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Oksana vs. Mel -- The Cigarette Incident

7/21/2010 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson grabbed her son and threw him onto a table in a fit of rage, all over a cigarette.  But this may be the only incident where there are other witnesses who can either support Oksana's claim of abuse or prove she's lying.


It happened at a party last year in Costa Rica. Sources connected to the case say Oksana's 12-year-old son, Alexander was playfully jumping up and down, trying to knock a cigarette out of Mel's mouth.  Oksana claims Mel exploded by grabbing the boy and throwing him violently onto a table.

The issue came up during the mediation in May, when Mel and Oksana were trying to work out a custody arrangement and a financial package.

Sources say Oksana's people informed Mel's lawyers of the incident. Mel's lawyers investigated and came right back, claiming there were "numerous adults and children" who saw the incident and saw it very differently. 

Mel's people claim the witnesses will say it was all just clowning around and Mel did not get physical with Alexander but rather the boy just accidentally fell as he was jumping for Mel's cigarette.

The reason this incident is so significant in the criminal investigation -- it's not just a "he said, she said."  That translates into credibility, which is at the core of the case.



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Winston Court    

What is up with these men? If some worthless whore had a child with someone else, I'd be slow to want one with her. Now, I can see how terribly disfigured or mentally ill men might fall victim to such behavior(s), but Mel? I really thought he had more on the ball than that! Hollywood types, go figure!

1555 days ago


It does look like a pimple!!

1555 days ago


Mel paying people, when did this start?? Where's my check, why haven't i received it yet and i expect to be paid for the previous comments i made as well......LMAOOOOOOO. Duh, PUBLIC FORUM, anyone one can post whatever they want to say, FOR FREE !!!!!!!!!!!

1555 days ago


So many people are blaming the victim. You all need HELP! Mel knew she was Russian before dating her. Evidently he's dated a lot of Russian women. He's an experienced man and evidently feels superior to these women. He's whacko and dangerous.

Posted at 8:04 AM on Jul 21, 2010 by none of that

Oink$ana is no victim. Her kids are a victim of her. Mel has issues to be sure but he's a victim of her lying.

1555 days ago


i don't care that this woman is Russian, asian, black, white, Puerto Rican, whatever...i don't give a sh*t about that.
what i give a crap about is someone who is willing to go to any length to destroy a man and an empire he has built for more than 30 years of hard work.

BUT above all, all this crap she is causing will destroy the children. i agree if a man does something terrible, it would be hard for me to allow him to see his children, but the kids have every right to know their dad.

this bitch is causing chaos for her daughter's future. as she grows older, she will learn all that have occurred in the past and idk how she will take it. i feel soooo bad for this baby already. and all of Mel's children including Sasha, they are mixed up in all this and it is making me furious.

this gold digger is lying to get at the man but also her lies are affecting all the children. THAT i think is more unforgivable than anything else...i have 2 small children and i will protect them from any venom that tries to get in their way. this woman is spewing venom instead, not caring who she harms.

this is why i cannot stand this woman. i know Mel is innocent but suppose he wasn't, would i let my children be around him for 3 years?? BULLSH*T...No FKN WAY! i am out the door if he lays hand on any of my kids! i dont wait for it to happen to the other child or let it happen over and over.

she is a lying, conniving, gold digging, insane, piece of SH*T CRAP!

i hope Mel's lawyers will find all the evidence for authorities to charge her criminally and let justice throw the book at her. let sasha go to dalton and let the baby go to Mel. before this woman(i use that very loosely) mel had no trouble with his loving children, obviously he and Robyn did something right by them!!

1555 days ago


So...according to oskanka...Mel "violently threw" her son onto a coffee table in front of witnesses. Why then did none of those people report this "abuse'? Oh wait...I know...because it did not happen the way she said. Just more BS coming from this gold-digging sl*t. She really is doing everything she can to try and bring him down. She is a fraud.

Posted at 7:34 AM on Jul 21, 2010 by Eagle171

This. If this happened in front of witnesses like she says someone would have called the cops. This chick is known around Hollywood as being a liar and has been for a while. Here is a link with a few people talking about it.

1555 days ago


"High profile attorney Lisa Bloom says Oksana’s photo purportedly showing baby daughter Lucia with an abrasion on her chin is “very powerful” evidence against Mel Gibson"

1555 days ago


“If you would write something, you will deal with a millionaire. He’s a Hollywood star! A famous man! He will crush you, sue you, and you will be closed. He can do all… He loves her. She is the beauty. They have a wonderful baby… And you intrude a personal life of a Hollywood star. Only troubles you cause…”. We asked her whether she probably wants to dissolve all the wrong rumors associated with her daughter, but received the same answer: “You can not imagine whom you are dealing with…”

How Oksana and her family thinks...this time it was about Timothy Dalton. What gold diggers and schemers. Later in the article it is about what money they could or couldn't get...that Oksana could not change Dalton's habit of NOT squandering money. digging family.

1555 days ago


I thought of heat rash when I saw it, but maybe bloom looked at the original picture. I've always liked her and thought she was way above her mother, but if she says that is an abrasion I might have to rethink that as well.


1555 days ago


Other adults there and no one reported. It's not like she can say she was alone with him and scared. It's not like she didn't have a place to go. If she's on such good terms with Dalton, if he's such a great dad then she could have gone to him. She didn't

Trix, I'm not going to ask if you drink, just how much. LOL!!! Crawl back in your bottle and STFU. P.S. How much is Oink$ana paying you?

Posted at 8:04 AM on Jul 21, 2010 by alicia


LOL, love the spelling Alicia....

1555 days ago


Other witnesses saw this event. Sounds like just more of the same from the blood sucking russian whore.

Someone would be coming forward before now. I smell more of the same. Lies to extort cash from an old man who can't keep his pecker in his pants.

1555 days ago


that pimple is suppose to be where he hit lucia??

radaronline and lisa bloom have been drinking oink$ana's kool-aid.

1555 days ago


Lisa Bloom is Gloria Alreds daughter right?

1555 days ago

Paula Schultze    

All I can figure out is this: Mel paid a small fortune to make this woman's CD and videos. It was a commercial flop (selling something like 200 copies) despite good reviews. So she realized she was washed up as an artist and has to come up with another way to make money. She obviously has a great deal of resentment toward Mel, or she would not be putting all this stuff out about him. This is her 15 minutes of "fame". It's sad that she drags the kids into it. She wants sole custody of her daughter. And we are to believe that Mel is "a horrible father", despite the fact that none of his other children have said anything to that effect. He may hate her guts, and he may have been abusive to her. But how does that translate to him not being allowed to see his daughter? The courts usually want both parents to remain in the children's lives, for the welfare of the children. Unless it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is a danger to his child, I think he should be allowed to see her. The judge obviously agreed.

1555 days ago


We all have someone in our LIFE that was mad at us and tried to get even with us.

That person would say things to others to get all of us to agree you are a "twisted evil" person.
Now, if you kept quiet and didn't give your take on what happened, in time, people would believe what this person is saying about you.

Now if you were famous and rich, this person mad at you would try to think of a way to get your money and destroy your reputation.

And media could get rich from printing what your enemy says about you, "true or false". They can say we are not a judge and we are just printing what was told to us.

This poor guy gets ANGRY, well do you? If I secretly taped you as you stubbed your toe or you got mad about anything, you don't think I could make the tapes sound like you are "MAD". I could.
We are just hearing HER SIDE!

You have to understand she set him up, she KNEW what to say to get him MAD. And we are not hearing both sides of conversation. That is what some people are saying. If the tapes were altered, and her part removed or redone. It could appear that he is "MAD" and she is all quiet and not doing anything wrong.
Listen I could say things to you, that would piss you off, talk about your MOTHER, anything, and then tape you, and then edit the tape and have me say, "how is your day", and then have you say those "angry" things and make you appear like you are "crazy".

And the reason we are hearing HER SIDE is because she doesn't HAVE A CASE. If she had a CLASS this would be in COURT and she would get the MONEY.
So, she knows it and goes to RADAR and get the COURT of public opinion to side with her and make money that way and get MEL that way.

1555 days ago
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