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Rachel Uchitel's New Crush -- Dr. Drew

7/19/2010 4:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rachel Uchitel won't just be fighting the urge to pop pills on "Celebrity Rehab" ... she'll also be fighting the urge to keep her hands off her latest crush, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

In fact, we've learned -- it's Rachel's infatuation with Drew that led to her decision to do the reality show.

Sources tell us after Rachel initially turned down "Rehab" -- Dr. Drew wanted a personal sit-down to change her mind ... and she only agreed to the meeting because she says she has a mad crush on him.

So, now Drew has Rachel where he wants her ... and Rachel's got Drew right where she wants him.

Rehab just got way more complicated.


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RUN FOR THE HILLS DR. DREW!! IT IS THE SKANKFROMHELL UCHITEL...HERE TO WRECK FAMILIES AND SPREAD DISEASES....Mrs. Pinksy do not let her get her claws into him...she is pure evil to the core!!!

1524 days ago


This sounds too contrived - almost as if it was a publicity stunt to attract viewers to see this immoral woman - nothing is beyond her.

1524 days ago


What a piece of GUTTER-SLUT TRASH!!! what is it about married men with kids that she finds soooooo attractive?? She is a LOSER!

1524 days ago


Dr. Murray would be the perfect match for her!

1524 days ago


I've always thought The Dr. is waaaay hot.

1524 days ago


I thought that a patient having sexual desires toward his/her Psychiatrist goes against a Doctor-Patient relationship. Dr. Drew is very bright, but its disturbing how far he'll go for the ratings.

1524 days ago


We are starting to use the term "celebrity" loosely

1524 days ago


Although I am married, and would never be a homewrecker if I were single-i have to say, I think Dr. Drew is INCREDIBLY hawwwt.
Dr. Pinsky is an excellent addictionologist. He is not a fame whore, and umm....I seriously doubt he is gay, he is married w/ children (which I know doesn't necessarily mean he's not gay, but....seriously? C'mon!!)
These people are paid to appear true, but the purpose is to show how people become addicted and why. And it also shows that anyone can become addicted. It also shows what can happen to you mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially once addiction takes ahold of your life. I think one of the reasons Dr. Drew was doing this initially was to show everyone what can happen, and hopefully viewers can see what can happen and stop an addiction before it starts. I think it can also be preventive medicine for some. He is very concerned about his pts. And he is willing to help those that relapse, he's beside them every step of the way and hopefully they end up being clean and sober for good.

1524 days ago


Rachel would bone and suck anyone for money.

1524 days ago


if he falls for that ho my last faith in upstanding human beings is lost - are there no decent people?
well, dr drew is already a media ho, but can he please really be the nice guy he seems, and not just another weak man falling for ho's like her

1524 days ago

Throwback kid    

Dr Drew is just Gloria Allred with a medical degree.

1524 days ago


HE is MARRIED! Oh wait.....this woman doesn't care about wrecking a marriage. I love this show but won't watch if Rachel is on it. She sickens me almost as much as the crush all the males at TMZ have on her.

1524 days ago


Why in hell does this woman feel the need to wreck everyone's marraige? I love Dr. Drew and I hope to god he's able to resist this crap because if he doesn't, I will never be able to stand looking at him again. His show is getting bad enough lately and now this? Give me a break. Hey Rachel, go to sex rehab like others here are suggesting. Oh hey, maybe that's why she's on there in the first place. Still. Leave Dr. Drew alone! I wonder what her dead fiance from 9/11 would think of how she's turned out. She must not care about his memory at all.

1524 days ago


I wonder is she gave him a slurpie to change his mind. Just look at dem lips!

1524 days ago

Throwback kid    

Do guys really find Rachel Uchitel attractive? Her veneers are too big and too white, they look like dentures. She has too much of that crap injected into her lips and that nose job is horrible. Add her disgusting personality into the mix and you have a really ugly person. I can't believe Tiger and David Boreanz would wreck the marriages over this girl?

1524 days ago
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