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Sandra Bullock Gets Restraining Order ... Again

7/19/2010 8:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra Bullock's attorney went to court this afternoon and got a temporary restraining order against a man she claims is stalking her -- and it isn't the first TRO she's gotten against him.

Bullock's attorney, Ed McPherson, got the TRO against Thomas Weldon -- who was first busted for stalking Bullock across the country back in 2003.

At the time, Weldon's family admitted he suffered from mental illness.   Weldon was institutionalized in 2003.

According to docs, in July, 2010, Weldon told mental health workers he drove from Tennessee to Wyoming, "just to meet with [Bullock] at her home in Jackson Hole," adding his "delusions and fixations concerning [Bullock] had not subsided."

And this is interesting ... Sandra lists Jesse's kids -- Chandler, Jesse Jr. and Sunny -- as people who live with her part time.


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1564 days ago


Buy a gun and take care of the problem yourself.

1564 days ago

not me    

People need to be careful with stalkers, especially since this has been going on since 2003. Stalkers are unstable... Let alone one whom has been confirmed to suffer schizophrenia. Dangerous.

1564 days ago


How disgusting that she keeps JJ in her life after finding out what he's really like. Or did she already know?

1564 days ago


I'm going to say it -- I've had a hunch about this all along, and I think Sandra knew about Jesse's women and his Nazi behavior -- in 2007, he (they) paid off some woman to keep it quiet, and if you're halfway intelligent, which Sandra certainly seems to be, and more, you don't just go through a marriage not knowing about any of this -- which implies some form of consent. Also, Sandra's half-German; her mother was German, of whom she was very proud (I don't blame her; from what I understand, she was an excellent role model for her and an opera singer), and Sandra also speaks fluent German, so I just have to think...Hmm? You know?

1564 days ago

Dis Gusted    

Caroline,Its quite appalling that you equate being half-German with being a Nazi. I am half German and it offends me greatly that you would assume I would find anything acceptable about Nazi beliefs.

Now, to my main point: I think it is commendable that she seeks to protect her step-children. I think its commendable that she wants to maintain a relationship with them. She was a parent to them for five years and has reported she loves them. I am sure it is difficult for her to have to deal with their father's messes in order to maintain a relationship with them. Instead of attacking her, we should be applauding her.

I think that one of the things JJ provided her with was a sense of protection from stalkers like this. He is a big man and was a bodyguard. She has often stated how secure he made her feel. I think we are so busy attacking that most of the population hasn't bothered to figure out the positives he brought to the relationship which made her want to believe the best about him.

Try to have some compassion,people. We are all faulty beings.

1564 days ago

South Beach    

So many crazies out there, no wonder entertainers of all types have a zillion bodyguards. Jesus.

1564 days ago


Creepy, I hope this guy gets real help before he does something crazy! Sounds like his previous institutionalization didn't work.

1564 days ago


Janine, I hope you get your daughter Sunny back. Sandra you are not her mother... If you really loved those kids so much you would have stayed in California, instead of Jesse James having to chase your fat arse to Texas... typical bastard not even having the decency or concern for Sunny to get to be w/her real biological mother.

You 2 are the real low-lives. She was 8 months pregnant and you left Janine for fat Bullock Head. Wow, talk about no cuth Bullock. Get some self respect starting today.

1564 days ago


Interesting; Jesse James was also in court today, although not sure why (saw him in the hallway of Stanley Mosk Courthouse this morning)

1564 days ago

idiot savant    

Sandra is a complete moron, and a terrible actress.

1564 days ago


whom she was very proud (I don't blame her; from what I understand, she was an excellent role model for her and an opera singer), and Sandra also speaks fluent German, so I just have to think...Hmm? You know?

1564 days ago


With JJ not being with her the stalker feels he has more of a chance on getting close to her.

1564 days ago


so what is the big deal about sandra listing jesse's kids as living with her part-time? she's made it very clear that she still wants to be part of their lives and wants to make sure they are protected! most of you guys are such haters! who cares that she has forgiven jesse and wants to see his kids? he lied to HER not US! she is trying to put it in the past, now can we all move on?!

p.s. @ divine- it doesn't look like sunny's court appointed attorney agrees with you. they see through janine and will award jesse full custody and allow sunny to move to tx... to be with someone who cares what sunny has eaten for breakfast! once again, giving birth does NOT make you mother!

1564 days ago


The names of the children of Jesse James have been named in the restraining do***ent in 2006 !!!
In site (Mon,Yul.19,2010 6:00 PM PDT) and PopEater ( By PopEater Staff Posten Yul 19th 2010 10:16 PM) contains photos of do***ent in 2010!
READ !!! This paper is written "In addition to Bullock, the request lists her adopted son Louis,her nanny,housekeeper and assistant as people who need protection from Weldon."
WHY TMZ REPORTED FALSE INFORMATION? To convince people that between Sandra and James might reconciliation?
It's disgusting manipulation of the opinions of people!

1563 days ago
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