking to media. She really isn't helping the REAL victims of abuse. Sad that she's using that angle for money.

1558 days ago

Maria Lopez    

I see that Mel Gibson's people are hard at work on this board trying to spin this story.

Gibson hit Oksana and her dentist is going to back that up. He is toast. Get over it, Mel supporters.

1558 days ago

Lynn M    

Black eyes and bruised temple they say and promise(d) (depending on the day/weather) but all we see is one snapped veneer and jaggedly broken one, no bruises or black eyes. No injury whatsoever (lips, gums, lower teeth, eyes, etc.,).

Posted at 2:17 PM on Jul 19, 2010 by MDFIT BananaPatch

Agreed. I expected to see a picture of a woman with black eyes from the blows. I think it is far more possible that Mel was trying to extracate the baby from the arms of a crazed Oksana and elbowed her in the process, if any hit occurred at all. If she was hit directly in the mouth, we'd see far more damage. And having seen someone that bumped their head from a broken fall on concrete, just above the brow, well, he had two black eyes by the next day. I don't believe the dentist's assessment and it is still hearsay evidence, with no apparent way to link the injuries to Mel. The "tapes" will be found inadmissible as and are not original recordings and ANY editing or changes will cause them to be excluded. I believe that is why Oksana released them. She was ticked.

1558 days ago


As if! Where are the cuts? If she were hit hard enough to chip one tooth & to lose the veneer of another, then certainly she would have cuts on the inside of her mouth as well on her lips. Plus where is the bruising? She probably was drunk and tripped and fell and decided to blame Mel. She did this to herself somehow. I just don't believe her, trust her, and I think Timothy Dalton should get his son far away from her.

1558 days ago


Oh Oksana. you are showing women why they don't have to work hard and don't have to have self-esteem, they still can have ways to have money.

1557 days ago


i don't believe the veracity of her story, tho obviously some elements are true. to tape record, then doctor conversations would render the (evidence inadmissable)

1557 days ago


there is, there was, there's not, nothing is credible here.

1549 days ago


In which case, since he's only a dentist and not a doctor, the patient/client privilege does not exist and he HAD to report the claim of an attack! Since he says she sweet talked him out of it perhaps it's now time for the relevant people to investigate the dentist as to his fitness to practice hm?! After all HE just committed a crime - if it's true of course that now he's changing his story lol!!!

1549 days ago


#119 twilightmom Wow, you tell 'em !!

1549 days ago

Canadian Observer    

So assuming it comes out that Oksana was hit in the mouth or temple, whose to say what she was hit with or who actually hit her ! Someone who is hoping for "payday" could be desperate to get it in any way possible - let's face it what would stop one from having a pal whack em upside the head -maybe there's a little pay in it for him/her too.....there's certainly people out there doing much uglier crimes to get a lot less cash - unfortunately.

1523 days ago


I think that we just need to have everything taken to court and then we will find out what exactly is going on. There isn't anything that we can do on our own to change what happened or what didn't happen. This doesn't need to be a flame war here. Lets all be civil.

1523 days ago


Dental care assistants will most likely working specifically with patients independently. Removing sutures, cleansing away the actual cement left from a answering, and instructing patients upon dental care are all important facets of the position.

1495 days ago
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