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Rep: 'Situation' Strikes Secret 'Jersey Shore' Deal

7/20/2010 2:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It could be the first time "The Situation" has ever done anything quietly -- his manager says Sitch steathily struck a new deal late Monday night and thinks it will end the "Jersey Shore" strike.


According to the manager, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino "believes he and MTV have reach [sic] a great new arrangement." No mention of dollar amounts, but interestingly, the manager says the deal was sealed (though he never says it's been signed) with MTV, and not JS producers 495 Productions.

TMZ broke the story ... MTV offered The Sitch anywhere between $27,500 to $45,000 per episode over a period of time -- he was making $10k for season 2, so not bad.

But move over Moses -- Sitch's manager says, "Mike decided in order to get season 3 done he was going to have to lead the pack and wants to encourage the rest of his cast to follow his lead."

MTV had no comment about a new contract for "The Situation."  We're betting his castmates will have plenty to say about it.


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Throwback kid    

I can't believe I'm the first to comment on this loser, if he put his face in dough then baked it you would literally have a gorilla cookie, now that's a scary Situation!

1559 days ago


None of this union wannabe ****. Only look out for yourself. Half the cast is holding the show back anyways.

1559 days ago


His face already looks like a fu*king leather belt.. That's sexy as hell.

1559 days ago


This is eerily familiar!Like others this is also damn interesting…
We’re all waiting for your next article of course.

1559 days ago

jack e. jett    

OMG.....STOP IT with these stories about these f*cking east coast hillbiillys! It is just this sort of story that causes universal rectal bleeding.

1559 days ago


Hard to believe that he's the smart one. Hey, Sitch, Pauly Shore called and he wants his face back.

1559 days ago


MTV is a big fat idiot for giving Gomer Pyle so much money.

1559 days ago



1559 days ago

Throwback kid    

In a weird way I respect the Situaton. This is a man who has no manners, no class and no formal education, he can barely speak the english language, his grammar is atrocious!

And yet he is still able to turn his greaseball act into a money making venture for himself. At this time last year this moron was collecting unemployment.

I say go for it Sitch! screw MTV for every dollar you can! If they are stupid enough to overpay an untalented loser like you they deserve what they get.

One question, is the Situation lying about his age? he looks to be in his late 30's.

1559 days ago

I am Spartacus    

MTV doesnt get it. The only reason Season 1 was entertaining was because you had these nobodies from New York & Rhode Island coming to the Jersey Shore for the 1st time in their lives, experiencing something new and acting somewhat like themselves which meant making asses of themselves. It was funny because you couldnt believe there was actually people that acted like that so it was like a car crash, you just had to look.

Now that they have some fame and people know who they are, you cant do the same type of show. The show was about people in their 20s working at the shore and living there for the summer. Now that they have fame and money nothing they do will come across natural and it will all be an act.

So now the show turns into the Hills with guidos from New York instead of spoiled Cali kids. The show is prob so scripted by now which totally ruins the funny appeal of the 1st season. Laguna Beach was interesting at first because people were unsure if it was scripted or real and then the next season came and it seemed more scripted and then the Hills was completely fake.

Problem is MTV appeals only to girls age 13-15 and basically no one else anymore. Not to mention they should just change the name of the station since they never play music videos anymore, you need to go to one of the alternate MTV stations to see those.

MTV was at its best when it was playing videos and had decent programming. I'm talking about the Real World the 1st few years, not the crapfest that show is now. The early to mid 90s were the best days of MTV and now there is nothing worth watching at all.

And the Situation doesnt even have a 6 pack, he's just got an outline of abs, not seperation in them to make it a 6 pack. Nobody cares about Ronnie, Sammi, Vinnie and that other girl that left the show the 1st season. And the only reason people care about Snooki is because they want to see her get punched again. The Situation is a total d-bag and is no longer funny, he's just sad and pathetic. I won't bash Paulie though because he's actually a really nice guy in real life and even though he looks like a d-bag, he's actually not.

MTV really needs to go back in their vault, find their 1st MTV True Life: I Have a Summer Share and get Tommy with his cheese bawls and his whoopi and follow him around town once again. I bet he's still looking for his wife down and the Jersey Shore. Now THAT was funny ****.

1559 days ago

Tammy LM    

OMG. His nose is so bulbis. It looks like a short stubby ****. Reminds me of Dan Akroid's rubber nose appliance in that movie with Chevy Chase.

1559 days ago

Reality Check    

Give me a break. What were all of these talentless clowns doing before MTV decided to glorify their trashy lives in a 'reality' show? They should be grateful anyone even cares about their meaningless lives, while also being mindful that there's tons of Jersey trash out there that would MTV could replace them with at a moment's notice.

1559 days ago


nice one playa!! get it while the gettins good!!

1559 days ago

Linda O    

WHO CARES about these idiots??????????????????

1559 days ago

Nio So-So    

"Sweet googly moogly could this flammable bucket of evolutionary fail sold out his family members to make his own pocket bigger? Stay tuned for another exciting episode of 'Jersey Shore: The Kids Aren't Alright!' Right here on"

Turn off your TVs, set your torrent downloaders to shut off after downloading that album, go outside, put your phones on silent, walk around and enjoy life folks.

Here's Rockbottom; Actually caring about what happens with "entertainment" ( Can't put enough quotes around that in regards to JS) programming behind the scenes.

1559 days ago
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