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Oksana: I Didn't Want Mel Gibson's Money

7/22/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ ... there is one reason and one reason only she ultimately turned down $15 million from Mel Gibson -- she did not want him to have unsupervised visitation with Lucia.


TMZ broke the story ... Oksana agreed during her mediation with Mel in May to a $15 million package.  In return, she promised to keep all of the "evidence" confidential -- which included the secret tapes.

As we reported, Oksana and Mel signed a one-page agreement, but when the longer form document was later presented to Oksana, we're told she balked because it included a clause which gave Mel unsupervised visitation.

0722_oksana_child_cleanOur sources say Oksana felt Lucia was in danger and said she would turn down "any amount of money" to keep Mel from unsupervised visitation.

UPDATE: Moments ago, Oksana was asked what she wanted to get out of her battle with Mel ... and she responded, "Just my child. I'm fighting for the life of my child."


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Love how ROL was bashing MG about a "bruise" on the child, but ROL has now gone from:

“bruise” to “abrasion” to “mark” Quite entertaining to watch that that little monkey, David Perel aka Bubbles, as he grasps to hold on to this quickly fading story:

1st ROL Report:

"Oksana has told law enforcement that she was holding the couple’s infant when Mel punched her and that he hit the baby. reported exclusively on Thursday that there are photographs of the baby with a bruise on her face after the incident

2nd ROL Report:

"In a bombshell world exclusive, has obtained the photo of Lucia showing what appears to be a small abrasion on her chin after the brutal January 6 brawl, in which Oksana claims Mel punched her and hit their child, who was being held by Oksana at the time."

3rd (Most Recent) ROL Report:

"OFFICIAL PHOTOS: Authorities Examining Mark On Baby’s Face"

1553 days ago


If money's not an issue, why doesn't she just take the kid back to Russia?

1553 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

Hey : Sara and areyoukiddingme.
I just heard that that Vampire Nancy Pelosi died during her 961st plastic surgery procedure. Does that make you feel better?

1553 days ago


Mel Gibson needs medication and does not belong around women, children, or society in general until he is STABILIZED. What's not to understand, people? Really, if you have half a brain, this is as obvious as the nose on your face. She gets it, I get it, wtf is wrong with you?

1553 days ago

Val Williams

1553 days ago



1553 days ago

Pretty LL    

So Mel hit the kid in January, and Oksana agreed to keep quiet for 15 million in May, but I'm supposed to believe that she cares so much about her kid NOW that she changed her mind. uh huh. I don't buy it. I think she thought she could get more money from him if she got full custody of the kid and filed a civil case against him for hitting her. I don't think Mel hit her but I do think he's insane.

1553 days ago


UPDATE: Moments ago, Oksana was asked what she wanted to get out of her battle with Mel ... and she responded, "Just my child. I'm fighting for the life of my child."

there's a lightning bolt with oink$ana's name all over it.

1553 days ago


She's a regular saint.

1553 days ago


areyoukiddenme -she's playing into your fantasies, stereotypes and preconceptions, that's why you "get it" (that he "hit" her) without any evidence ... and it's what she's banking on, literally.

1553 days ago


She's a regular saint.

Posted at 2:08 PM on Jul 22, 2010 by Cartman

Why Mother Teresa just pales in comparison to Oink$ana.

1553 days ago


What Now TMZ , i thought you said the tapes were fakes ?--You are so behind on this story--Radaronline is completely owning Your arses on this story--Like i said , they don't believe in tribalism , so they are going hard and all out for the true story.They are not busy protecting anybody..

1553 days ago


BananaPatch: Noooo, that's not why I get it. I understand because I worked with criminally insane people. I heard his rant, I've heard thousands of others like his. He's sick right now. And you better believe people this sick will back up their threats. He is dangeerous, especially to himself.

1553 days ago


What she says and what she does are two different things. This is all about money and fame. Just watch what happens in the coming months and you will see her fight like crazy for money.

And all you conspiracy freaks out there, I'm not on anyone's bankroll. I'm just a person with life experience and an opinion. It makes me angry to have seen the calculating way Oksana has played this. I was ready to be on her side from the beginning, until it became obvious that she's spinning a web of lies, destroying people in the process.

Definitely on TEAM MEL now.

1553 days ago


So, you admit it (despite the faux denial) -you're basing your "conviction" (that Mel hit her) on preconceived notions and stereotypes.
Thank you for your moonwalked admission.
Now, clear your head and look at the evidence again ...

1553 days ago
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