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Mel Gibson

Crazy About Smoking

7/22/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson flew off the handle during a nuclear argument on January 6, because he had quit smoking that day ... according to Oksana Grigorieva.


Sources familiar with the custody mediation in May tell TMZ ... Oksana said Mel was "enraged" because he quit smoking that day.  Oksana claimed Mel tried to stop smoking once a month, to no avail.

Oksana also said Mel had accused her of hanging with fathers from her son's basketball team ... she had been to a game earlier that day.


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More crazy photos of Oksana. Less crazy pics of Mel.


1557 days ago


This doesn't make a bit of sense. What is the point of reporting statements like these?

To show that Mel smokes? Or that Oksana serviced all the fathers of her son's basketball team?

I don't get it.

1557 days ago


..and how many times has this guy 'quit smoking'? next?

1557 days ago


What is the relevance of whether he quit smoking, once, twice or a thousand times?

What is the relevance of anything she says? The tapes are a fraud created by a fraudulent scam artist.

Someone is digging up a bunch of fool's gold and trying to sell it as platinum.

1557 days ago


She blackmailed him with tirades that she indulged and taped while he was going through nicotine withdrawal.

1557 days ago

Demi what? I simply do not believe that this is justification of any truth on her part. It still doesn't make sense. She is lying. That kind of a comment about his rage, is pathetic. She is called a gold digger. Find out why. Seems to me gold diggers extort rich men, get pregnant by rich men, promise love, and break up families, while they continue to resent the families themselves.

1557 days ago


Mel is that guy you go out with once, realize he's too crazy or possessive and avoid after that.

1557 days ago



I agree with the comment by #7. She made tapes of this? Oh bull. Nothing will convince me this woman is telling the truth. Why don't you do a story of her past history. Same character for years. Always about Oksana. This isn't abuse. It is an argument over the phone. The injuries....? You cannot prove them by these tapes, that is for sure and her stories and photos do not prove them either. It is Oksana week. Tape after tape, photo and then another photo of a baby zit. Pathetic. It makes more sense that she was "shaking the baby". She simply has no credibility and whoever on her team is reading this blog won't acquire it with this pathetic explanation for Mel's rage.

1557 days ago


i think what the article is trying to say is that, Mel was going through a withdraw....come on guys, if you are a smoker and have tried to quit in the past, you would understand this.

the first few days are are just angry, pissed off at the world and you want to lash out. do you know who gets the bulk of my lashing out? my family. the pple most close to me. also, anyone who gets in my face during those days will fear my wrath. it sucks, it really does. i know you are not going to die, but it sure feel like you are going to..

Especially Mel..what he has smoked for like 40 years or so? or more? yea, i could believe it. i would be ranting and raving if anyone tries to get into my business too..i would hate the whole world and everyone in it! ha ha.

1557 days ago


if everyone smoked pot we wouldnt be having these problems

1557 days ago


if everyone smoked pot we wouldnt be having these problems

Posted at 4:10 AM on Jul 22, 2010 by electriczipper

i second that ! :)

1557 days ago


It's truly sad that both of these so-called adults choose to slam each other in the media. Both of them deserve to be put on an deserted island in the middle of the Pacific, and let them fight it out.
If memory serves me, Mel Gibson has already proved he has a foul mouth and is a racist, by the comments he made about the Jewish community, during one of his drunken tirades. So for that reason I think the "tapes" are for real. I'm not at all surprised that he refers to the mother of his child as a c**t, or a wh**e. It's probably how he sees all women that disagree with him. I'm waiting to hear him say that Russian people are "the cause of all the earthquakes" or "world hunger", or any other foolish rant that comes across his pea brain.
Don't get me wrong folks, as an actor...I love Mel. As a human being...I think he sucks and is in desperate need of help. Come on Mel...have you "no" shame??
But I also believe that Oksana has tried to play the "poor little old me" card for all of us. I think she knows which of Mel's buttons to push to make him go crazy.
While all of the mud slinging is going on, who is thinking about the child that they both created?? The little baby that didn't ask to be born to these two lunatics.

1557 days ago



1557 days ago


I just noticed the picture of mel gibson is a take off of kramer in jerry seinfeld when he was sueing the tobacco industry

1557 days ago

Ron Golden    

Mel needs to smoke a fat icky sticky

1557 days ago
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