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Tim Tebow Penetrates Colt McCoy's Wedding Song

7/20/2010 4:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Texas Longhorns legend Colt McCoy got married this weekend -- and even at his own wedding party, Colt was upstaged by his former college rival Tim Tebow ... and Tim wasn't even there.

During the celebrations, McCoy got a special country music serenade from former Texas teammate Jordan Shipley -- who now plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

McCoy and his new bride Rachel Glandorf happily clapped along with their guests during the tribute -- but it wasn't until around 1:55 into the song that the crowd goes completely ballistic ... when Shipley found a way to work Tim Tebow into the lyrics.

All in all, it's pretty awesome -- check it out.

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@tard / 38
Is that code for retard, Tim is a upstanding man, like McCoy is. Be happy that they aren't like Tiki Barber. Leaving there pregants wives for page whore's. Btw what state do you live in probably one of the states that the Gators beat

1524 days ago


BOO HOO I would have won if I hadnt been hurt and those Roll Tides werent so darn good...and I could play ball..whatever Mc Coy Never won a championship or a heisman...

1523 days ago

Rob Zombie Lives    

"Tim Tebow Penetrates"?

You shouldn't be usin' such suggestive language about Baby Jeebus's Very Own Quarterback®! He might smiteth thee!

1523 days ago

Cupcake Girl    

Aaron Watson is one of the Great Texas Singers and a Wonderful Christian!!!!!
He went to Abilene Christian University not A&M!

1519 days ago


Steve your an idiot, I have a friend that was with Colt after the injury and they did everything they could to get him back on the field. He was under the stands trying to throw the ball with his father and a group of trainers and he had no control or speed. They tried for the entire second quarter and when it was apparent that he was done, everyone including the training staff just broke down.

Clearly you're either an OU fan or someone who has no idea the amount of work that goes into competing at that level.

1519 days ago


Steve.... grow up and get logical man. As a former collegiate and NFL player I can tell you that you do not have the success that Colt had without being a winner. Do you have any idea how much hard work, dedication and sacrifice it takes to be that successful on that big of a stage against that kind of competition?? Texas... a weak program?? Texas is the 2nd most winning team in the history of college football... better than Alabama at 6th. Bottom line... the guy was in the locker room trying to throw the ball to his dad 5 yards away and the ball simply wouldn't even go that far. Do you think it would have been a good idea for him to go back in?? You bama people should be thanking your lucky stars that Colt did not finish the game. You were only ahead by 3 points with 3 minutes left while Texas had a totally inexperienced freshman at Quarterback nearly the whole game.

1501 days ago


Totally inexperienced freshman quarterback??? That is crazy!!! What happened -- Did TX never
get ahead of the other teams enough that Brown was scared to send him in????!!!???
I am a total Bama Fan --- bleed crimson--- but I felt sorry for the poor kid-- I mean the first
snap he has to look into the eyes of Rolando --- I mean he needed to clean the crap out of his
pants. Brown should be fired for that -- period.
Anyway Bama won we are number one and that is all that really matters to me. I like Colt -- or
else I would not be here on this site. Glad he has a chance to play for the NFL.
But the Longhorns --- well they can go hook themselves.
RTR Hey Longhorns We just beat the Hell out of you --- Rammer Jammer Yellow hammer
Give them Hell Alabama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1500 days ago


Texas outgained Alabama 276 to 263. Not exactly an ass kicking. Again... the only reason Alabama won is because a freshman quarterback was thrust into action and threw 4 interceptions. When Colt went out it meant going from the winningest quarterback in College football history to an inexperienced freshmen. That meant at least 4 more possessions for Alabama, better field position for bama and Texas' defense staying on the field much longer... leading to tired defenders. Yes... bama won, but a big asterisk is right next to that win.

1498 days ago

Kathy Groves    

My husband and I know Colt and his family and they are the real deal. They follow their convictions no matter what, and I am very proud of them for standing strong in the face of so many critical remarks. Don't make judgements about people you don't know. Texas fan

1493 days ago

El Z    

but with all those accomplishments, heart goes even further!
The running back for Bama played with a pulled muscle in his leg and still ran for two more touch downs, because of Heart. Face it kids this guys heart was already focused on the NFL by the time he got to the BCS championship. (with all the hype surrounding him, No wonder his performance was ****!)
And No Heart is why he was picked late in the draft and ended up third string back up QB. And not starting any time in the next few years either

1466 days ago

Someone who actually knows what they're talking about    

El Z,

you're a moron. Did you even watch the game?
No heart? He had a pinched nerve in his neck/shoulder ... the kid had no feeling in his freakin arm. ESPN reported that he repeatedly TRIED to get the trainers to let him go back in ... but he couldn't even properly grip the ball having no sensitivity in his hands.
Furthermore, on the first TEX drive McCoy drove the ball straight down the field to the TIDE 5 yrd line before being injured. And the TIDE almost lost the game to a true freshman QB. Imagine what Might have been if the winingest QB in the history of college football wasn't taken out of the game in the first 4 min???

1448 days ago


So far it's not illegal to have God fearing parents who care about you in America. I like this guy. Colt, what I don't like is know it all teat suckers that have never had to overcome any challenge in their pathetic lives criticizing some body who is actually trying.
You keep going Colt McCoy you have people out there that believe in you and are on your side. Pain is the greatest teacher of all it seperates the boys from the men. You my young friend are a man even if you never pick up another football. Keep playing for all the guys that have been told they ain't good enough,etc.

1406 days ago
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