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Oksana: I Didn't Want Mel Gibson's Money

7/22/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ ... there is one reason and one reason only she ultimately turned down $15 million from Mel Gibson -- she did not want him to have unsupervised visitation with Lucia.


TMZ broke the story ... Oksana agreed during her mediation with Mel in May to a $15 million package.  In return, she promised to keep all of the "evidence" confidential -- which included the secret tapes.

As we reported, Oksana and Mel signed a one-page agreement, but when the longer form document was later presented to Oksana, we're told she balked because it included a clause which gave Mel unsupervised visitation.

0722_oksana_child_cleanOur sources say Oksana felt Lucia was in danger and said she would turn down "any amount of money" to keep Mel from unsupervised visitation.

UPDATE: Moments ago, Oksana was asked what she wanted to get out of her battle with Mel ... and she responded, "Just my child. I'm fighting for the life of my child."


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BP: If you can't hear the insanity in his voice, you clearly have never dealt with someone this sick. I can't blame you for not understanding, but don't try to characterize others negatively who HAVE dealt with people this ill. You don't have a CLUE what you're talking about, and what she's dealing with. If you want to go on a personal attack, it just shows your ignorance on the subject. What do you know of psychotic disorders? Anything at all? It helps to have an idea about what you're arguing.

1556 days ago


Question to Mel's defenders :

why do you believe he used the word N**ger-But he didn't beat her..?why ?

1556 days ago


Incident happened in January. Agreement signed in May.

1556 days ago


My prediction:

A judge (or judges) will find fault with both. Both will be charged with something or both will walk away.

1556 days ago


Yes, she didn't want his money, but more of it. She wanted more than $15 Mil since she knew he was worth almost a billion. Uh huh Oinker.. we're stupid enough to believe in your lies.

1556 days ago


It is not credible that the one-page do***ent said nothing about visitation. Right now, Mel has unsupervised visitation with his daughter. On the tapes, Mel repeatedly says his daughter is paramount to him.

I would guess that the longer do***ent said the money would stop the minute any tapes were released. Eventually, we'll all know for sure.

1556 days ago


I believe her. I'd be scared to leave ANY child with the man who said those things on the tapes. Plus the punching, the things he said about her son, breaking the glass door, everything. He isn't stable.

I hope he gets it together, since he probably has enough money to buy his way out of his crimes...

1556 days ago


Everybody talking about Mel's money,
Because Everybody wants his money. Me to.

1556 days ago


i don't even believe Mel is that rich anymore--something has happened to his finance's---How do you make 700 million and be selling box suites and oil paintings and yeah , your house for money.

Something has happened to Mel finance's--May always be the cause of his anger...

1556 days ago


I don't believe this chick for a moment. She's having babies w/actors for the money. Already has one with Tim Dalton, but Mel has more $$.

1556 days ago


Mel is Rich people Broke....

1556 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

What is this "TEAM" BS? Why be on either of these wastrels' team? It's OBVIOUS Mel is unstable. He's narcisstic and full of hate. And not just towards Jews, but Blacks and Hispanics and women and god knows who else. Personally I think he is a KKK SYMPATHIZER like his Daddy. But I'm just a Jew so I must be part of the "handful who hate him" LOL.

And as for Oksana, it is OBVIOUS the woman is a gold digger. Moreover, it is OBVIOUS she targets exclusively older men (not "elderly" for whichever moron used that term) b/c she knows she has a better shot at them. It is also OBVIOUS she gives birth to and uses her children as pawns to get $$$. (Poor kids). It is also OBVIOUS she is very shady and is not above doing all sorts of illegal things to get what she wants.

I think Mel offerred her $15 million for the tapes b/c there is a certain truth to them. However, it's also OBVIOUS Oksana incited him and played him and I think did tamper with the tapes somewhat.

However, just b/c Oksana is a gold digging shady lady doesn't make Mel any less of a hateful and misogynistic racist. Of course Robyn would disagree - the DOORMAT was married to him for so long and thinks he's a "good man" over all. LOL.

In short, it's NOT BLACK AND WHITE. They are both disgusting specimens of humanity in their own way.

1556 days ago


Isnt this old news? But as if she would say anything else, she certainly isnt going to say - " so I could get on dancing with the stars" or "so I can get a good price on the movie rights" is she. Things must be settling down if they claim this is a story.

1556 days ago

paul duncan    

I am patiently waiting for some truth in this case. I want to hear from Mels side. But my impressions are that this woman has blackmailed Mel, and yes it has to be about money. I would also like Radar online to get some heat for this. What are they her private ruin someones career website?

First tape release, nothing about hitting her, just the n word etc.Why release this if it has nothing to do with her son?
Tapes sound very pieced together.
photo of her teeth. ??? Her dentist cant seem to make up his mind?
Photo of the babies pimple? No one could believe anything bad happened here.
Now the famous text of Mel saying he wasnt "safe" is this supposed to be incriminating to Mel? If i just beat the crap out of someone would I say, I wasnt safe last night? Who would say,
I have two broken teeth and a concussion?

Waiting for some truth

1556 days ago


Let me get this January he supposedly hit her and was out of his head because he quit smoking that day. In May she agreed on short form to $15mil plus visitation for Mel with baby. Now she has decided to come forward with everything because the she didn't want the money that she signed a deal for. She now says she didn't because she feared for the baby around him...right! That is why she traveled to Europe with him those months after the "knockout". Could it be that Mel even after divorce is worth alot of money and she wanted more money?
I just so far am leaning to Mel's side on the cir***stances surrounding this stuff because they make more sense. She just doesn't seem reliable on her stories. Everyday something is added anew to the story from her side.

1556 days ago
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